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One of the stranger shorts you'll see: Mother, Please! (Imagine Aphex Twin produced a comedy video..)

Yay! Another furry shirt I'll be wanting to order when I can. ^_^ Circles: Marty. I can't justify anything on paper, but something wearable, yes.

When Star Wars meets Lord of the Rings.. things get funky. (If those links don't work, the large QT version can also be found here)

Ye gods. The Horde™ is away until Saturday, out camping.

A rather beautiful text/photo poem on the nature of equality.

ducttapeddonkey amongst others might want to peek at this in-depth article patch_bunny pointed out, on how to make ponyboots, affordably, albeit with a fair bit of work involved. But the results are most cool.

And he might also appreciate this automated flaw detection tale. (It's more fun than it might sound =:)

rosequoll's offering one custom plush commission, if you'd like the perfect bunny purely arbitrary species of your choice.

Interestingly, it appears the Associated Press' TV arm is set to become the first Western news agency to have a North Korean operation.

Speaking of unlikely team-ups, I'm going to have to try working just what connection these two have, as wolff_slaven noticed.. WWE's announced their Extreme Championship Wrestling will debut a summer series on.. the Sci-Fi Channel. Klingons vs Cylons, anyone?

Apparently, Google's working on a transit trip planner. Only currently works for Portland, though, so I'm not really able to judge how well it works.

Sony's guilty of many bad business practices (eg the rootkit DRM), some self-destructive (eg ignoring mp3/aac until recently), but at least it seems the rumor of Sony wanting to prohibit used PS3 games sales is false.

Here's an amusing - though additionally criminal - wrinkle in the spam wars: card number thieves are scamming the spammers by signing up as affiliates, placing bogus orders, collecting the commission, and letting the spammer's sponsor swallow the chargebacks.

So, Adobe's confirmed it: Freehand and GoLive are dead, with development continuing on Illustrator and Dreamweaver instead.

Now this is a bag.

And zrath pointed out this rather nifty robobunny someone made out of Bionicle parts. ^_^

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