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Okay, this seems like fun.. make your personal music signature. ^_^ It's a Java applet that scans your music collection, and creates a layered collage of clips. "iTunes Signature Maker (iTSM) analyzes your music collection and creates a short audio signature to represent who you are and what you listen to.

Why? People often ask me what music I listen to, and I find it difficult to describe my enormous music collection in just a few sentences. So I created iTSM to answer in sound a question I cannot answer in words."

And here's mine. ^_^ (316K, 30s long)

Go on, show us yours.

So, it seems if you'd put down £100 in 2004 on gravitational waves being detected before 2010, you'd be in with a good chance of picking up £50,000, as a German/British experiment - GEO600 - ramps up to operational status.

And picture of the day, by way of rabitguy, absolutely must be this (not work safe =:) heartthrob of a swimmer bunny by Zen:

Wet rabbit. :) Are all lapines just teasy because they enjoy working up stags? Or is there some deeper reason. ;)
Bunny tails are just so good for wiggling. As any cervine knows first-hand. =:)
Oh my :9

That's one incredibly hot bunny... and a very impressive picture as well.

I can't remember when or how I discovered Zen but he's been a favourite artist of mine ever since!

And I absolutely love your music signature... tres cool, especially the ending ;) Care to elaborate on what songs are contained though?
Ah, if only there could be movies with such stars.. ^_^ (And if they need anyone to help test the first lapine pills, well.. =:)

Yep, Zen's especially good at joyful erotica, and he does manage some quite noteworthy bunnies from time to time. (BA also manages some very good rabbits, but unfortunately, only rarely does he seem to be of a lapine bent)

Here's another couple that caught my eye recently: Hiro and a fox and a bunny. (You'll need to be signed in on Guppy's board, I think)

As for the songs - there's a lot I'm afraid I can't quite catch from their samples, unfortunately, but the opener is Emir Kusturica & No Smoking Orchestra "Who Killed the DJ?". There's a tiny bit from Orbital's "Technologicque Park", a bit of Mike Oldfield's "Earth Moving", and of course, the ending's part of one of the recent Doctor Who orchestral arrangements, ninety seconds of thematic wonder. ^_^
Bunnies and speedos. Can anyone beat that? :)
I love the music signature idea! Although, being a DJ I'm much too fussy to let it be done by random (and therefor would have to take way too much time making my own by hand.) >;o)

Thanks for the (always intersting) linkfest!
Very soundscapey - with the proper ending for such a soundscapey. I will have to see if I can get iTunes to understand my music collection again... ;)
I was quite tickled the app chose that to finish with. ^_^

(I'd recommend keeping the excerpt lengths on the longer side, else they'll be prone to being swallowed up by the crossfading)
Oh, by the way: what's your furry character's description?

Why am I asking? Oh, nothing at all ;)
I'm actually not quite sure. ^_^; Basically, just a snowshoe hare, but SL's probably going to be helping me establish just what I look like. (You mentioned you were on there, ne?) I may well have some additional markings, even if not as complex as 0r0ch1's or momentrabbit's..
Hawt! Damn good looking rabbit!
I like that picture ^.^;;;
Wouldn't it make a wonderful poster to have above the bed, to wake up to? =:)
Here's mine!
Ooh, that did turn out well! Did you turn down the number of layered excerpts? I may give mine another try like that, as it would seem to make it much easier to identify individual songs. (Though I'll admit, there's probably quite a bit of my collection I've yet to listen to =:)

I'm honestly whimpering at the swimbun's hotness. *stares*

I'm assuming he's underwater, because diving into a pool with his (wonderfully teeny tiny) trunks snagged round his ankles would be a mite dangerous. ^_^ He's a real dream buoy. :)
I got the impression that he's in a changing room, slipping out of his tiny trunks after a a good, hard swim. Now, he's after a friend with a big, fluffy towel to dry him off, and tend to his soft, wet, tender bits....

Sorry, have I been looking at it too much? Swimmer boys are always hot.
He is *so* hot. It looks though like his footpaws aren't touching the floor, which made me think he may be underwater.
Here's mine! :)
Ooh, quite the lush soundscape indeed. I see you hid all the Spice Girls tracks first, though. =:)
Mrf? Umm, do you have the original of that little video, perchance?

I'm collecting so-called "banned" cartoons, and I hope to showcase them somewhere sometime.
'Fraid not. But I do have these:

* 1931-11-28 Hittin' the Trail to Hallelujah Land (Merrie Melodies by Hugh Harman/Rudy Ising)
* 1936-08-08 Sunday Go to Meetin' Time (Merrie Melodies supervised by Isadore Freleng)
* 1937-05-22 Clean Pastures (Merrie Melodies supervised by I. Freleng)
* 1937-06-05 Uncle Tom's Bungalow (Merrie Melodies supervised by Fred Avery)
* 1938-02-19 Jungle Jitters (Merrie Melodies supervised by Isadore Freleng)
* 1938-05-28 The Isle of Pingo Pongo (Merrie Melodies supervised by Fred Avery)
* 1941-09-13 All This and Rabbit Stew (Merrie Melodies supervised by Fred Avery)
* 1943-01-19 Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs (Merrie Melodies supervised by Robert Clampett)
* 1943-07-17 Tin Pan Alley Cats (Merrie Melodies supervised by Bob Clampett)
* 1944-06-03 Angel Puss (Looney Tunes directed by Charles M. Jones)
* 1944-09-02 Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears (Merrie Melodies directed by I. Freleng)

That said, there does appear to be a copy over here - and if you want to save it locally, just visit KeepVid. You'll wind up with a FLV file, though, which is only playable by some apps, such as mplayer. I'll try transcoding it to something more portable, though obviously, it won't be exactly DVD quality, given the original.
Here we go. ^_^ Might be PSP compatible as well, should be fine on an iPod - I think had all the necessary settings, but it'll be fine in mplayer/VLC/QT7/etc.
Thanks for the Bugs vid conversion, dear. ^_^ Your effort is much appreciated.

Many thank you's! My collection grows! MUWAHAHAHA!!!!

Actually, I'm thinking of getting a lot of these on my laptop, and offering a show to a con somewhere of "Banned Cartoons". A lot of them are funny, except for a few sight gags. I remember one Droopy cartoon that had an explosion, and hte bad guy was in "blackface". The rest of the 'toon was clean, just that one segment.

As long as it's taken in context, stuff like that is interesting.
Hm. Is there a larger gallery of this guy's stuff?
I'm not sure where that particular pic came from - you'd need to pounce rabitguy to find out - but Guppy's oekaki board has a fair collection of his work.