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The trailer (4.4MB) for Death to the Automatons suggests it could be a fun flick, in the style of the b&w pulp sci-fi serials of old. Boxy metal robots with claw hands, a mad scientist, melodramatic angles - what more could you ask for?

austin_dern might like to hear Warner Home Video's managed to secure the rights to the entire run of Popeye cartoons, from the first b&w to the more recent TV series. "Warner Home Video plans to commence preservation and restoration activities immediately."

Most cool. Baen's going to be publishing a short story anthology, purely digitally: "We believe in stories, short and long. For many popular authors, however, the low rates magazines pay for short stories have made writing them a tough economic choice. We're going to change that situation in the simplest way possible: by paying more.
We promise to publish stories that keep you turning the (electronic) page, stories with characters and feeling similar to those of popular novels. Many of the stories, in fact, are set in universes already popular in novel form." $30 for six issues, each "expected to be around 150,000 words, TWICE the size of paper SF magazines selling for similar prices", with "each one available electronically in a variety of formats with no copy protection". (Their emphasis!)

I wonder why there's this small discrepancy? If I look at my last entry, I'm told it's number 433 - but if I look at my full user info, it's number 431. Maybe someone got bored with the usual scheme for enumeration and decided to count from -1 instead? Quite right too. Integers have been fixed for far too long.

Second Life's minimum VRAM preference is 16MB. What happens when you try it on a system with half that?

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An interesting effect, but.. not too useful. Pity. I'd been curious to see how a 400MHz G4 with a Rage 128 Mobility would perform. Maybe I'll try running the Windows client on it under Virtual PC and see how that fares. =:)
*giggle* If I had anything to do with that movie, I'd have had to include a line about bending girders. =:) Hm, wonder how those direct-to-DVD Futurama movies are coming along..

See, this is one thing I'm curious about - how much of SL's performance rests on the processor, and how much on the GPU? It doesn't seem all that GPU-bound, but I'm not sure. I admit, SL's going to be part of any future decision between selling Hyzenthlay and getting a similar MacBook Pro, and just picking up a MacBook. (Purely moot, for now, but I'm hoping that'll change in the coming weeks) Point being, the current models both have Core Duos, but the Pro has a shiny new 256MB X1600 Mobility, whilst the MacBook just uses Intel 945 integrated graphics. (Which, surprisingly, does seem to manage fine with older games, but definitely not for current titles) But all the benchmarks I've seen have only looked at things like recent Doom/Quake releases, and World of Warcrack - nothing's looked at SL yet.

Go on, tell us how you're getting 60fps minimum there. =:)
Most of my machines are P4 from 2.6-3.2, But the celeron does OK, and that only has a FX5200 128MB as i made it from leftovers.

So i don't think that SL is too CPU intensive, But it does seem to take whatever it is given.

I've standardised on Ti4200 and FX5500 256MB. The FX5500 I like because i've had at least 1 Ti4200 fail when the graphics card over heated!

I think my latest laptop has a mobility, I can't remember.

As for fps, I wouldn't know where to look :(
Only, he says. =:) Mind you, I don't really keep up with all of the GPU releases. They come so thick and fast, it'd be a full-time occupation. (Wonder if there's somewhere with a handy comparison chart showing a list from now, back to, say, the ATI Fury. Obviously, there's a lot that makes up the totality of a GPU's performance, but at the end of it, fps in a well-known game, or some 3Dmark score would be a handy quick reference)

Ah, but which Mobility? That just denotes a laptop part, usually a variant of whatever their latest and greatest desktop chip is, sometimes slightly scaled back, but usually, it seems, mostly the result of lots of careful power management, only enabling different units in the chip when actually required. I was quite surprised to see the X1600 Mobility and the X1600 give pretty much the same gaming performance.

'Course, with the rate ATI and nVidia plough through product cycles, it'll be, what, Monday before it's deposed as king of the hill.. =:)

As for SL framerates, shift-command-1, or the local equivalent, will bring up a little statistics window, showing fps, network usage, and so on.
FX5200 are cheap as chips!
The Ti4200 were only 30 quid(NOS) which is cheaper than the 5500's i just think a passive heatsink is better than an active one. Oh and what i know about graphics cards you can write on a matchbox :) I was told to get Ti4200's and figured that a FX5500 256MB was a bit better than a FX5200 which i knew worked.

Um 20fps is not good then?

Ah, but chips taste wonderful with real mayonnaise. (The French and Belgians have the right idea. Yum!) Or guacamole, in the US. =:)

I think I prefer the idea of passive cooling, where possible - one less point of failure. And fans do seem to have a habit of giving up the ghost. Speaking of which, maybe I'll try replacing Ocelot's sometime - seems to be fairly easily accessible. But it doesn't see heavy use much these days - only during the occasional video compression run. Hyzenthlay's is all but silent.. I've sometimes only noticed the heat, rather than the sound. ^_^

Oh, 20fps is fine! Sounds like that's a fairly common ballpark figure. I'm getting more around 12fps, sad to say. (Cue violin) Still, it works. Better than on Ocelot, certainly. =:)