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"[Doctor Who] episodes that the BBC thought had been lost forever have turned up in car boot sales, in people's attics and in other weird locations. So the wonderful people at Blue Peter have launched a campaign to try and track down these lost episodes.

The prize for anybody who finds a missing episode is a full-size replica Dalek... so it's definitely worth asking your family to check their lofts, garages, and spare bedrooms for any old film canisters that might have the magic words 'Doctor Who' on the label." giro_batol probably has a whole library of the things by now. ^_^

Speaking of which, I was quite impressed by "Tooth and Claw", despite not generally being one for historically-based adventures - Eunos Lyn's previous Dickensian outing was quite reasonable, but fell far short of this merry romp. Some good performances (not from the Captain, however), and a solid script, peppered with Davies' whimsy. Jolly good show. =:)

School Reunion - I'm really not sure what to make of it. Parts were absolutely delicious, such as the Doctor's introduction to the class, and his realisation that something was indeed amiss. Then, there were points as subtle as a piledriver, with SJS pounding home "you see? You see? He'll do this to you, too!", or the off-the-bat sniping between SJS and Rose, straight out of a cornball US soap. Still, it was K-9's show, and he definitely didn't disappoint; indeed, even Mickey came off well. "Oh my god! I'm the tin dog!" Of all the stories this season, SR felt the most abbreviated by having to squeeze into 45 minutes; as a two-parter, they could've split the story into introducing us to the school, SJS' arrival, and the reunion, leaving the second part open for the ramping up towards the climax. Though would the basic plot have been able to sustain it that long? On the other paw, that would've left more time for Anthony Stewart-Head to continue chewing the carpet in truly sinister Malcolm McDowell style.

Courtesy of rabitguy, an absolute instant classic, starring Sam & Max, by Ayato. Not safe for work. ^_^

That wasn't bad at all - I wanted to check what kind of battery life the PSP gets, to decide whether it's worth picking up a spare battery. Running a loop of Curse of the Were-Rabbit off the memory stick, it was able to last just over six and a half hours.

Here's the video for one of the tracks used in neonbunny's "A Bunny Named Starfox": Let's Pretend We Don't Exist. (16MB)

Dreamkeepers looks like being a worthwhile furry comic - the site contains all the usual background and character introductions, though regrettably, the comic itself won't be appearing until early 2007, from NBM.

Human Clock is a webpage-based clock with a cute twist - every minute of the day is represented by a different photo from around the world. It might be written in marker on someone's eyelids, on a Post-It above a dog bowl, or between two 'roos.

slycat pointed out that a PSP demo of Loco Roco can now be downloaded - be warned, it does require 2.70 firmware, so no homebrew for you. Though I did notice some claim of official support for homebrew coming at E3.. but that's strictly a rumor.

I should find out how much a low-end bow costs. It's been ages since I last let loose on a target (my last school had a fair variety of sports on offer, and archery was one I eventually managed to slip into. I exhibited some degree of proficiency, too), but there's a lot of fields around that'd be fine for simple target practice.

Just because I could, I tried alcohol-free cider, plus vodka. ^_^

Ever wondered about the worth of a degree? Read this entry, then this thread in the comments.. not all degrees are created equal, I believe we can deduce.

Here's a curious TV spot: Pink gets a new skin. (4.3MB)

I think I may get a bunny tail tattoo this year. ^_^ And perhaps one or two other mild bodymods, for that matter, if the next few weeks turn out well. (What others? Well, maybe I'll tell, maybe I won't =:)
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