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paka might enjoy this tale of an action figure. Plenty of them, in fact. And free. Very free.

Starfox DS is on the way. No release date as yet, though.

Want a PowerPC G6 Macintosh?

At some point, I need to return a long-overdue favor for two sketchbook pieces (both, tragically, lost in the many moves. Very sad, as they were both quite remarkable pieces, and I don't think any other copies were made).

Flock of Dodos looks like it could be an amusing film on the topic of evolution vs creationism. (Caution: the page automatically begins making noise with its Flash-based trailer)

I think if I return to helping out with a con sometime, I'd like to focus on the culinary side of things. Morphicon apparently had respectable fare for all in the Con Lounge, not just sponsors - if that's the case, I'd very much like to see that trend spread. Fur does not live by Cheez-Its alone, and all that; and tasty cooking definitely need not be expensive, unless the hotel makes it so by policy.

So, SGI's filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Not necessarily the end, dire as it sounds, though with the writing off of some of their debts and stock, their share price fell as well, down 80% to 6¢.

Ye gods, some places make you regret donating to them.. one place seems to have me on every mailing list in the University now, and trying to unsubscribe has no effect. Moral of the story: disposable email addresses are a Good Thing™.

Via foofers, news of a novel means of purifying polluted water: scallop shells.

I Like Pandas ought to appeal to discopanda. A very Kricfalusian bit o' Flasherimificationalism.

Oddball drink for the day: alcohol-free cider and Grand Marnier. ^_^
Tags: creationism, ds, flock of dodos, i like pandas, jessica borutski, sgi, spammers, starfox ds
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