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One of the stranger shorts you'll see: Mother, Please! (Imagine Aphex Twin produced a comedy video..)

Yay! Another furry shirt I'll be wanting to order when I can. ^_^ Circles: Marty. I can't justify anything on paper, but something wearable, yes.

When Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings.. things get funky. (If those links don't work, the large QT version can also be found here)

Ye gods. The Horde™ is away until Saturday, out camping.

A rather beautiful text/photo poem on the nature of equality.

ducttapeddonkey amongst others might want to peek at this in-depth article patch_bunny pointed out, on how to make ponyboots, affordably, albeit with a fair bit of work involved. But the results are most cool.

And he might also appreciate this automated flaw detection tale. (It's more fun than it might sound =:)

rosequoll's offering one custom plush commission, if you'd like the perfect bunny purely arbitrary species of your choice.

Interestingly, it appears the Associated Press' TV arm is set to become the first Western news agency to have a North Korean operation.

Speaking of unlikely team-ups, I'm going to have to try working just what connection these two have, as wolff_slaven noticed.. WWE's announced their Extreme Championship Wrestling will debut a summer series on.. the Sci-Fi Channel. Klingons vs Cylons, anyone?

Apparently, Google's working on a transit trip planner. Only currently works for Portland, though, so I'm not really able to judge how well it works.

Sony's guilty of many bad business practices (eg the rootkit DRM), some self-destructive (eg ignoring mp3/aac until recently), but at least it seems the rumor of Sony wanting to prohibit used PS3 games sales is false.

Here's an amusing - though additionally criminal - wrinkle in the spam wars: card number thieves are scamming the spammers by signing up as affiliates, placing bogus orders, collecting the commission, and letting the spammer's sponsor swallow the chargebacks.

So, Adobe's confirmed it: Freehand and GoLive are dead, with development continuing on Illustrator and Dreamweaver instead.

Now this is a bag.

And zrath pointed out this rather nifty robobunny someone made out of Bionicle parts. ^_^

Marty is my second favorite fatfur next to my own dear partner. I luv snuggly-Marty. ^__^
He is quite wonderfully adorable, isn't he? ^_^ And being plump suits a skunk very well, too. Less so, say, a snake. =:) (Can snakes deposit fat? Damn, now I'm going to have to look that up..)
I believe snakes can deposit fat. They stock up on it before they go into hibernation for the winter and then live off their fat til Spring arrives.
The ponyboots are sweet - I'll definitely have to bookmark that page. :)

As for the bag, bob_basset often (always?) sells his stuff on eBay (userid: zvenig), so if you want a bag like that, you could keep an eye open for it on there. ^_^

And I never thought I'd live long enough to see a LEGO bunny with tits, even if it's not an official model. :)
I'm now pondering how to turn such boots into hooves suitable for a certain well-known equine toy appearance.. =;)

Oooh! That is his own work? Do I need to partake of the vodka before looking at how much his work (quite justifiably) actually goes for? I just wish I had a need for a bag.. gods, something like that really is a work of art. Mind you, maybe a laptop bag.. ^_^ (I had a bit of a shock when I saw how much quite plain nylon laptop bags go for, in 2001, when the one I'd been using fell apart on the morning of my transpacific flight. Nothing special, and the least I could spend was something around $100, at CompUSA. Thankfully, coyo had a spare kicking around)

Well, LEGO does appear to be wanting to open up new markets.. ^_^
A certain well-known equine toy? I'm not sure what you're referring to here; the only "certain well-known equine toy" I can think of would be a Thor&tm;. ;)

I think it is his own work, yes - or at least, he's part of a workshop doing these things and (I guess) responsible for selling them. That's what I understand, at least. :)

And as for LEGO... they really need to do a line of adult toys. ;)
Something along these lines. ^_^

And as for LEGO... they really need to do a line of adult toys. ;)

Mind you, they'd have to come up with a suitable brand for the line - "LEGO Adult Toys" has rather uncomfortable connotations. ^_^;
Why do you need pony boots for My Little Pony toys, though? :) Or are you thinking about an adult "My Little Ponyboy/-girl" costume? ;)

As for connotations... that's exactly what I was thinking of, actually. :) If you're just talking about regular toys that adults will enjoy as well, well, LEGO already fits that description quite well. ^^
If Lego made adult toys then doctors would be spending hours each week extracting pieces of broken-off Lego dildos. :)
*chuckle* True. Doesn't LEGO actually sell glue you can use to secure your models, too, though? Mostly aimed at (semi-)professionals etc., of course, not those who actually play and rebuild things all the time, but IIRC, it exists... :)
I guess that's how they stop tourists stealing bits of model from the Legoland theme parks. :P
Mostly likely, yes. And of course, even without tourists, that's exactly the kind of application where you need stability. :)
how to make ponyboots

Well... Somehow I missed that when Patch posted it. I need a pair of hooves...
Certainly, it looks like they'd be pretty affordable - the basic boots are hardly expensive over on eBay, after all - and the results could be as realistic as you wanted.
I'm just waiting for the jokes to start. You know, wresling being fiction, etc.
WHAT!?! Wrestling's fake?
It's still real to meeeee!
It's quite worthy of WTF.. ^_^; Certainly, the Sci-Fi Channel's long pushed its mandate into horror and suchlike, but there's been some sort of genre connection, or at least proximity in the bookstores. But this.. ? I'm guessing someone lost a bet. =:)

Still, if they could actually clear the rights, having representatives from various shows (not specific lead characters, just, say, a Klingon, not Worf or anyone else named) could be pretty cool. Unlikely, but cool.
Well it makes more sense to be on SPIKE tv. But since WWE parted ways with them and all a few short months ago. Wasn't going to happen. Not sure why they couldn't have ECW on say, USA/UPN but since WWE is already on USA and UPN. Might be seen as a possible war. Because even though ECW is owned by Vince McMahon, it's supposed to be 'a seperate company' from WWE...... ah well. It's just so weird.
Once again, many nifty things to look at.

If you check the article that Boots wrote, you'll see I'm referenced in it. :) (He and I emailed back and forth a number of times when he was writing it)
Hee! ^_^; I admit, I didn't go through it in detail - more of a matter of looking on in awe at the dedication involved, and the wonderful results, filing the page away for reference later this year, hopefully.

About the only other time I can recall someone making such was Cindy Crowell, for her Candice the Mule - I recall her reporting they definitely weren't comfortable for much walking around, though they definitely had the desired visual effect. Wonder if I can dig up a photo or two.. would've been ConFurence around 1996 or so, I think.

Hmm. Nope, nothing turning up readily.. though I did come across a few of one of my favorite bunnies, Vicky Rabbit. ^_^
Oh yeah, and the "Mother, please!" video is great, BTW. ;)
*giggle* Isn't it? Seems like that'd be a pile of fun to create, too. I need to get off my tail and start finding my way around Final Cut Pro 5, now I've got a system well up to the task. hafta look into how to perform compositing as well, though.. I don't have anything suitable, I don't think.

Or maybe there is an old version of Combustion kicking around somewhere.. might be old enough to be OS 9-only, though, and I'd prefer avoiding OS 9 if possible. Then again, that would permit running Short Circuit, one of the niftiest puzzle games ever - and sadly, almost impossible to find on the net, with the domain having been sold off years ago, by the looks of it.

Quite a simple premise: you start with a grid of 4x4 blocks, of various colors. You need to make a circuit connection between matching blocks, but the wires can't pass between adjacent blocks, and can only have up to two right angles in them. So, it starts off pretty easy. Then, a 6x6 grid, then more; but then, you get blocks that can't be removed by making a circuit. Then, gravity comes into play, Tetris-style. Then more colors, and more patterns, and blocks that occasionally warp from one location to another, on even larger grids.

All against the clock, of course. ^_^ There are a few well-designed cheats, though - you start off with three of each: force a connection regardless of two blocks' locations, show a matching block (if any), and remove a random pair. You receive two more of each at the start of every level. So, you don't usually fall into impossible traps too often, minimising frustration with the game.

Come to that, another I'd love to see brought into OS X is MindThump (actually, maybe it is already) - very simple, but awful to explain. It's always on 4x4 grids. Each position is occupied by a glyph. Each glyph has three characteristics: shape, shading, and number.

The shape involved can be circle, square, or star. The shading can be solid, shaded, or empty. And the number of such shapes (per glyph) can be one, two, or three.

The aim is to make triplets wherein each characteristic is either all the same, or all different. ie, one solid circle, two solid squares, and three solid stars would be valid, as would one solid square, one shaded square, and one empty square. All against the clock, of course. It's a simple game, yet surprisingly difficult to keep going for more than a few minutes..

Lovely weather we're having, isn't it?
*chuckles* Sounds interesting, yes. I have a tendency to get frustrated with puzzle games sooner or later, especially if it's games where you have to run against the clock (and thus fail sooner or later), but still... interesting, yes.

Short Circuit: http://www.tucows.com/preview/206105 ?
Yay! Another furry shirt I'll be wanting to order when I can...

Ooh, good to see that more Circles shirts are coming out! I would love to pick up one of the older designs (just the logo, I believe, or the 'rainbow'), but they seem to have vanished completely.

If only they had Paulie or Taye... =:P
Oh, definitely! Couldn't hurt to offer the suggestion to them.

And if there were a re-run of that rainbow design, I'd leap at one of those. Such a cool design, but as so often happens, when I had the money, they didn't have the shirts. *sigh* (Now, when I see a design I really like, I tend to buy a spare, to reduce the wear on each. Wish I'd done that with the two ASB shirts I have, given Ricky's starting to look a little cracked, on closer inspection. Still, given that's something like five years old, they're holding up remarkably well)

BTW, whence cometh the icon?