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arakinuk pointed out the trailer for Rayman Raving Rabbids, coming out for the Wii. ^_^

This exhibition, running June 24th to July 2nd in NYC, might be worth checking out - rather a cool style of artwork, reminiscent of Mexican folk art meeting traditional Japanese painting. And it features quite a few bunnies. How can you go wrong?

Another wonderfully useless hack: Backlight CPU Monitor. Does just what it says - varies the brightness of the keyboard backlighting according to CPU load. ^_^ So, of course, it evolved.. into iSpazz, an iTunes plugin. Press "I" when it's active, and the display backlight joins in too. ^_^ This is quite possibly the greatest advance in computing history. HISTORY, I say! *shakes carrot*

For some reason, "Earzilla" amuses me greatly.

Anyone know if there's a TV spot based on this advert? ^_^ (And here's a closeup of the flag, not absolutely worksafe =:)


I'm not sure I should really mention this, given it portrays bunnies as villains, but Psycho Bondage Bunnies is a Flash game wherein you play Delectra, a dominatrix, out to save your baby Bunny Robot from the evil maligned leather & metal-clad trio. And there's a sequel, too..

Unicorn vs Narwhal.

Yay! 'Vinyl powered' Bunnybot t-shirt.

Good to see.. with the release of Shake 4.1, it's become a Universal Binary, and had its price cut from $3000 down to $500. As for its future, apparently development on the existing code's been halted, in favor of a new direction, codenamed Phenomenon, possibly based on a combination of Shake, Motion, and Chalice.

As quite a few of the early Doctor Who adventures were lost or disposed of, the BBC's taking a different tack in bringing The Invasion back to the screen - by commissioning the missing visuals from episodes one and eight as animation, from Cosgrove-Hall. The teaser suggests they may've done a rather good job.

I couldn't help but think of poor wolff_slaven's net.connection on seeing this Bunny strip. ^_^

Courtesy of the ever educational nicodemusrat, I was impressed that "bitten by rat" receives its own code in the WHO's ICD-10, specifically, W53. (Most of us have to make do with the generic W55)

Speaking of screensavers again, another I can recommend is Plasma Tunnel, rather like the wormhole the Tardis is seen tumbling through in the recent opening titles. And Electric Sheep is one that alters based on popularity across the userbase. "Anyone watching one of these computers may vote for their favorite animations using the keyboard. The more popular sheep live longer and reproduce according to a genetic algorithm with mutation and cross-over. Hence the flock evolves to please its global audience." One user even made some of it into a music video. ^_^

You've doubtless seen the news, but it appears to be for real: more Futurama! An initial order of a 13-episode season, for Comedy Central, not Fox, due in 2008.

.. and via patch_bunny:
"The safari park baboons now prefer pinching flags to windscreen wipers"
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