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nothing comes naturally. Much more is in store. ^_^ (Not my work, much as I wish it were =:)

If you're in Florida, maybe you can help the CARE Foundation, Megaplex's charity of choice. They're in immediate need of people with "large trucks capable of moving animals in transport cages and hauling building materials" this weekend.

Musical infatuation of the moment: Lords of Acid. I'd come across them a couple years back, through a few anime music videos (especially one with Deep Sexy Space set to FLCL footage - 10MB), but now.. actual albums. Just right when you're feeling in a bit of a low mood, and need some unrelentingly energetic deep fuzzbass to illuminate your musical landscape. Damn, they even manage to make hip-hop fun.

Don't suppose someone's tried the Hungary Thai Bar & Eatery in Toronto, have they? Sounds like a luscious combination, especially with Hungarian cooking so meat-heavy. :-9

Interesting geek weblog - the guy's a dev lead at the MacBU of the evil empire, so, he gets to work with some very large codebases:


That was the sound of the fans in my G5 taking off after trying to compile Mac Office in Xcode! You see, Xcode uses GCC, and one of the great things about GCC is that it is incredibly standards-compliant. Unfortunately, one of the really annoying things about GCC is that it is incredibly standards-compliant. Parts of Mac Office date back to the mid-1980s (Remember Excel 1.0 for the Mac?). Office is so large that the older code hasn't necessarily been brought up to modern styles/conventions/standards, and we routinely migrate code from Win Office into Mac Office. Win Office uses Visual Studio, which wasn't always so compliant itself, meaning that we sometimes inherited code that needed some friendly compliance coercion. Our first passes at compilation generated almost a million errors and several million warnings!"

(Yes, he is being literal in those numbers =:)
Hungary Thai Bar & Eatery

Yep, been there twice. It's very nice, though my advice would be to avoid mixing the two styles since they contrast a little much. The Hungarian food is very thick and hearty, and the Thai is generally lighter and spicier. Either way you go, the food is great and the atmosphere is interesting.
Heh! Thanks for that. I should try getting along to Toronto sometime - it's been much too long since my last Canadian excursion (directly following ConFurence, for a QNX training course, which led the nice Customs officer to wonder just what the big box contained. I wasn't kept much longer after saying it was a red panda), and the impression I gain is of a place I could quite enjoy, visiting or as a resident. As dearly as I love San Francisco, it does have the drawback of being under DC's rule, and the sociopathic nutcases that come with that.