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What a music video.. grim, touching, an animated tale of jealousy and redemption: Kashmir - "Rocket Brothers".

They'd better have an adult version of this voice-changing Cyberman mask available. Still, it does say 1:1 scale, and I didn't see any Cyberrugrats. (But who knew Cybermen required three AA cells?)

Dork is a fun 2D puzzle game, vaguely a kind of ladders & levels game. You play a bug that can hop around the screen - but hopping from one place to another is all it can do, no other movement. Yes, the control is the mouse button - and nothing else. ^_^ Currently available for OS X and Windows, with x86 Linux coming soon. Free demo levels, $5.50 or $9.50 for additional levels.

For a quick look at all of AC2006, peek here. ^_^ (6610x2149, 3.3MB JPEG)

Via shadowolf, a fun twist on the "make a picture out of pictures" theme. (Flash, silent)

There's been a reaction from Six Apart on the LJ/Vox concerns, including a request for clarification of users' ages: 'Go to the profile page and specify your full date of birth, including your year of birth. If you don't want everyone to see how old you are, make sure the box that says "show your birthday to other users" is unchecked.'

El Reg notes the UK Mobile Phone Throwing championship, taking place on Aug 20: "the UK records, set at last year's event, are 69.31m for the men and 38.74m for the women. Both fall short of the world records, set in Finland, where handsets were hauled 94.97m and 41.42m, respectively."
(Deleted comment)
Hee! I could see myself firing up XP for Run Rabbit Run. =:) Some other quite neat looking ones there, too..

Dork's more difficult levels are quite tricky, it seems, but not too awkward. The first one's simple enough, just requiring non-klutzy reactions, whilst the third is rather fiddly, given you're then relying even more heavily on just the rotating platforms, making snagging the targets rather less straightforward. It's a pretty cool bit of simple game design - cheap'n'cheerful.
Hi, I'm the developer of Dork. I had no idea there were so many other one-button games! I think I googled for "one-button games" at some point and didn't find much; I didn't know they were more commonly called "one-switch games".

So thanks for the link... I'd been meaning to look into marketing Dork to peoeple with limited motor functions, and this gives me some places to start.

Thanks for the word-of-mouth too!
Cool mask. Yeah, I'd definitely vote for an adult version, too (assuming this one's not already big enough to fit an adult's head). ^^

The world needs more voice-changing masks.
Some companies need waking up to the fact it's not just rugrats that enjoying playing. ^_^ (foofers once pointed out a rather cool suit for the lead character in Disney's Dinosaur, but, of course, only available in children's sizes)

Even better if the masks could be body-changing too. Jessica Rabbit, anyone? =:) Or Lola, Bugs, Brer Rabbit.. :-9
MMMmmm... oooh, yes, I could imagine dressing up as Jessica Rabbit if the mask changed my body, too, actually. ^.^

But then, any kind of sexy, body-altering full-body costume would be great. Mrowr.
So, of course, I'm going to have to watch WFRR again.. ^_^ (For the first time in.. erf, about six years, I think, given my laserdisc's been elsewhere that long)

Definitely one advantage of being a toon: any disguise can be perfectly realistic. As Karri Aronen explained so well in some of his work. ^_^ Wonder if he's still actively drawing.. can't see he wouldn't be, but I don't know I've seen any of his in a while.

Christopher Lloyd.. definitely my kind of role model. And Marlene Dietrich.
*noddles* But if I looked like Jessica Rabbit, why would I want to disguise myself? ^.~

Interestingly enough, BTW, according to Wikipedia, there's supposedly an easter egg where you can see Jessica's crotch in one frame, around 1:16:15, when she falls out of Bennie the Cab. Might be worth looking into that. ^.~
Huh. I'm more used to cybermen looking like the one in this userpic...
Ah, these ones run much longer between recharges. =:)

(Not seen Age of Steel yet?)
Heh.... I notice cambler's postings on the Six Apart thread and I remember this fellow over a decade ago from a few local BBSes. He was pretty desperate for attention back then but posting nude pictures of your wife in a popular thread is, well, a bit TOO desperate.
HEE! Can't he just make empty suicide threats to get attention like the others? =:) (Or there's the old favorite of Leaving The Fandom, whichever it may be)

And then there's the old eBay sport of spotting photos people have taken without fully realising that TV CRTs and suchlike are, indeed, mildly reflective.. ^_^
Like this one?
My eyes! The goggles, they do nothing!
thanks a heap. I just waisted an hour playing Dork and now supper is going to late! and its all your fault.
Just get them playing it as well, and they won't notice. =:)