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Yay! It's video day! I've got to start with Erin Middendorf's very own animation: Kindling (5MB, 34s). Now there's dedication to one's craft.


For anyone who enjoyed Look Around You, this episode of How (part1, part 2 - 24MB together), circa 1979, might appeal - it even includes a vegetable band. ^_^ And there's a segment featuring some very fine rabbits, so you really can't go wrong. (The segment looked at how rabbits manage to keep their teeth sharp)


And for a little more videofun, the first episode of The Message, courtesy of BBC 3. "The network with plenty to say, but no idea how to say it." Think of a terribly hip new network wanting to promote themselves and their shows. If you enjoyed Chris Morris' Jam, there's something of that spirit in this, though not quite as dark. =;)

"You're just making this up as you go along!"

"Yu-up. But I do it brilliantly!"

Now that was quite the second half - an easy winner for me, given I've always had a soft spot for the Cybermen. ^_^ But will we see [elided] again? I suppose it's possible, though I think I'd rather have a swan song be just that. And as someone notes, maybe Jake and Mickey were something of a couple - consider the "I may have his face, but I'm not the same man" line, or the closing lines.

A very young baby bunny. ^_^

Heh! Seems audible.com's recording of Stephen Colbert's turn at the recent White House Press Corps dinner just reached the rank of number one album on the iTMS. (I'll go for the C-SPAN DVD, though)

So, Over the Hedge.. pretty good. They did a great job of turning the strip into workable 3D characters, maintaining the basic look of the original. It's not a Must See, but you could certainly do much worse, despite lacking any significant lapinity. "You see? This is why I called the exterminator! To kill them before they get hurt like this!" And you can't tell me the animators didn't enjoy Stella's feline transformation. ^_^

And I was most pleased to (finally!) learn that one of my favorite anime, Kamichu, has been picked up by Geneon (Pioneer's name for their US anime operations). It's a lesser-known series, but one that should appeal to anyone who's enjoyed Whisper of the Heart, or other Studio Ghibli work. (And Ichigo Mashimaru too! Not a classic, but a salve for anyone suffering Azumanga Daioh withdrawal) It's set for a release starting on June 6, RRP $30 for four episodes.

I can't leave this entry without drawing your attention to one of the most remarkable and moving retellings of one's origins - not in a fantastic sense, but all too real - that I've read anywhere, not only LiveJournal: here, courtesy of quentincoyote. If you never follow any other link I offer, make it this one.
Bibby baybee sweetie bunny love!

I read Quentin's story. Powerful stuff. I spent the whole of my school years daily running the gauntlet of being chased and kicked by a group of bullies who perceived me as ugly and weak and an easy target, though that now seems as nothing compared to the treatment that Q received, which is just so personally and spiritually wounding. :/

I think though, in my own case, good came out of the pain because it made me stronger and able to give love to and empathise with the pain of other people much better.
Such a adorable bun.. though maybe that goes without saying. ^_^ Would be nice to see another photo or two in the coming weeks, ne?

Oof, you suffered badly from bullying? It's an omnipresent problem, it seems, though I managed to escape pretty much unscathed. I've never been all that good at fitting in inconspicuously, but.. I think I'd rather keep it that way, and remain myself, than sacrifice part of what makes me me. What's to be gained in being only what doesn't offend the knuckle-draggers?