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Many thanks to Sdocat for pointing out this range of avatars to me. ^_^ It's not as sophisticated as some - no ear movement, or adorable nose twitching - but I can bunnyhop, and thump the ground. Yay!

So cute! I envy that bunnyhop! You should be able to add your own script to do ear/nose/tail twitches with this avatar.
Oh, really? That would be cool. A bunneh must be able to nosetwitch, after all. ^_^ I can have my ears in four positions - up, down, curled, and.. ah.. LOOK, SHINEY! And I can even do slow and fast tail wagging. *giggle* And all for L$800!

'Course, I still want to be able to create my own, eventually, just to be able to say I'm a self-made bunny. I'd be able to take a good degree of satisfaction in that, though I continue to be amazed with what people can come up with, even with the in-game tools feeling as clunky as they do. Definitely a pity there's no way of editing offline and importing the results, but I'll settle for occlusion first. =:)

I'll have to demonstrate my hop to you. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
I actually did check for you then. ^_^ Oh dear, I can see this being a terrible time sink..

Now that Bunneh doesn't even look slightly ghey!

Is that really a carrot?

Anyway you were already a bunny!

At sometime we should co-ordinate when we are both on SL
Pink just felt so right. It's a happy color. ^_^ (And even though the shirt's just a quicky in the clothes editor, I quite like how it turned out) Carrot and bunny, yep!

Oh, I was a bunny here, but I'd been a ringtail there. I liked the Luskwood ones, but the look just wasn't quite right to me, and I couldn't afford one of the more sophisticated ones around. Then Sdocat showed me those, and as soon as I saw the default black bunny, I knew I'd have no difficulty. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Ahh, right! I remember seeing a few pics with you and the other bunny - what was that Linux distro again? =:)
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Hello, you!

It has eyes like Shin the Supreme Kai from Dragonball Z. :)

Is that a good thing or a bad thing? =:)
Furry on line talkers and games need more members of the family lapidae. I really envy those cute noses and long ears. :)
*giggle* You could always give it a go yourself sometime, just to see what it's like.. ^_^

And I can have my ears perky, or down, too. No little movements yet, but rabitguy was thinking it might be possible to add those - I'd love to do so, if that's possible, given how central ear emoting is in lapine language. We may be quiet, but we can still talk a lot. =:)
Heh, maybe I'll look ya up on one of the rare occasions I hop on SL.
Oh, feel free! I can see myself spending much more time there, as I gradually become more comfortable with finding my way around, mastering avatar building (I hope! That's one of SL's aspects that particularly appeals to me. It'd be wonderfully gratifying to see someone walking around in an av I made, but, little steps, little steps..), and overcoming my shyness.
I don't see a point to "second life".

My current "first life" sucks pretty much as it is. I don't need to make a second one that will suck even more....

That being said, I like "teh bunnah" :)
Personally, I was in outright squee! mode when I saw myself as a bunny - much as I enjoyed being a ringtail, it quite clearly wasn't me. I'll want to try adding some ear emoting, if possible, given how important that is in lapine language, but he'll do nicely for now, until I can someday come up with the ultrabun myself. ^_^

The framerates aren't the best imaginable, but that's due to the unorthodox nature of SL, currently not implementing occlusion of unseen objects - so there's a lot of unnecessary calculation going on, but I understand there's a test grid now where they're experimenting with that. As long as you've got a halfway modern CPU and GPU (the more VRAM, the better, minimum 16MB. As I found out when trying to run the client on Ocelot, with 8MB. Quite a nifty "mirroring into infinity" effect, à la original Doctor Who titles =:), you'd be fine.

Maybe give it a go, and see what happens? You're allowed one absolutely free character, so if you don't want to spend any money, you don't have to, and those free accounts come with something like L$1000, which is just about enough to buy an avatar like mine, which was L$800.

Now to practice my dance steps. ^_^ The Rainbow Tiger awaits! =;)
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Have to catch you on sometime, I'm kumachan twang
I suspect I'm going to be around there a lot more in the future[1]. ^_^ Though I might want to keep the time moderated until the weekend - got a pretty nifty phone interview late on Friday.

[1] Though given I've been around, what, once every four weeks or so 'til now, that wouldn't be difficult. ^_^
Awwwww! Cute!
Moment Blankes will have to keep an eye out for you.
(And get his avatar done, dammit!)
((In all his copious parenthetical free time))
Yay! Are you inhabiting a placeholder for now? (Ack! Now I've got visions of an animated 1996-style "Under Construction" banner)

Learning about, and hopefully mastering avatar creation's pretty much my top priority, I think - there's something that's deeply appealing about it as a creative outlet. Basically for myself, but if I were able to make forms people liked sufficiently, I'd certainly sell them as well - it's one thing to receive compliments, after all, and quite another to have them wrapped in unmarked fivers. =:)

Obviously, my other main priority's just finding my way around, and getting to know people, finding part of the social life where I can fit in. The Rainbow Tiger seems like one such venue.. ^_^
Now you've got to find me in SL, I usually hang out in Dragon Valley at Stria's house.
Ah! Did you manage to find/make/buy an avatar with the right fur pattern? I can see that being a little tricky to come up with, from what little I understand of SL's tools. (If only there were a way of designing avs offline!)
(Deleted comment)