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Ralph Bakshi is not dead! Seems he's currently working with his son on a new feature project, Last Days of Coney Island.

The trailer for Renaissance looks rather interesting - the animation's all in b&w solidly inked comic look CG, with hints of an actual story, and considerable design flair.

On reading this tech support tale, I had to wonder - how close did the "mouse" come to being called a "rat" instead? Seems like a convincing acronym could've been manufactured, too. And would morphic mice still use mice? 'End User: "My Rabbit's Dead." Support: "Sorry to hear that sir, how can I help you though?" End User: "No my rabbit's dead, I can't move the pointer about the screen!" Support "You mean your mouse isn't working?" End User: "Yes, I knew it was some sort of animal!"'

Doomsday: a rather more poetic ending than I'd expected, atop the conflict. I suppose we couldn't hear the Doctor reciprocate, though not in the same way as Rose would so dearly like, but the intent was clear. (Interesting to see "With thanks to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation" in the credits. Are they helping with the funding or other production assistance now?) I was tickled to see them explore one Cyberman concept in particular.. wonder if we'll see that particular one again, or others affected so? The Doctor and Rose, their faces against the wall - perhaps my favorite moment of the season, howsoever melancholic, ably elevated by the music.

Speaking of which, mycroftb pointed out this Apology to America, from This Hour Has 22 Minutes. =:)

Here's another in the series of Channel 4 ident bumpers - "Stage". Not as luscious as "Tokyo", but a cool bit of graphic design nonetheless.

Over on SL, I notice there's quite a bit of work underway in Taco - the Avatarium's suddenly three levels rather than two, and the Western town on the hilltop's becoming more detailed - the inside of the jail's worth looking into. ^_^ The factory behind the hills by the forthcoming chocolate factory's also gaining detail. (Some handy builder textures there, too - 16x16 numbered grids of incremental hues)


Reminds me of that Baron Engel story about spray-on latex clothing.. but this is for real: spray-on stockings. ^_^; Some reactions can be found here.

Is it wrong for me to giggle at this strip?

This struck me as an amusing little non-story. (The punchline is at the end, in an update. When creating media for a website, especially a high-profile commercial one, try not to use trial versions of the software involved)

At last, Wipeout 2097 is available without a box, as a £10/$15/15€ download. I've got Wipeout Pure for the PSP, but it should be pretty good on a 17" display too. =:)

Yay! Came upon the perfect cooling solution for Hyzenthlay. (It's not overheating, but it's always a good idea to keep electronics running cooler where possible) A copy of Vernor Vinge's "A Deepness in the Sky" under the left side, and a boxed 802.11g card under the right. Gives just enough clearance to keep airflow underneath, whilst not elevating the 'book too much as to make typing awkward. And zero cost, which was also a required design parameter. =:)

And fleetfur noticed there's new Fur-Piled. ^_^

What is it with ISPs and novel interpretations of the word "unlimited"? Still, The Cloud's come up with a much more palatable option for UK metropolitan sorts to get online untethered - rather than a hairy hourly fee (usually more than net.cafe rates), they'll be offering flat-rate £12/mo access with a 1GB cap.

"If Alan Moore had created Futurama.."
My name on SL is Morgan Guildenstern, if I haven't shared it already. :3
Aha! We'll hafta meet sometime. ^_^ Got any pics?
If some people insist on using every part of the aminal, you have to think there are folk who have eaten anus.

Why does Moore-Leela have two eyes? ^_^;

Has anyone noticed how bitchy Matt Groening has been in modern Simpsons episodes about Futurama's cancellation? He's always been humorously critical of Fox in stories and his FR references have taken that to another level. For example, the most obvious crossover was the Future-Drama episode but there are also pop-ups of FR toys, posters and a guy who tries to commit suicide screaming "Why did they cancel Futuramaaaaa?" :) I love FR but I always recognised it was likely green-lighted by Fox only as a contract sweetener to Groening to persuade him to make more Simpsons so its demise was perhaps inevitable.
you have to think there are folk who have eaten anus

Any hot dog lovers, for one. =:)

But she only has one eye! Now, anyway. Though there'd be a suitably convoluted backstory. (Ah, would that Promethea could see the big screen.. it'd be a pig to adapt, though. Very cool storyline, though - you might quite enjoy it, I think)

One line of reasoning I read, which could be quite inaccurate, was that Groening had a lot more control over Futurama, which led to discontent amongst the Fox suits, compared to the Simpsons, which is solidly Fox's. Whatever the reasons, I'm very pleased to see there'll be more[1] now - and that Fox seemingly must have agreed to let the show migrate to a different company. I've not bothered with any Simpsons in the past few years, other than dipping a bunny toe in with the occasional episode, which only serves to remind me the wrong show got cancelled.

[1] Hopefully the DVD episodes coming next year will be in addition to the ones apparently coming to Comedy Central, rather than being the same set.
Head cheese? very funny but sick.
I hate head cheese! I would kill anyone who said they make head cheese! I wanna get into my way-back machine and find the inventior who invented head cheese and cut him into little tiny pieces and bury him alive!

Er .... No I dont realy like head cheese
It's one of the less impressive accomplishments of Western civilisation. :-P At least the Scots had the decency to mash the innards of haggis up into unrecognisability. (Nope, as far as I'm concerned, it's meat all the way. Not organs, nothing used to connects other bits or control them, or used in vocalisation.. just meat)

"I'm full of mystery.. and botulism" - I think I'm going to have to keep up with that strip. ^_^
But that unique Cyberman (Cyberwoman? Cyberperson?) would have been sucked into the void along with the others. Little chance of escape from there.
Nono! That's only those that came in via the void - she was created "on world", as it were.

Mind you, there must be quite a hazard in being hit by a flying Cyberman.
Ah, good point. So there are still a few Cybermen, and just the Doctor to hunt them down. Another virus?

I was a little worried that Rose might get clobbered by a passing Dalek.
Though - the thought occurs: where were the additional Cyberman bodies manufactured? If they were prefabricated on alt-Earth, they'd be similarly affected. The supposition must be that the body manufacturing takes place in parallel with the conversion, which would make sense - difficult to just bring along enough for everybody, rather than making them to order, so to speak.

Rose might get clobbered by a passing Dalek

Ah, it'd just be a whirlwind romance. =:)
New Bakshi? I guess Western civilisation isn't quite dead after all...