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freakylynx noticed a fun short available for download from the maker: Robot Bastard. (If the style reminds you of Scud: the Disposable Assassin, that's not coincidental.. and he had a hand in Heat Vision & Jack too)

When BoingBoing noted the lyrebird's versatility as an impersonator, they weren't exaggerating. This clip needs to be heard to be believed. ^_^

MacSaber 1.0 has been released. Now it's not just for MacBook owners, but all PowerBooks with the sensor. ^_^ Really needs some suitably flashy graphics, though. (Wonder if the keyboard lighting's software controllable.. think I read it's only handled by the PMU)

worthyadvisor might enjoy some of these icons, from 1950s "bad girl" B-movies. ^_^


The free version of SketchUp for OS X is now, finally, available from Google. And there's v.4 of Google Earth, though I've not tested to see why the system recommendation's been bumped up, from 500MHz to 1.2GHz G4.

What a wonderful name for an coating intended to provide better plectrum grip - Gorilla Snot.

Nice little farm.. to remaster the James Bond Ultimate DVD collection took 2.5 years on a bank of six hundred G5s, with 700TB of storage. Interestingly, the scanning took place at a resolution of 4000x3000 pixels per frame - wonder if that means they've got HD masters as a result as well? (Though with the original film quality, that may be superfluous)

Via otter3, the only mention of the World Cup you'll see me make:

telnet ascii-wm.net 2006

.. to see the match. In ASCII. ^_^ Streams start ten minutes before a game, apparently.

(Kewl! Germany wins against Poland 1-0)

If you've got an Intel Mac, and like Parallels Workstation, they've just announced a final release. The final version will sell for $80, with a 30-day launch special of $50.

For potential SL newcomers, I noticed they're intending to remove the requirement for billing information for free accounts - that may already have taken place. That'll be helpful for those without access to a suitable credit/debit card.

This video player looks like a promising start, with support for all the usual codecs, plus 802.11b connectivity. Three things I'd like, though: H.264 support (tiny files, or much better picture quality), gigabit ethernet, and definitely WPA support. Still, pretty neat.

Mmm, yeah, couldn't connect to the telnet server yesterday. Too many users, as it told me.
Hoo! They must be serving a few users, if a text stream's getting saturated. 'Course, there's always BitTorrent to download the games after the fact, but live events deserve watching live. ^_^ (Wonder if they maintain a score counter on screen?)

Thankfully, it seems video streaming's gradually getting better - even the BBC streams for events like the World Cup and Eurovision sound as if they're holding up well. Wonder if there are some traffic stats available.. ^_^;
Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see if Google Earth v4 would work on a 500MHz G3 iBook with only 128 megs of RAM (because that's what happened to be on my lap at the moment). It grunted and strained and issued alerts that the graphics chip was below spec...but eventually, worked anyway.

Heh! Pretty good going. I suppose the GPU only really comes into heavy use with features like the 3D buildings, much moreso than for "flat" mapping.

'Course, now I'm going to have to try it on Mouse (300MHz G3, 4MB Rage Pro Mobility)..

Though, if you want to see it issue a tiny mushroom cloud in exasperation, try the Second Life client on it. ^_^
This video player looks like a promising start, with support for all the usual codecs, plus 802.11b connectivity. Three things I'd like, though: H.264 support (tiny files, or much better picture quality), gigabit ethernet, and definitely WPA support. Still, pretty neat.

Impressive set of features. I originally bought a wifi-capable DVD player that claimed a wide range of video formats but I was let down when I realized that the formats were not actually handled by the DVD player, but by software running on a PC that transcodes the video to MPEG-2. Furthermore, I had to set the MPEG-2 quality way down to about a 500kB/s bitrate to stream reliably via 802.11b. I brought the $250 player back and bought a $60 Philips DVP-642 which supports DiVX/MPEG-4 internally. It actually does a decent job of playing back downloaded content but occasionally the audio is slightly out of sync.

Philips recently released an updated version of that player that seems to improve compatibility as well as add DiVX Ultra support, which is DiVX.com's attempt to bring standard DVD-like interactive menus, chapters, subtitles, and so on to the DiVX format.

This OmiSys player is really impressive, though. UPnP, built-in web browser, MPEG-4 audio, OGG, ... But for $400, I'll pass. You simply cannot beat an modded XBOX with XBOX Media Center. It's all this (even web browser, using the wonderful Links2 graphical browser, now also running on PSP as well) and more; several WinAmp visualizers, Python scripting extendability, photo viewer, ftp server, direct streaming off of Windows shares, iTunes, customized TiVo-like browsing interfaces for dozens of websites like iFilms/CNN/Global Alternative News/archive.org/.., RSS feed browsing, FLICKR browsing, Webcomics, Shoutcast, and so on. And you can now mod a stock XBOX without buying a modchip.
but by software running on a PC

Eww. I recall you mentioning that.. rather sly of them. Presumably they were just using an older, cheaper chipset, and made a quarter-assed attempt at supporting more modern MPEG revisions. And having to throttle down to 500kbps? Erk. Was it as good as VHS at that point? ^_^;

Ow! $400? Mm, that is getting a bit high.. though it does claim 1080p output. But would it really have the processing power to decode such video? 1080p is pretty demanding - beyond Hyzenthlay, by far (partly the processing power available, but also capped by Freescale's MAXBUS pegging at 167MHz), but fine on a MacBook Pro.

For now, of course, Hyzenthlay's the way to go here, as even an XBox would be awkward to squirrel away, let alone something to act as a display - but when I have somewhere to call home? Mm, something like that would make a lot of sense. (Though I suppose I'd still have Ocelot as well, which is fine for playing most SD video files. Would be nice to get a large screen, though - probably a projector of some kind, so it can be mounted out of the way. That way, I could get the usual array of digital inputs as well. The current one only has plain composite, and it only speaks NTSC. Nope, I've had quite enough of regional standards - once upon a time, such limitations were a matter of practicality and cost, but those days are long gone)

I'd definitely want something capable of good H.264, as well. Yummy format. ^_^ Just for a bit of fun, I compressed Gormenghast with a view to DVD fidelity - and managed it in about 550MB per episode, albeit at slightly less than the original resolution, settling for 848x480, so as not to pose too much of a challenge in its decoding.

I also noticed that player offers soft subtitles support - pretty cool going. That's something I'd wanted to include in the player I was working on, along with Matroska container support. (As is, the politics there don't seem to be abating, so gods only know when it'll come out. But when there's basically one developer working on it - and a damn good one at that - there's only so much reliable and well-architected code that can come about per month)

Or maybe I'll just get a wall of MacBook Pros. =:)
Can you send that bird video to me? It doesn't work for me (I don't have and don't want Quicktime), and the site's trying to be too clever for its own good, so I haven't been able to wget it. :P
Aw, QuickTime 7's snuggly. ^_^ And the H.264 encoder works pretty nicely, even if ffmpegX (sitting on top of x264, ffmpeg, and mencoder) offers much greater ability to fine-tune encodings.

Indeed, they seem to use referrer-blocking or suchlike - rather than fuss around with that, I cheated, and just tweaked the page source to turn the plugin's kiosk mode from true to false, and saved it like any other clip. Silly that some sites do that, but so it goes.

Here's the clip, 33% lighter than the original. ^_^ (I used H.264 rather than Sorenson Video 3)
(Deleted comment)
Hee! They did rather call out your name. ^_^
Heh - I remember Gorilla Snot from back in the mid '70s, with the same logo ... we used it for attaching grips on handlebars, though ...
Handlebars? Just of bikes, or something more exotic? ^_^

Looks like they update their website design about as often as their logo, too. =:) (The logo, though, should stay as it is. I'm surprised I've not seen any shirts with it at any cons, come to think of it :)
I just went to the SL signup page and they're still requesting PayPal info. The payment system seems to be working at the mo though, as I signed up for a basic account to have a look at it and gave the referral name Porsupah Ree to them. ^_^
Oh, still so? I think it was in last month's newsletter, but they noted it was something of a work in progress.

Yay! Thanks for that. ^_^ Wow, I'll be a grizzled SL veteran in no time. =:) What's your name there?

I wonder if I might change my "second name" to Ree? I generally just go by Porsupah, but on those occasions where I've needed a surname, I've gone with Toliani, based on the original character's homeworld (Tolia Major, IIRC). But.. well, so much has changed since then, losing the raccoon side, and now the red panda as well.. mm, hafta ponder that one.
BunnyBreak! :D
The way I see it, the world can never have too many bunnies. ^_^
MacSaber has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever downloaded! When I saw a video somewhere of some guy programming the motion sensor to act as a car alarm so his laptop started beeping when it was moved I thought that had to be the coolest use of the feature ever, but this is way too awesome ^^ Just have to make sure I don't end up hitting a wall or anything...
It's pretty damn neat. I want the screen to give off a suitably fluctuating buzzy glow, too. ^_^ I'm just pleased it's finally compatible with most/all 'books with the sensor now. Wonder why Apple's not officially opened the sensor up for user applications? Seems like there's a world of possibilities, given the number of funky hacks that've come about. And there's another cool one in my next entry.. ^_^
Ah, you like the bunnies. I get the LJ feed too.

I wonder if getting rid of the billing info requirement on SL will lead to an increase of trouble makers.
Depends how they're going to continue trying to uniquely identify people - if that's still the intent, it'd remain a bit of a hassle to get a new character if they wind up getting booted. Still, LJ's managed fine post-invitation - even if SL went completely open, I wouldn't expect much more trouble than there (supposedly) is at the moment.

Who are you there, then? ^_^
I dunno how you keep finding those little bits of video, but please keep posting them! Between work and (pretending to) sleep I spend about no time online any more, certainly not enough to go exploring...
*giggle* See what happens when you leave a bunny with too much free time and a good net.connection? =:)

Still, I'm aiming to have less spare time of that in the future - I'd like to hone my C++, as well as get into learning some basic Japanese, not to mention mastering SL's modelling tools and scripting. Oh, and getting into FCP5, Maya 7, and using the tablet and (musical) keyboard. It's a matter of trying to draw inspiration from the net alone, given how mind-crushingly dully mundane RL is at the moment - there's simply no "energy" here, nothing to fire the soul. But DSL helps make up for that, with things like Doctor Who, as well - of course - as here, and Second Life.