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Looks like hardware hackers, homebrewers, and the like may have some PSP fun in store: Undiluted Platinum appears to be a user-flashable firmware replacement board available soon, for $90/75€. Can imagine fitting the thing to be a source of some amusement, though, given how packed the device is. Custom firmware, anyone? MIPS-based, too, so the assembly otter be fairly easy to follow, though communicating with the hardware might take some reverse engineering. I know I'm going to have to get one - being able to play around with the firmware directly (well, downloaded over USB - doesn't look like it offers any JTAG functionality) is just too appealing.

Just out of curiosity, I thought I'd tally up the last couple days of crud in the spamtrap:

Misc gifts xxxxxxxxx
Pills xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mortgages xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Judgment server xxxx
Penny stocks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Watch replicas xxxxxxxxxxx
Sex chat xx
Phishing xxx
Diets xxxxx
Casinos xxxxxxxxxx
Diplomas xxxxxxxxxxx
Debt xx
Fake surveys xx
Unknown xxxxxxxxxxxx
Property x
Wealth x
Software x
Site traffic x
Directories x

("Unknown" being either so jumbled I couldn't tell what they were imploring me to buy, were blank, or consisted purely of linked images, which I don't load by default)

How does this compare to yours?

Watch replicas have dropped off in the last week or so, though "hoodia" is still going strong. Crap stocks noticably increased in the last week, too. Never gotten the judgement server, but we get about that amount of "work at home" spam.

And, yes, I get about ten mortgage "we want your account" letters a day.
Stocks do seem to be on the upswing, at least in the spammer market, if not Wall Street - they've long been a fixture of the phenomenon, but does seem to be getting worse.

Might be fun trying to hack up a tool to analyse what kind of spam each message is, if indeed someone hasn't already done so. I'm curious to see if different people get somewhat similar ratios, and how these change with time. Could be a fun project for Google Labs' "trends".. ^_^ (Gods, how much spam must GMail take in each day?)

If only spammers had to honor some of the mortgage rates they claim to be offering.. one today was claiming $490k from 3.65%. (Of course, the operative word is "from".. presumably if you're paying 90% of the purchase price in cash, and have a credit rating backed up by the House of Saud)
I would imagine that if you use something, like SpamAssassin, that makes a note of which rules the message fell afoul of (e.g. Possible Nigerian 419, Mention of Viagra, etc) then it should be fairly trivial to write a program that'll run through a mailbox and tally up each of those flags.

Of course, some of the Spam flags won't tell you what the spam is about (e.g. Malformed HTML), but you can filter them out once you've got the tally.