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Looks like hardware hackers, homebrewers, and the like may have some PSP fun in store: Undiluted Platinum appears to be a user-flashable firmware replacement board available soon, for $90/75€. Can imagine fitting the thing to be a source of some amusement, though, given how packed the device is. Custom firmware, anyone? MIPS-based, too, so the assembly otter be fairly easy to follow, though communicating with the hardware might take some reverse engineering. I know I'm going to have to get one - being able to play around with the firmware directly (well, downloaded over USB - doesn't look like it offers any JTAG functionality) is just too appealing.

Just out of curiosity, I thought I'd tally up the last couple days of crud in the spamtrap:

Misc gifts xxxxxxxxx
Pills xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Mortgages xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Judgment server xxxx
Penny stocks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Watch replicas xxxxxxxxxxx
Sex chat xx
Phishing xxx
Diets xxxxx
Casinos xxxxxxxxxx
Diplomas xxxxxxxxxxx
Debt xx
Fake surveys xx
Unknown xxxxxxxxxxxx
Property x
Wealth x
Software x
Site traffic x
Directories x

("Unknown" being either so jumbled I couldn't tell what they were imploring me to buy, were blank, or consisted purely of linked images, which I don't load by default)

How does this compare to yours?

I like that bumper sticker. I have seen it around on bumpers (what a strange place to put them) but I cant find them in the stores.

I cant even understand most of the headers of my spam. example ....

Illeggal and weiird familyy gangbanng har*dccore! after

What the hell is that??
Looks like it's a "cottage industry" item, so it'd probably be difficult to find, even in the Bay. (Cue someone pointing out where it can be bought in the area =:) What's the "i" representing there? I'm such a cultural philistine. ^_^

Some spammers really are going off the deep end, yep. One recent mortgage spammer's especially lousy, using subject lines such as "Immediate Notice of Repossession from Lender" and "Allegation received from Sheriff". It all falls into the spamtrap, so I only see the junk when I want to, but even for spammers, that's unpleasant. (But as I recall, California's typically limp antispam law does provide for private right of action - something like $500 per message, so easily handled by small claims court)
I'd say the dot on the i is probably the Wheel of Life from Buddhism.
Which, upon further examination, is exactly what it says on the linked page. I feel significantly less awesome now, lol.
*giggle* Well, just goes to show how easily distracted I am by OH SHINY! - I didn't even notice the text, only the design and price. Me read good!