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Burning Safari is a (brief) short worth enjoying, despite the nihilistic humor. ^_^; An excellent demonstration of the art of animation, regardless of the medium - in this case, CG.

From wolff_slaven, Playboy cited as the source: "British couples cause $612 million in damage each year while having sex. During the act, 33% of couples break something, and 10% even file insurance claims, citing smashed lamps, ripped curtains and, of course, busted beds. It's not just objects taking the brunt of the rambunctious sex: 41% of couples report carpet burns, 33% pulled backs and 12% twisted ankles or wrists." Ow.. yes, a carpet burn would put a bit of a kink in the action, and not the fun kind. O.o;;

And I thought I'd post the final episode (28m, 43MB) of this season of Have I Got News For You, which turned out to be an especially good example of the show, endowed with rich ribbons of snark.

The Satan Pit: d'ood!

Channel 4 in the UK has long had a strong sense of graphic design, and their new theme of composing the logo "coincidentally" is held through in this new ident, set in Tokyo. (45s, 5MB)

On fruits of the rose family (including cherries, apples, plums, almonds, peaches, apricots, and crabapples), Cecil Adams has this to note regarding their toxicity: "If you've been munching on seeds for years and have never felt any ill effects, you can safely continue to eat them in similar quantities without worrying. Keep in mind, however, that one gluttonous binge will put you away forever. Sub-lethal doses of cyanide gas are detoxified and passed out of the body rapidly, so it's impossible to slowly poison yourself over a period of time. Symptoms of cyanide poisoning are excitement, convulsions, respiratory distress, and spasms. Another warning sign is death, which can occur without any of the other symptoms."

.. which led to this usenet exchange ..

BB: But he's worried about the apple cores. It's rather easy to eat the core and not eat the seeds.

CI: But the seds are the best part of the core!

GG: Does that make awk the best part of the kernel?

JH: Only if you eat sedless greps.
Tags: annecy 2006, burning safari, channel 4, hignfy, seeds, sex injuries
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