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This article sums up Captain Jack, Doctor Nine, and Rose about as well as anyone I've read, and very amusingly. ^_^

As loganberrybunny noticed, David Attenborough, long cautious on the topic of global warming, has now taken the position: yes, it's happening, and it's the result of human activity. The first part of his new two-part examination of the evidence and effects can be downloaded here as a torrent; the concluding part airs at 9pm on BBC1 next Thursday.

So, no woodlice in the bathroom.. two spiders instead. Now, when I said I'd enjoy living in Animal Crossing: Wild World, I did actually mean the Nintendo version, not one designed by Mr Burroughs.

Yay! Finally got around to watching Hoodwinked, and I'd have to say, I'd take it over Over the Hedge any day. There's a striking technology disparity, certainly, but there was much more of a story, and far better characterisation. If you've missed out on it so far, give it a try. ^_^ (Patrick Warburton as the wolf is but one of the many reasons. Perfect bit of casting there)


For wolff_slaven, and anyone else interested in seeing an awfully cute, but feisty, ferrety-erminish sort take on the burden of being treated as a pet, here are episodes one, two, and three, each about 29MB, of Siawase Apartment's Okojo-san. Sadly, only these three episodes were fansubbed, and it's a fairly long series - but they're fun regardless. (The rest is available on DVD, but as is common for Japanese releases, without English subtitles)

The Idiot's Lantern - a bit of a potty story, but with some of the strongest and most consistent acting of the season, more than ably directed by Euros Lyn. (So, was Mr Magpie destroyed, or taken into The Wire's realm?)

And if the Cybermen complained about feeling so cold, maybe we could give them mittens and angora sweaters?

I think when I'm next cashly enabled, I'll get the complete B5 box (though, being R2, I wonder if it'll exhibit the usual slight audio speed-up going from NTSC to PAL?).

bosn was let loose with a search engine again.. and this dragon tattoo was the result. Not work safe at all, but quite amazing. Hey, foofers.. ^_^

Am I alone in actually liking the Apple "puck" mouse? It did require a different way of holding it, but I found it somewhat more comfortable to use than the usual style. Then again, I've not seriously used mice since my Archimedes - which had to run off a 110-220V transformer - died on Christmas 1994, soon to be replaced by a PowerBook 5300c from the office. Since then, I've only really used laptops, with the occasional recourse to a desktop. (And I'd have to say, the Arc's mouse remains one of the best there was. Optical wheel based, as with many older designs, but with the nice touch of the ball being pressed down towards the surface. So, I wound up forgoing a mat, and just used it on my leg instead)

And we have austin_dern to thank for highlighting this:

Speaking of which, I'm starting to wonder if it might be possible to make a rabbit bodysuit by means of flocking angora fur onto a catsuit backing.. probably hideously expensive, but I wonder if angora can be kept sufficiently separate for flocking to work. Imagine the results if it were feasible - luxuriant rabbity softness, without any cost to the bun. ^_^

I think I'd like to be slightly less fluffy than that, though. ^_^;
Could you easily clean it? Regular faux fur seems to be hard enough to take care of

Talk about your long piles :-P
Shouldn't be any problem - rabbits are washable, after all. =:) For a suit like that - indeed, even just fake fur too, but especially here - I'd go with a bath of warm water and Woolite. Assuming, of course, the adhesive held up.

I may have to give that a try someday, I think. Just a swatch, to see if the idea could work. Or maybe someone on the web's already done so. Though I'd first need a place with the space to get suiting again, as this room is.. not quite up to the task. (Larger than a shoebox, but not by far)
ferret giggles, imagining a bunch of contented bunnies merely velcroed together for the fursuit and then flying apart like the all-living-Ferret-Coat featured inna commercial a while ago.
Hee! Don't suppose you have a copy, or an URL, for that? I've got to see that. ^_^

And that reminds me of one costume that stood out, for me, on Halloween 1998, in the City - someone covered, head (well, neck) to toe in beanie babies.