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Like the strangess of folks like Negativland? Have a peek at some of the shorts from the Naked Rabbit World Power Foundation. ^_^

Normally, I love the night hours. It's so peaceful, with all (or almost all) of the humans asleep, gradually making a segue into the morning chorus from our avian friends, as light approaches the new day. I can relax, listen to and think about every sound, and still not be distracted.

Except last night, when 3am was apparently the perfect time for a party in one of the neighbors' yards to commence an off-key rendition of The Chicken Song. Mercifully, whilst they remained active even as I headed to sleep, that performance was not topped.

Friday's Radio 4 evening play was Abrogate (27MB): "Hillary Clinton is in the White House and a congressional hearing is sifting through the substantial and varied debris of the post-Bush regime to investigate what went right and, if anything did, how it could have possibly happened." Written by Larry Gelbart, who may ring a bell with some, as writer of M.A.S.H. (and Tootsie!).

If you're enjoying life with student debt, you might want to check into what options you have: "Interest rates on existing student loans will rise 1.84 percent on July 1, unless borrowers consolidate into fixed-rate loans before June 30. The Project on Student Debt estimates that the new rates will increase monthly payments by 20 percent and double the amount of interest paid over the life of the loan."

The American Bar Association will "investigate whether President Bush has exceeded his constitutional authority in reserving the right to ignore more than 750 laws that have been enacted since he took office." Possibly encouragingly, "The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Arlen Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, promised to hold a hearing on Bush's use of signing statements."

Wow, OmniWeb 5.5sp12 really makes a difference on Mouse - something like the CNet main page took about 30s with OW5.1.3, and about 10s with 5.5sp12. WebKit's certainly come a long way, both in speed and compliance, since its inception as a KHTML fork. (I was just fiddling around with Mouse, checking it was still working okay, and keeping it up to date - ye gods, broadband makes a difference. The latest Java, QuickTime, and security update weighed in at about 100MB total - peanuts on a 2Mbps connection, but a little longer on dialup)

El Reg has a good overview of Core 2 Duo performance, improvements, and some benchmarks. Though I'm not quite convinced of the utility of 367fps on FarCry's training level. ^_^ Presumably gamers will be the first mass market for cybernetic ocular upgrades.

Silly-but-cute app for the day: OmniDazzle. For those times when you want your mouse pointer to sprinkle pixie dust, make waves, zoom in, or be detected by sonar.

I was positively tickled to discover that John Prescott's affair with his secretary did indeed breach departmental guidelines, on the basis of "improper use of furniture".
"improper use of furniture".

Improper destruction of furniture would be more like it!

*reads rabbit-films* God has a hot body but an angry helmet!
Perhaps he can claim it was part of the departmental process for recycling? ^_^

See, if the bunny had only had wings too, it would've been a fair fight. Though it was probably a lapse of etiquette that led to them fighting on the burger.
Jesus is King of Kings. Which makes him the Burger King too, I guess.
Good point! We'll start seeing Buddy Jesus as their new spokesman shortly, no doubt.

Could make for some very cool corporate battles, too. Buddy Jesus vs the Hamburglar!
And what is wrong with the chicken song?
I believe the song itself has the answer to that:

Now you've heard it once
Your brain will spring a leak
And though you hate this song
You'll be humming it for weeks
Philip Pope at his best!
I've been looking at Core 2 Duo as an upgrade option. Not that I'm hurting with my computer, but it's been 2 1/2 years, and I want to tinker with it.

Too bad they're keeping the 4MB cache version expensive. The FSB is also a little high making overclocking a little harder.

As for Bush, I'm not going to hold my breath on the idea of him even being told he's been a bad boy.