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The Ratatouille trailer is now live and in HD. ^_^ [Edit: and with full 5.1 audio, too!]

Ooh. The canned summary of that WB exec chat the other day includes "Tiny Toons/Road Rovers/WN Scooby Doo Season Sets - SD 2007 evaluating TT & RR". So, nothing definite, but TTA is on their radar. Another nugget that caught my eye was the unexpected "LT Bug Bunny Nips The Nips/Coal Black: future release with prologue - under advisement with Management for appropriateness".

And if you're in the mood for plenty of good prog rock, rabitguy noticed this nifty archive, courtesy of the Delicious Agony station.

Looks like someone's got their paws on a Merom (T7400 at 2.16GHz) early, and dropped it into a Mac mini.

While reading the sentence "What ten year old could resist kittens?", for some reason, part of my brain decided it'd be fun to insert the word "nasal" before "kittens".

Kittens up the nose? How very Pythonic.
I'm reminded of Tim Gadd's mysterious statement, "God put lizards up my nose."
Mee*snfff*ow ... prrrr*ssssh*

Ratatouille is going to be hell for the people who put the current attractions lettering up outside cinemas. :)
*grin* I suspect we'll see a lot of "RAT" next summer. =:)
Kitteny goodness from Gizmodo. I feel kind of sorry for him watching this. He's obviously frustrated.
Nasal kittens you say?

Okay, and how do you come to know of this practice, hmmm? =:)
Hmmmmm, interesting LJ icon. I can't quite place who the artist is. Is the full version of that pic lying around anywhere...? :)