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Gotta love terminotaur's Yiff Yiff Revolution. =:) [Edit: and it'll be in AC's art show! Bid magnificently!]

avon_deer pointed out this absolutely excellent spoof of that memorable "bouncing balls" Sony Bravia TV spot, but set in Swansea rather than San Francisco. As the comment says, perhaps even better than the original. ^_^

Who follows the GPU scene? I'm wondering about the rev.B MacBook Pro. Seems like there's a decent chance of a new revision once Merom's out in volume, but given the results I've seen so far, that might only bump speed by some 20-30% over the current model - good, but not something I'd notice as a huge improvement in framerates. But if the current 256MB X1600 Mobility were also improved, together, perhaps that could spell a 50% improvement, which would be a reasonable step up. So, what's in the pipeline at the moment, that could wind up in manufacture around then? (Probably only worth considering ATi, as Apple's leaned that way pretty much exclusively for their laptops, and a drop-in replacement part would avoid any board rework)

Bah! A week or so after rediscovering Doctor Fun, the guy gives up after 520 weeks of cartoons, spanning thirteen years - 1993 to 2006. Maybe I can get paid to not take an interest in people's favorite cartoons.. no, I will not be going near Family Circus.

If you're feeling nostalgic for the good old Amiga days, schnee noticed ChipBench, which may help. ^_^

What net.radio stations do you recommend? I'm thinking particularly of anything in electronica, but I'm open to most genres. Saturday night at a club in SL reminded me of the additional worlds of music available - for the first time in a year or two, I'm running StreamRipperX again, and iTunes is playing network streams rather than local files. Right now, NERadio Sweden, which seems to have a decently upbeat selection, plus a real carbon-based DJ.

So, Steve Coogan's got a new show on the way, "Saxondale". Only a brief teaser exists for the moment, but I'll be giving it a look, given his past work. ^_^

Remember those odd, artificial shapes on Bush's back after one of the debates in 2004? It's all explained in the life of a Bush pilot. ^_^

Cars - pretty slender storyline, very much a paint-by-numbers affair - but the technology was anything but, ably demonstrating their software expertise. I'm a sucker for a happy ending, though.

Yipe! stego_s_aurus found a place with an unworldy selection of sodas - including blue (and red) Brain Wash! Now that.. is a seriously screwed up drink. That used to be my automatic choice, when visiting the Zanzibar Cafe in Ocean Beach, a fairly chill coffee house open until the early hours.

It's all explained in the life of a Bush pilot.

It might be, if that link didn't produce a "Google Video Error"! =:P
Most curious! I just checked, and the link seems fine from here. Are other Google Video clips working normally for you?
*hugs* Thanks for the plug. Said picture is on sale at Anthrocon. I encourage everyone to come and bid often. :)

The Bush pilot thing had be in stitches! Actually it reminds me of Robin Williams talking about Regan being anamatronic. :)
Oh, really? Well, I hope it fetches a nice price, and goes to a suitably appreciative home. ^_^

*giggle* Ohh, yes! I remember that bit. Classic Williams. (Was that part of RW Live at the Met? I need to watch that again sometime, if I can find a copy. Think I had an off-air VHS copy once upon a time) Certainly would help explain Bush's unique sense of linguistic clarity.. =:)
the life of a Bush pilot


Kind of reminds me of the German episodes of Monty Python. :-)
In fact, quite a bit like them, come to think of it.
And yeah, he needs to stop using auto pilot. :-P
Hee! Such a pity the Funniest Joke in the World didn't really translate to anything, as I recall. Wonder what they did for the German broadcast.. (as I recall, in Fawlty Towers, the Spanish broadcast had Mañuel become Italian =:)
http://www.lt3m.com for electronic(a) stuff
http://www.slayradio.org for C64 remixes ;)
Ooh, good call! I've been missing out on a lot, especially with lt3m - for some reason, I just sort of fell out of net.radio listening (sad to see Massinova's gone for good, but there are other gems out there, like Kawaii Radio =:) a year or two back. I've not got a bad collection on the drive, but I know what's on there. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Ah, good point! And there's Live365 too, as I recall.. hopefully not as dead as Massinova. ^_^;
For electronica (and general purpose) you might want to keep an eyeball on NPR. A "what's on" guide to all online NPR stations can be found here: http://www.publicradiofan.com/ It also links you to said station. Check out "Hearts of Space", although that might be too mellow for you.

There is also my station at: http://music.yahoo.com/launchcast/member.asp
It plays a good mix of sounds and genres (except Rap, crap and country).
Ooh, handy! Wonder how many use shoutcast style streams, rather than RealNasty.. StreamRipperX only works with the former, of course. Always nice to be able to listen to tracks later on, given you never know when a real gem's going to turn up. Reminds me, I need to automate fetching and capturing A Prairie Home Companion.. I think mplayer's Real implementation is compatible, else I suppose some AppleScript should do the trick.

True, HoS tends to be more mellow ambient, as I recall. But there's always a place for the gentler sounds. Right now, though, I'm into a club groove, especially leading up to late Wednesday. =:)

Ah! I'll take a listen to yours too, then. (Presumably you can insert jingles just as easily as full tracks.. I should see if a friend still has copies of some spoof commercials, from when we were working on a broadcast radio project. I'd love to have a copy of the one for "Assterine" again.. *giggle*)
Gotta love terminotaur's Yiff Yiff Revolution.

Yay, more bunnies! There seems to be a definite shortage of lapines on FA...

What net.radio stations do you recommend?

I spend a lot of time listening to Pandora and last.fm these days, but in the past I've found Digitally Imported to offer a good selection over a broad range of genres and LiquidFM to be a reliable source for techno, trance, and so forth.
Hmm. Wonder if FA's fixed that species pulldown list yet? Always seemed a touch peculiar that they'd have multiple kinds of dragon listed, yet no rabbits. Of all FA's bugs, that doesn't seem like the most difficult to fix.. then again, they may've done something crazy like hardwire in list positions rather than using the text keys. ^_^;

Ahh, yes! Auto-tuning stations, as it were. And there was another in that vein.. somehow subtly different to last.fm, I recall. Bah! Can't seem to find the client on Ocelot, either.. may've only had it on Bunny, and that drive's toast.

Wish the BBC would hurry up with getting all that promised archive material onto the web.. 'course, it'll theoretically only be available to UK residents, which means it'll be global within a few milliseconds. =:) Just hope they don't get seduced by the DRM monster, files playable only with their custom client, or only as WMV9.. so many promising movie download ventures kill themselves that way, and paper publishing's still barely acknowledging the electronic world, to their cost, with the occasional bright exception, notably Baen.
*chuckles* That Bush pilot video was great. ^^

As for Doctor Fun, is he actually giving up now? I'm still hoping that it's just a prank he's playing on us, but maybe I'm just in denial. >_>

It did explain quite a few things, ne? ^_^ Ah, the gems one can find while stumbling around Google Video.. (and unlike YouTube, GV does - usually - offer a simple download function, though of course, it's usually possible to convert FLV to something more widely playable as a standalone file. Would be handy if the Flash plugin recognised FLV.. wonder if it's possible to have a kind of mini-server for them, making them acceptable to the plugin)

It's frustrating! :-P I'd only realised DF was still around recently - not even a fortnight ago! I added the cartoon to my daily comics, and now.. gone! Ah well. I'd be surprised if the guy gives up completely - how can a cartoonist ever stop drawing?
That ChipBench sure bought back fond memories! I still remember my shock when I realised that my A500 (now sadly defunct) was multitasking more smoothly than my 7200 running Mac OS 8 (ditto)! Of course, the latter was still the far more useful machine.
Heh! I wish I'd had a proper chance to use an Amiga. Seemed like such fun systems, even if I did get to see Guru Meditation errors a bit more than I'd like, in places where they'd been deployed commercially. BeOS users also seemed very happy with the fluidity of its multitasking, again way ahead of old Mac OS (even now, OS X's timeslicing doesn't always result in as level a distribution of time as I might like. Might be an idea for a little utility, perhaps.. something like Azureus, after all, needn't ever run at more than lowest priority, whilst a video player should be granted all the time it wants).
Steve Coogan kicking in a furry mascot doesn't seem the height of refined comedy. Says the guy who loved The Young Ones and Bottom. :)

I thought the 'odd artificial shapes' were going to be Noel-like Cosmic Ordering symbols. ^_^
Eep? Aw, that's not good to hear. Folks working "in the fur" have enough to watch out for, without that kind of "prank" on people's minds. (Worst seem to be adolescent boys, as I recall)

I never really went for Bottom, but TYO I loved. ^_^ ("Bambi!")
Somewhere, I have a piece of art (posted when there was still life on the newsgroups) showing a fox spooging on a standard DDR rig. The comment in the picture is "Dance Dance Masturbation". If my archives were better organised, I'd be able to find it, too.
*giggle* Maybe you can remember who drew it? If you found it on VCL or FA, it should be possible to find it again. (If it was on fchan, of course, all bets are off)

'Sa pity some of the best lapine artists seem so scarce - Charon2, f'rex, has come up with a few of my favorites, but he seems to draw very little, let alone bunnies. The same can be said of BA. Still, maybe I'll get back into trawling VCL again, though maybe I'd have better luck getting active again on FA - nek0gami's certainly drawn some most enjoyable pics starring the orange bunny. :-9
Oh man... so much fruit. That ad was great. And probably would really piss off a bunch of starving people if they had TVs.
I'd be interested in finding Coca-Cola's product, Beverly(?). I belive it's only sold in Europe, possibly Italy. I've heard horror stories about it, and I'm dying to give it a try.
Hm! Wonder who I could ask about that.. don't think I know anyone in Italy. Perhaps footpad's seen it on his continental voyagings, though ISTR he is/was mostly based near Zurich. schnee might be able to confirm or deny its presence in Germany.

I did finally see Pepsi's coffee cola in the corner store, but haven't tried it yet - 'seasy enough to make something quite pleasant at home with two teaspoons of instant coffee, a dash of hot water, and a little sugar. Maybe not as satisfying as a good iced mocha, but better for the figure, assuming the use of diet cola, of course. (Which I much prefer to the sugared varieties =:)