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The greatest music video of all time: The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist.


Japanese TV does throw up some interesting nuggets.. like these massage house pranks. The second stunt they pull looks like fun. ^_^

I must thank patch_bunny for pointing me to the answer to "why do only palms and soles get wrinkly in the bath?" And rabitguy, for pointing out a most wonderful and not worksafe bit of sculpture on SL. ^_^

ComicGenesis seems to be gathering some good strips.. first nocona, now Sandusky, the tale of one man and his dog, and an abandoned puma cub left by their door one night. Very cute. ^_^

Wise words on the public perception of furrydom. ^_^

Egad. Even my spam's turning furry.. first "an opportunistic raccoon who explains", followed straight away by "malefoxe".
Weeeeeeeird video... Definitely... makes me THINK I'm high on something just by watching it....
Did I ever show you any of the Residents' videos? =:) Some wonderfully strange stuff there, too. I'd heard about them, but never actually heard any of their work, when I happened upon their Icky Flix DVD in a Wherehouse a few years ago. Quite wonderful. ^_^ There's bound to be some of their work up on Google Video and YouTube by now.

Just been looking up photos of Cray X-MP and Y-MPs, and wandered through Cray's Wikipedia entry. Fascinating systems - groundbreaking for their time (ahh, The Last Starfighter..), not to mention blessed with uncommon aesthetics. And now easily beaten by a good laptop.. ^_^; (The X-MP was apparently rated around 500 MFLOPS)

"Purely psychosomatic..."

Man, I used to love that tune.
I bought an advance CD of the album and I have to say that The Avalanches was pretty much a one-hit wonder. The rest of the album was kinda okay, but a little too samey.
The music video is a small treasure trove of bizarreness.
It's fun!

Ah, pity.. I'd been wondering if they could maintain that standard of high weirdness, as The Residents have, so well. (Hm. That'd be a fun avatar mod to make.. ought to be quite simple to construct, but I need to find out how to actually make it wearable. Maybe it can be my first sellable item there =:)

So, what's your musical recommendation for the day? ^_^ Anything that reminds you of Ladytron's "Destroy everything you touch", or Venus Hum's "Soul Sloshing", maybe?

Mm. Gotta play that video again now. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Seems like something I might well enjoy, overall. Don't suppose you've heard Antediluvian Rocking Horse's "Music for the Odd Occasion"? It's more towards Negativland than The Residents, but nonetheless quite cool stuff for sampleheads. =:)

I think, when I'm president of an independent California, I'll make it the national anthem. You'd have to admit, Olympic medal ceremonies would be more interesting.
"... and he also made false teeth"

Is my swiss-cheesed memory correct and is Nocona the code name for some processor? Ah yes, apparently one of the Intel Xeons.

Also, nice to see about the response to the furries. Reminds me of Colifox's reactions at this weekend's Sheffield meet.
Oh, that is a good con report! Really nice to see everyone involved having such a great time, furs and humans alike. There's far too much grim introspection as to just how furs might be perceived, based on some press article or other, rather than simply having fun. ^_^ Were you along for that one? (And what a pub that sounds like! Always good to hear about a landlord that really knows his trade, when so many are content to just have little spigots serving fizzy hamster pee)

Oh dear. I saw "false teeth", and part of my brain started wondering about the things that couldn't be done without a mammalian mouth, such as a blowjob. That led me to think about lepidoptera, and insects in general. Time for coffee.
For your information, we don't tend to have "Con"s in the UK, but rather, we have "meet"s. Up to about 40-50 regional furs meeting up for the day or the weekend. There is a proper Con in planning (Confuzzled) with artists and events and all that, but the meets are much less organized (and once a month rather than once a year).

And yes, despite not having been to a meet for ages, I was there. I missed the fursuiting among the locals, as I was planning world domination (Monopoly). The meet had a James Bond theme, so we had the SPECTRE-like evil villains versus the MI6-like good-guys.

And yeah, the pub is good. Not only does the landlord know his stuff, but the staff do, too. There were about a dozen hand-pulled ales available as well as your standard gas-pumped stuff, but also a range of german biers to coincide with the world cup. It was remarkable to be able to say "I'd like some of the Schwarzwalde Kirchtorte" (Not that, but an equally cryptic and authentically german phrase) and they'd pick out the right bottle in seconds. I was expecting at least a request for further clarification.

There's a few more meet reports on my friends list should you be interested.
(Deleted comment)
Is it wrong of me to think that with the last guy in the chair, they should've waited until he was safely upright once more and then pulled the switch again? =:)
I LMAO'd at the Japanese vid! :D During Mission 1, a part that particularly got my attention was when one of the last guys to be flung out the back had his feet swing up towards his head in the classic male 'self suck' position. ^_^; Mission 2 was a classic, like a ghost train ride at the fair! XD

Hee! Now you mention it.. *giggle* Ah, if only it'd been lapine furs starring there.. =:)

I loved Mission 2. Very James Bond. Mm, can't say I'd mind seeing Pierce Brosnan racing through the snow wrapped only in a small towel.. come to that, who is Bond now? Hm. "Daniel Craig".. not someone I'm familiar with, but he might do too. ^_^
Daniel Craig is apparently what one might term "A bit of rough" ... he looks like he's been whacked in the face by Oddjob a few times with a spade but is the sort of naughty-looking guy thirty-something women viewers want to take home and teach some lessons to. :)
(Deleted comment)
It's better seen than described. =:)
Loved the bathhouse.

Straigbt male fox? Those exist???