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freakylynx noticed a fun short available for download from the maker: Robot Bastard. (If the style reminds you of Scud: the Disposable Assassin, that's not coincidental.. and he had a hand in Heat Vision & Jack too)

When BoingBoing noted the lyrebird's versatility as an impersonator, they weren't exaggerating. This clip needs to be heard to be believed. ^_^

MacSaber 1.0 has been released. Now it's not just for MacBook owners, but all PowerBooks with the sensor. ^_^ Really needs some suitably flashy graphics, though. (Wonder if the keyboard lighting's software controllable.. think I read it's only handled by the PMU)

worthyadvisor might enjoy some of these icons, from 1950s "bad girl" B-movies. ^_^


The free version of SketchUp for OS X is now, finally, available from Google. And there's v.4 of Google Earth, though I've not tested to see why the system recommendation's been bumped up, from 500MHz to 1.2GHz G4.

What a wonderful name for an coating intended to provide better plectrum grip - Gorilla Snot.

Nice little farm.. to remaster the James Bond Ultimate DVD collection took 2.5 years on a bank of six hundred G5s, with 700TB of storage. Interestingly, the scanning took place at a resolution of 4000x3000 pixels per frame - wonder if that means they've got HD masters as a result as well? (Though with the original film quality, that may be superfluous)

Via otter3, the only mention of the World Cup you'll see me make:

telnet ascii-wm.net 2006

.. to see the match. In ASCII. ^_^ Streams start ten minutes before a game, apparently.

(Kewl! Germany wins against Poland 1-0)

If you've got an Intel Mac, and like Parallels Workstation, they've just announced a final release. The final version will sell for $80, with a 30-day launch special of $50.

For potential SL newcomers, I noticed they're intending to remove the requirement for billing information for free accounts - that may already have taken place. That'll be helpful for those without access to a suitable credit/debit card.

This video player looks like a promising start, with support for all the usual codecs, plus 802.11b connectivity. Three things I'd like, though: H.264 support (tiny files, or much better picture quality), gigabit ethernet, and definitely WPA support. Still, pretty neat.

Hoo! They must be serving a few users, if a text stream's getting saturated. 'Course, there's always BitTorrent to download the games after the fact, but live events deserve watching live. ^_^ (Wonder if they maintain a score counter on screen?)

Thankfully, it seems video streaming's gradually getting better - even the BBC streams for events like the World Cup and Eurovision sound as if they're holding up well. Wonder if there are some traffic stats available.. ^_^;
Heh. Yeah... I dunno. I wanted to try it out just to see what it was like. Otherwise, I've been watching the noon games on Univision or whatever that spanish channel's called.

I'd go for BBC streams, but they're limited to UK users (booooooo) and the proxies I've found aren't exactly speedy... And quality's better on TV than streaming. Even though it means listening to spanish, which I don't understand.
Ah, yes.. the BBC does/do use GeoIP stuff a fair bit at times, through a combination of rights and funding mandate. (Wonder if there might be a EU-wide TV license at some point? I wonder how many other EU countries have statutorily funded broadcasters.. though I'd prefer to see the license per se dissolved, and replaced by, say, 0.5% on higher backet income tax. £140 or whatever it is now is quite definitely uncomfortable to those on lower incomes, even if it does provide a lot for the money - terrestrial analog broadcasts of BBC 1 & 2 and Radio 1-5, plus terrestrial digital/sat/cable of BBC 3 & 4, News 24, Parliament, CBBC, and Radio 6,7, plus several regional studios with genuine news gathering teams and production units, turning out stacks of original programming, rather than just buying it all in)

'Course, for something like football, the language of the commentary's not nearly as important as the enthusiasm. =:) Wonder if we'll see England come up against Germany again.. that'd be quite a pairing.