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Ever wondered what can happen you refuse to deal with a Nigerian eBay scammer? They set the Metropolitan Police on you. =:)

Interesting auditory processing phenomenon: listen to this clip. It's a negative tune, so to speak - the notes of the melody are pauses in the otherwise constant chord.

Some SL projects of note, including utilising the SL comms protocol, and importation of objects via scripting.

I sympathise with this group: 'In examining the adult entertainment industry's interest in the video game space, Reuters reports would-be erotic game makers are taking lessons from the recent political and cultural war between game producers, ratings groups, and governments. Hence, they're likely to avoid retail channels - and ESRB ratings - altogether. "I'm not interested in playing the political game of getting a game out in a box and getting it rated. Games have been sickeningly violent over the last decade. Now that they start to show breasts, the government is up in arms," said Utherverse CEO Brian Shuster. "[Online distribution] is a more practical way, ultimately, to deliver adult content."' (Reminds me of a US broadcast of Saving Private Ryan - all complete, visually, but with expletives deleted.. O.o;;)

So, mes cinématophiles.. what's Cars actually like?

Pity they don't discover Orac until the end of the season, but still, it's great to see Vila and everyone else again. ^_^ (I'm guessing kuma_chan remembers Gan =:)

*huggle* Though I have access to a Visa card, my record of staying-power with online social environments is pretty poor when I think about it. Ultima Online, WoW, Furcadia, Pokemon RPG Online, DOFUS ... I'm a lameass at playing online. :P
Ah, but now and then, something sticks, ne? Like LJ. ^_^ Just as long as you don't spend too much money finding out which ones have enduring appeal for you, of course. ^_^ (I was on a free account here for a good while, and then wound up with a paid one for a couple months. Now, of course, the notion of being without a hundred or so icons makes me shiver =:)

I've not actually tried any of those you mentioned, I admit. I may well give Neopets a try, though - seems like a pleasant way to spend the odd moment, much like Animal Crossing: Wild World. I was quite active on the MU* front at one time, but not in a few years. Now with SL, I doubt I'll return at all - similar effort for lesser rewards, given the complexity of some MUF programs, but without any access to any visual or audio resources, strictly text. Just wish the SL client had lower system requirements, but it wasn't really conceived with efficiency in mind, so much as flexibility. Trouble is, I'm a laptop sort, and something like SL means Not Cheap. ^_^; Still, even the MacBook apparently gives slightly better performance than Hyzenthlay, so the MacBook Pro otter be quite good. Ah well. All the more encouragement to try getting the last place to pull the lead out and pick up my contract again. ^_^ (This threatened renewal's taking as long as it did the first time, and that was painful enough.. over two months from first contact to signing!)

I used to rotate my 10 or so LJ icons each week but I've fallen out of the habit of doing so now.

I was going to suggest using a shader emulator to improve grpahics performance but you're on a Mac so that wouldn't work (at least not with the shader emulator packages I know). I expect you've seen the Second Like wiki on tuning Mac graphics?

http://secondlife.com/tiki/tiki-index.php page=Improving+Mac+Performance

Try link again!
Oh, good point! I'll have to check that - I've not even seen the SL Wiki yet. ^_^; Probably not a bad starting point for other topics of interest, too. I suspect I'm getting about as much from the client as I can, with the current setup. The 17" MacBook Pro offers quite a lot of potential for a speed improvement, given it's got:

- a much faster system bus (667 vs 167MHz, IIRC)
- a somewhat higher clock rate (2.16GHz vs 1.67GHz)
- X1600 vs 9700 for GPU
- dual core. =:) No idea if the client's multiprocessor-aware, though.

I could definitely use a coolpad, though. ^_^ A mattress doesn't make for the best cooling surface for a laptop.. but there's not really any other space. ^_^;

(There might be room to swing a cat, but it might have to be a kitten =:)
I'm looking forward to upgrading to a similar set up, probably in the last quarter of this year and I'm hoping for a big performance improvement in SL when I do. After I tweaked the settings, I find SL playable but not spectacular on my Mac. As for the SL client being multi processor aware, I have no idea. I note in the activity monitor it claims to have multiple threads running, but judging by the CPU usage that's focussed on one CPU. Maybe multi processor awareness will follow in the SL client (and other programs) now that dual cores are becoming more common in the PC world?
Ah! Will that be your first Apple laptop? (Ah, I miss just being able to say "PowerBook") I was hooked on portability as soon as I received the PB5300c from the office. Wish I still had that system, even as ancient as it is - indeed, even by the time the PBG3 came out, it was getting a bit elderly.. I was growing tired of having to scroll website windows around to see the whole thing, given its display was only 640x480. And Netscape was already showing the shape of future memory consumption.. ^_^;

Hm! I'd've expected the threads to be distributed across the processors, but I suppose it depends how it's coded internally - with the old Mac OS, you had to explicitly use the multiprocessor API to create threads across processors. Certainly, Core Duo seems to be very much in demand by laptop manufacturers, for good reason, and that trend's set to continue. I need to start snuffling around the SL forum and wiki, getting a feel for where the client is now, and what's in store. (Wish I knew OpenGL deeply; it'd be fun to actually get to work on the client, and be paid for it =:)

Pity the framerate in the club last night was so low, but presumably the number of folks there just weighed the system down. Still - it's surprising just how much fun a virtual club can be, playing with nigh infinite combinations of dance loops, tossing in the odd break. Even won a rather cool Chinese spear in a little trivia game - now there's a dance prop. ^_^
I'm not planning to buy a laptop--it just doesn't suit the way I do things. Currently, I'm leaning towards a 20" iMac with doubled RAM and VRAM, but I'll see what's on offer when I'm ready to buy.
I used to use my old laptop resting on my lap. After a couple of hours my trousers were on the verge of smoking. ^_^;
You mean you have space to sit? Luxury! ^_^;

After a couple of hours my trousers were on the verge of smoking.

~raises Kenneth Williams' eyebrows~
Oh! I'll have to help remedy that. ^_^ Here's a pair of icons taken from this skwrl with a sweater:

(Same source image, just one's cropped more tightly, for better detail, whereas the other exhibits more rounded framing)
Thankies dear, I love 'em! :D

Bunnehs wear jumpers too.