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The greatest music video of all time: The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatrist.


Japanese TV does throw up some interesting nuggets.. like these massage house pranks. The second stunt they pull looks like fun. ^_^

I must thank patch_bunny for pointing me to the answer to "why do only palms and soles get wrinkly in the bath?" And rabitguy, for pointing out a most wonderful and not worksafe bit of sculpture on SL. ^_^

ComicGenesis seems to be gathering some good strips.. first nocona, now Sandusky, the tale of one man and his dog, and an abandoned puma cub left by their door one night. Very cute. ^_^

Wise words on the public perception of furrydom. ^_^

Egad. Even my spam's turning furry.. first "an opportunistic raccoon who explains", followed straight away by "malefoxe".
Tags: frontier psychiatrist, japanese massage pranks, music videos, nocona, sandusky, the avalanches, wrinkly feet
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