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Ye gods and little fishes, but the net is a wonderful thing. ^_^ I remembered, once upon a time, seeing a video for a cover of "Runaway", featuring several dinos - but I saw it that one time, and never again. And with that song having been covered so many times, I couldn't seem to find it via google at all.

Enter YouTube. ^_^ Luis Cardenas - Runaway. You'd almost swear it was made in the 80s. =:)

patch_bunny noticed this rather beautiful leather pony mask, amongst much other furry goodness.

Hm. Might be worth keeping abreast of developments on the Vox front. This posting may well be premature in its conclusions that Six Apart's preparing to shift LiveJournal to compete with MySpace, but the line of "LiveJournal has grown to be an amazing community of fiercely independent bloggers, primarily teenagers and twenty-somethings" could suggest that wouldn't be a large step to take. (I've not seen an entry with 200 pages of comments before, though)

You can find some especially good screensavers for OS X over here, all free - libre et gratis. Skyrocket's fireworks are perhaps the best, but they're all worth admiring for their shininess.

And roohbear pointed out this kitty entrant in World Naked Bike Ride 2006.


Finally, proving that there really is a place for everything on the net: Hitler cats, "A blog dedicated to cats that look like Hitler". ^_^
*smile* Yeah, the duct tape masks are nifty, too, aren't they? But not as permanent as leather ones, unfortunately (well, I guess), and leather is a sweet material, anyway. (Not that duct tape isn't, but it's neat in a different sort of way.)

The only thing I'd change about those masks is giving them a longer neckpiece that actually goes down to your shoulders, but that's just me...

The dog masks are nice, too, BTW, but I really wish they would cover the entire head. Ah well.

As for the cats... good question. One of them at least (this one) has been floating around for a long time, so I guess that maybe the guy (gal?) decided to look/ask people for more and start a blog about them...