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Fear Her.. I think that's one I'll always have a soft spot for. (Some perspective of what life's like for those caught would've been worthwhile, though. And that 17" PowerBook's in pretty good condition for a seven year old system =:) And then back into No Holds Barred mode for loads of stompy goodness next week? Oh, I'm there. ^_^ And this was episode 11 already? Still, at least it sounds like the season finale won't be spread across the end of this and the start of the next, as I'd feared.

Old school gamers might recognise some familiar influences in Darwinia.. demos available for OS X, Linux, and Windows.

Having trouble keeping your processor cool? Try a miniature jet engine. And speaking of which, Intel's apparently sampling their forthcoming quad core CPU.

If you miss BeOS, you might like to try Haiku, an open source project replicating BeOS R5. Here's a thread on how to go about that using Parallels under OS X.

I think I forgot to mention this furry music video mycroftb found: Stony Skunk. A cool track, and perhaps the only piece of Korean reggae I have in my collection.

Could be fun: the Pet Shop Boys are playing in the City on Nov 7, so say KGAY. And as they note, the video for their "I'm With Stupid" is pretty good, albeit squished into a 4:3 frame. is currently rocking my socks. And their stream is 192kbps.

If you like skiing, and you're in A/NZ, where do you go? (Come to that, I wonder what kind of skiing Peru has to offer, if any)

I've got a new public GPG key up on the public servers, and here. Yay strong encryption! (If you haven't got GPG installed, check it out. There are plugins for most popular mail clients, such as GPGMail for OS X's Mail, and enigmail for Thunderbird. Once you're set up, keeping the message between yourself and the recipient is as easy as normal)
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