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Looks like hardware hackers, homebrewers, and the like may have some PSP fun in store: Undiluted Platinum appears to be a user-flashable firmware replacement board available soon, for $90/75€. Can imagine fitting the thing to be a source of some amusement, though, given how packed the device is. Custom firmware, anyone? MIPS-based, too, so the assembly otter be fairly easy to follow, though communicating with the hardware might take some reverse engineering. I know I'm going to have to get one - being able to play around with the firmware directly (well, downloaded over USB - doesn't look like it offers any JTAG functionality) is just too appealing.

Just out of curiosity, I thought I'd tally up the last couple days of crud in the spamtrap:

Misc gifts xxxxxxxxx
Pills xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mortgages xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Judgment server xxxx
Penny stocks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Watch replicas xxxxxxxxxxx
Sex chat xx
Phishing xxx
Diets xxxxx
Casinos xxxxxxxxxx
Diplomas xxxxxxxxxxx
Debt xx
Fake surveys xx
Unknown xxxxxxxxxxxx
Property x
Wealth x
Software x
Site traffic x
Directories x

("Unknown" being either so jumbled I couldn't tell what they were imploring me to buy, were blank, or consisted purely of linked images, which I don't load by default)

How does this compare to yours?

I haven't taken action on spam in a few years now, I'm ashamed to say. It can take up quite a lot of time, and there's often a big difference in a colo provider's terms and conditions, and what they'll do about a spammer in their midst - in 2002, I'd built up a list of spam runs by one particular louse, coming out of a system housed by Concentric (now XO, as I recall). I reported each one, and as they were an especially persistent lot, took to adding each new instance to a list I included with each report, every few days.

After about five months, they were apparently shut down.

The guy in charge was apparently quite well intentioned, but ridiculously backlogged, and the corporate hierarchy supposedly required loads of proof, to cover them from hypothetical lawsuits for wrongful cancellation of the contract. (Oddly, that rarely seems to be an issue if they forget to pay)

Then there's the matter of having to keep up with what providers are vaguely good guys, and which are just shell operations for the spammers.. still, I suppose I ought to report at least some. If I can establish California law does indeed provide for private right of action, $500 a shot might be an encouragement. ^_^
What would be funny is if enough people did the same thing to the same phisher that I do, all at once. Watch as the phisher's equipment starts going south from the load, and what they do recover is mostly insults and obscenities all directed at them! :P