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Ever wondered what can happen you refuse to deal with a Nigerian eBay scammer? They set the Metropolitan Police on you. =:)

Interesting auditory processing phenomenon: listen to this clip. It's a negative tune, so to speak - the notes of the melody are pauses in the otherwise constant chord.

Some SL projects of note, including utilising the SL comms protocol, and importation of objects via scripting.

I sympathise with this group: 'In examining the adult entertainment industry's interest in the video game space, Reuters reports would-be erotic game makers are taking lessons from the recent political and cultural war between game producers, ratings groups, and governments. Hence, they're likely to avoid retail channels - and ESRB ratings - altogether. "I'm not interested in playing the political game of getting a game out in a box and getting it rated. Games have been sickeningly violent over the last decade. Now that they start to show breasts, the government is up in arms," said Utherverse CEO Brian Shuster. "[Online distribution] is a more practical way, ultimately, to deliver adult content."' (Reminds me of a US broadcast of Saving Private Ryan - all complete, visually, but with expletives deleted.. O.o;;)

So, mes cinématophiles.. what's Cars actually like?

Pity they don't discover Orac until the end of the season, but still, it's great to see Vila and everyone else again. ^_^ (I'm guessing kuma_chan remembers Gan =:)

I don't think I'd really want to buy the sets - renting seems a better choice, as I doubt I'd watch them more than once. Indeed, I spent thousands on DVDs before eventually coming to the realisation that I actually did only watch a literal handful of titles more than once (Fifth Element, Mystery Men, Serial Experiments Lain, Cowboy Bebop..). So, now, I'm very cautious about actually buying DVDs. That said, the B5 and season 27 Doctor Who ones are likely candidates, B5 especially. And possibly Hoodwinked. ^_^ Ultimately, though, I think I'd prefer putting that money towards live shows and good food, with company. Mmm, sushi.. :-9 Got to set about planning on remoistening that sake bento at Sushi Musashi, marked with my sigil. ^_^ (Which is, come to think of it, obsolete now, given I don't have a long ringed tail.. eh, I'll leave it as is. I've used it for years, even if "3" did sort of rip it off =:)