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paka might enjoy this tale of an action figure. Plenty of them, in fact. And free. Very free.

Starfox DS is on the way. No release date as yet, though.

Want a PowerPC G6 Macintosh?

At some point, I need to return a long-overdue favor for two sketchbook pieces (both, tragically, lost in the many moves. Very sad, as they were both quite remarkable pieces, and I don't think any other copies were made).

Flock of Dodos looks like it could be an amusing film on the topic of evolution vs creationism. (Caution: the page automatically begins making noise with its Flash-based trailer)

I think if I return to helping out with a con sometime, I'd like to focus on the culinary side of things. Morphicon apparently had respectable fare for all in the Con Lounge, not just sponsors - if that's the case, I'd very much like to see that trend spread. Fur does not live by Cheez-Its alone, and all that; and tasty cooking definitely need not be expensive, unless the hotel makes it so by policy.

So, SGI's filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Not necessarily the end, dire as it sounds, though with the writing off of some of their debts and stock, their share price fell as well, down 80% to 6¢.

Ye gods, some places make you regret donating to them.. one place seems to have me on every mailing list in the University now, and trying to unsubscribe has no effect. Moral of the story: disposable email addresses are a Good Thing™.

Via foofers, news of a novel means of purifying polluted water: scallop shells.

I Like Pandas ought to appeal to discopanda. A very Kricfalusian bit o' Flasherimificationalism.

Oddball drink for the day: alcohol-free cider and Grand Marnier. ^_^
It took me several re-reads to get rid of the stray letter I was adding to one of your statements. I couldn't understand why anyone'd want "... a novel means of putrifying polluted water." :)
*giggle* I understand Oscar the Grouch is quite adept at that.

Reminds me of a tale from my kittenhood days, but that's much too embarrassing to relate in public. ^_^;
Kittenhood? *pokes you lightly* Someday I'll work out who and what you are... :)

And if said tale is better left to private, my details are in my userinfo
Baby rabbits are known as kittens, confusingly enough. ^_^ Ah, to know life as a young rabbit.. would that we could ride with our furs' spirits. (And possibly give something back of the human world? It mightn't do any harm, remembered as but a strange dream.. mm. Someone must have run with that as the basis for a story, surely)

I'm just a wandering hare, without a real home - one where I both want to stay, and can stay. (Right now, I'd settle for just comfortable and not isolated from civilisation other than digital) But, there's hope.. the previous contract might yet see renewal, and that could telescope into something more permanent. Which would make me a very happy bunny, and with that, a renewal of self-confidence, and a much more lithe physique. =:)

Any clue what that (text?) about halfway through the video says? The part where the second panda replies "Me too!"...?
Can't help on that, although maybe you could drop the animator a line. Any bets it's just some random text from a food menu? ^_^ Someone on linguaphiles might be willing to help, too, if you ask nicely.
Morphicon apparently had respectable fare for all in the Con Lounge, not just sponsors - if that's the case, I'd very much like to see that trend spread.

We did, yes. A hot meal (spaghetti, ham soup, or pizza) each day, for all attendees, plus the bottomless pot of hot dogs, 'the particle board of meat'. You should come to Morphicon.
Oh, that's rather cool! Certainly, that must cost money in such quantities, but things like pasta aren't costly in bulk (rice, too - could probably make a risotto or paella pretty cheaply), and with con attendees always broke, it's got to be a big help for those who struggled to make it there and pay for part of a room. Or even if you'd rather not spend time away from the con, for that matter.

Hmm. Wonder if decent fish could be had cheaply - free sushi might not go down badly either. ^_^ Though that'd have to be in limited quantities, just out of the time it takes to prepare, unless you're a professional. Ye gods, but it's impressive watching a pro at work, just patting down the rice onto the nori, arranging the fillings in a few seconds, quick roll up and slicing..

Damn, now I've got sushi on the brain. Oh, to have a real kitchen to play in again.. whenever that happens, I'll be throwing a good housewarming. ^_^
I wish I had a Richard Dean Anderson figure. He could live on my monitor with my dolphin and squirrel plushes.

The evo-creato movie is not at all unbalanced and biased, is it?

A friend observed that it appeared that Fox's face has melted in Starfox DS.
Hmm. Wonder if they still have some to hand out? Sounded like they must've bought them in by the thousand. ^_^

I don't think I've seen all that many squirrel plushies, actually. On the other paw, I've barely been looking in the past couple years, with nowhere really to keep any more, at present. (That said, I'd still find space for another big bunny, along the lines of my Dance-with-Me beige bun. So nice to snuggle up to at night..)

I'm itching to see how Dodos turns out. It's about time someone made an accessible skewering of such superstitious tripe as creationism, even when masked as "intelligent design".

Before....and after

Maybe the game's quest is to find a cure? =:)
I had suggested to a friend that maybe Fox was just a bit fur-ruffled after a heavy night with Krystal. He said "female sex organs don't melt faces!"
Hmm. I'm not so sure. =:)

A Hot Coffee mod for Starfox.. now that'd be fun. >giggle
Mmm... Amarok's one of my favourite Oldfield albums. :) (And not just because of the name, either. ^^)
Ohh, what's in the name?

MO's always been quite willing to explore musical styles, but Amarok was where it really came together, spanning a host of different genres, culminating in that whimsical finale. ^_^ Quite definitely a genuine album, rather than merely a collection of unrelated tracks. (As the CD shows, with just one track!)

I still have a weak spot for much of Earth Moving, too. ^_^ Sure, it's very much a product of its time, but the basslines in the title track and Bridge to Paradise make such a wonderful foundation for the rest of the melody. (The Eurythmics were often very good at that too, as shown in tracks like Here Comes That Sinking Feeling)
AFAIK, "amarok" is the Inuit word for "wolf". :)

And yeah, the album is really nice, isn't it? I think this was the last album he did for Virgin, too, and he originally didn't want to do anything for them anymore, so after some arguments (the health warning on the back of the CD is supposedly a stab at the Virgin executives, BTW ^^), he ended up doing this album. I think it shows that he didn't hold back and did not try to create something that would be mass market-compatible in any way — quite the opposite. But that's just why I like it; it's much better than most of his other stuff from that period. ^^

As for Earth Moving... I think that's one of those albums which I bought, listened to once, and then put into the shelf forever. :P Maybe I should check it out again, though...