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momentrabbit pointed out these rather spiffy punched card window blinds.

I'm happy to say I had one of the most enjoyable furry times on Saturday night, thanks to mycroftb and marko_the_rat. Just a couple friends, relaxing, cool music playing in the background, and chatting about every subject under the sun. (And it was good to actually see momentrabbit live and direct from the Avatarium, as well as kumachan and friend)

Are bunny feet not adorable?

I did like this centennial Canadian 5¢ coin featuring a rabbit, as patch_bunny pointed out. We need more lapine presence on currency. Much more.

Here's some African wildlife photography of an extraordinary caliber.

Via schnee, a little look at birds of Britain, courtesy of the educational team at Look Around You.

Having finally seen V for Vendetta, I appreciate sphelx's perception that viewing it would be best accomplished with much screen area and highly capacious air displacement capabilities, especially in the subsonics region. O, what a beautiful speech he delivers upon his arrival on all the televisions.. I need hardly elaborate.

I'm sure jharish will attest to the authenticity of this helpful guide to sushi etiquette.

patch_bunny unearthed The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It, starring John Cleese, Connie Booth, and a host of other names like Ron Moody and Joss Ackland, available for the princely sum of $8.95. IMDb indicates it could be well worth it - has anyone actually heard of the title?

Woohoo! merik noticed there's going to be a DVD of the IFC shorts of Greg the Bunny!

Oooh. Anyone know of Gram Rabbit? JWZ offers this capsule review of a recent concert: "This was one of the best shows I've seen in a while. I love the two albums I have, and they totally rocked live. The singer went through several bunny-themed costume changes, and they occasionally had spastic go-go dancers in full-on furry-pervert bunny suits. It was awesome. Go see this band!"

Want a smell recorder/player? "Simply point the gadget at a freshly baked cookie, for example, and it will analyse its odour and reproduce it for you using a host of non-toxic chemicals."

As you've doubtless seen, the renowned publisher Jim Baen died last week, famed for bringing many a (now) classic sci-fi author to light, as well as pioneering the way forward in electronic publishing, in multiple formats, unencumbered by DRM. And, uniquely, showing a profit on that basis.

Another search engine to try: Zumber, based in Brisbane. I may well use a shortcut to Zumber instead of Google now, as the latter can sometimes be flooded by porn-related fake sites and spammish weblog "comments".

Handy little reference: local time around the world, taking into account summer variations where applicable, for a simple list of 141 cities.

Army of Ghosts: brilliant. One of those episodes where everything came together - a top-notch script, and with all the lead characters playing themselves to their peak. I suppose I might watch next week too. =:)

I thought fleetfur and patch_bunny might like this ten-minute wildlife show I spotted, Secret Squirrels (44MB). It looks at a colony of red squirrels around the Liverpool coast; they were once common in the UK, until they were all but entirely displaced by their more silvery cousins.

There are very few alterations to PowerBook/MacBook Pro physical aesthetics I'd consider making, but this is really rather cool.

I got my Otter AV head hair fixed in the end, working on a pair of swiming goggles for him now

My 6th month anniversary on SL today ^^
Oh, cool beans! Making the goggles yourself? I need to work out how to make clothing - I want to make up a nice leather & metal collar, I think, and maybe some rainbow bracelets. (Everything goes with white =:)

I wish I'd got on sooner, but then, I suppose I didn't actually have a system up to the task until last October. It's damn impressive seeing the kind of work some people have achieved in SL's three years of existence, like Cobalt's old time radio theater, or his pirate ship with waterslides (that actually work! Can go down on your chest, or sitting up =:), let alone some of the architectural skills I've seen in home and office construction. And I've barely even touched vehicles yet, but the freebie motorbike looks like it could be a lot of fun. ^_^ Did see a lightcycle in ARMORD, but that's something I think I'd rather try making.

Now, if they could only conquer the lag in places like the Skymall.. so frustrating, having all the nifty wares to rummage through, but being unable to see many of them without the application of Buddhist grade patience.
(Deleted comment)
Hm! I should see if I can get a good angle sometime. ^_^ It's just visible in my default icon, but not exactly in detail - it's a very simple creation, just using one of the stock textures that happened to work very well indeed.

I can see SL winding up quite expensive for me, as the creative possibilities SL offers are quite something, but operating large amounts of land certainly can add up. I'm just thinking about the fun of themed areas like Taco's tooniness - it'd be great fun to work on something like that. Still, that's a bit in the future - first I need to get to grips with all that LSL scripting can offer, and gain a little more expertise in building. ^_^