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I'll be trying to catch up with folks' postings from the past week or so, but I might not be able to catch everything. I'm giving priority to current entries, else I can easily see myself spending a week catching up on the past ten days, and then.. ^_^; But in order to avoid a megapost, I'll keep the size of each forthcoming entry over the next week or so down to a slightly more modest level. Believe me, this is brief by comparison. ^_^;

Now this is a fun little short.. Badgered (7min, 20MB), telling the tale of a badger who really just wants to be able to sleep peacefully. But others have different ideas..

Bright Eyes is a beautiful piece mycroftb noticed, brimming with tufty-tailed goodness.

There was a Gong Show movie? ^_^; Okay, this I'll have to catch. And Дни Затменя ("The Days of Eclipse") looks most promising indeed.. "Loosely based on a great science-fiction novel Billion Years Before the End of the World by renowned authors Boris and Andrei Strugatsky, it one of my favorite films. It is hard to say what is more striking in this film - cinematography or the ideas it is about."

On which note, I noticed there's going to be another Star Trek movie, focusing on the early days of Kirk and Spock at the academy. It'll be produced and directed by J J Abrams, the creator of Lost, for a 2008 release.

Someday, the US will recognise same-sex marriages from other countries - but that day now seems even further away than ten years ago. maus_merryjest designed this poster to highlight the tragedy.

It's news to me: rats can boggle their eyes, as keihound's Pea demonstrates here. It's.. very strange to see. *giggle*

Oh, gods.. Asura "Lost Eden" is just a gorgeously mellow disc. I'll have to share an example track - maybe Raindust.

Who's been to EuroFurence or Feral? I might be lured into something like that, rather than the usual generic hotel setting. Although I might have to sort out satellite net.connectivity first - I'd be gnawing on the trees by the end of the con otherwise, and that wouldn't do anyone any good.

ffmpegX 0.0.9w is now out. Main difference is Intel support, alongside "further optimisations" for PPC, and the addition of FLV (Flash video) as an output format.

Any mechanically-minded folks feel like checking out this engine design? The claims are fairly extraordinary, but it looks like it's not merely vaporware. "The prototype has a 14 inch diameter and is 14 inches long. It weighs 150lbs. There are only 26 moving parts, 31 parts total. The first prototype uses diesel or biodiesel for fuel. Through two revolutions of its crankshaft, the ME firing cycle is equivalent to a 32 cylinder reciprocating engine, that is, it fires 32 times. As a result, its displacement is equivalent to an 848 cubic inch [13.9 liter] reciprocating engine, despite its compactness."

And here's a new electric delivery van, able to carry two tonnes at 50mph for about 100 miles on one charge.

Woohoo! OmniWeb 5.5 sneakypeeks are in public beta. ^_^ Visit their forum to register and find out more. If you're already using OW, you'll find this version much faster - but it is still a beta, and they don't want people forgetting that, with a 15-day expiry period and a yellow/black tint to the window title bar. As it's now in sync with WebKit, it renders as accurately (or moreso) as the current Safari. (And yes, it passes the Acid2 test perfectly =:)

Oh, and if you find the warning-style title bar distracting, just enter this in the shell of your choice:

defaults write com.omnigroup.OmniWeb5 HideConstructionWarning -bool true

And elsewhere on the software front, I noticed BinaerVarianz' latest version of KisMAC now supports Airport Extreme cards - apparently the Broadcom Airforce BCM4306 chipset - in passive mode, not just active, though it looks like that's only properly functional for PPC systems right now. As before, if you switch to passive mode, be sure to end the scan before quitting or changing modes, else you're liable to have to restart in order to get the normal driver back in operation.

New Have I Got News For You! Happy bunny. Happy bunny with a suitable client to fetch said wonder of television. ^_^ And if you'd like a taste of the sharp nature of British political humor, I've made up a pocket-sized version here (25MB).

Got a spare afternoon? Things I Learn From My Patients. eg:

- "Latex paint, despite being thick and creamy, does not coat your stomach and provide the same relief as pepto bismol."

- "18 year old kids absolutely need new Audis-- especially the kind with the DVD player built into the dashboard so that they can watch "the fast and the furious" while driving along a windy road at say, 3am. the best thing to say (if you are an 18 year old driver of such a car) is "hey, watch my car handle this turn" as you careen into a tree. (unrestrained driver had not one but TWO spiral femur fractures in the same leg. his foot was pointed backwards). tree survived with minor scratches."

- "When attempting a self-circumcision do not use dry ice to numb the area... and when the dry ice sticks to the... a.... area, do not attempt to remove the ice with boiling water."
The eye-boggling is a component of a common rat vocalization which expresses mild displeasure. It goes *f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f* *toothclick* *toothclick* *toothclick* etc., and the eyes bulge during every -f-. The sound is easy to imitate, and if you do it within earshot of a rat, you will get their immediate attention. It's like, "hey! it speaks our language!" ;-)
Hm! It must do double (or more!) duty, as in that instance, it was a contented rat in question. I'll have to see if spidermouse or keihound can make that sound.. or ristin, for that matter. =:)
*chuckles* When my contented rats did this, I used to fancy they were saying, "why don't you bugger off and leave me be?"
Naw, far as mine and Kei's rats go, they only boggle when they're bruxxing (grinding their teeth) :) As if they're so happy that their eyes might just pop out...it can be kinda freaky looking but they're definitely happy furkids!

I have had my latest lad make that 'fuff' noise at me if I make him jump though; he's pink-eyed and his sight's not so good.

I do try to make rat noises back at them *embarrassed* ¬.¬

End of rat loving ramble! I could go on for ages xD
Eye boggling is something I've been told that rats do when they're happy (in conjunction with bruxing). I was privileged to witness this first hand when I played with a friend's rats in Gladstone. I'm proud to say I was able to make both her rats brux and boggle, just about on command. They seemed pretty contented to me.
That does look so peculiar on first sight! Adorable, though. ^_^ Do you have any in the house, now you have a place of your own?

I'd imagine Ristin can make you boggle on command, too. =:)
Still don't have any rats. I'm waiting for swiftrat to come down here to help me get started. I don't want to keep such precious creatures unless I know I'm doing the best for them that I can.

I'd imagine Ristin can make you boggle on command, too.

Only when he drops his pants, surely.
While we're on the subject of little snippets:

Go fetch the Tarkovsky Documentary at UKN.
Go check out Hunt Aviation's aircraft proposal.
And finally, here, you will find a behind-the-scenes/interview/trailer for The Brand Upon The Brain!
Ooh! Duly snagged. Or in the process of being snagged, along with "Holidays in the Danger Zone - Places That Don't Exist". Hope someone can unearth "Axis of Evil part 1" sometime, as there's so little seen of North Korea. I'd love to visit sometime, though I'd surely get arrested for something within hours, given how good I am at Acting Normal. ^_^ I daren't think what they'd make of the contents of Hyzenthlay's drive.. =:)

Yipe! What kind of poopoo head uses WMV for public material? Ah, maybe I'll get the Flip4Mac plugin.. the free version will play WMV, but not permit importation to another app. Or maybe there's an XP application that can convert WMV into something more mpeggy? (H.264, yay! Pretty amazing how good its low bitrate performance can be, let alone squishing a DVD into a fraction of its original size, with no discernible loss of quality)

Oooh! That plane sounds unbelievably nifty. I noticed the presentation was given last year - any idea what kind of peer reception it gained?
I think it'd be more scary and sad than fun, what with the suspicion-eyed guards and below-poverty starving residents. But true, I would love to visit every distinct place on the planet.

You mean to say that you cannot convert it already? Or for that matter, there are no applecations that play WMfiles? H.264 ist vündërßär. When I was testing a 57" HDTV, I used the H.264 trailer for Casanova as my quality test. It looked superb. Mind you, DVDs didn't look that great. But that's to be expected, I suppose, considering DVDs are made with lesser quality (than broadcast signals and computer media) to begin with. But it is distressing..

I have no idea, other than gaining a little geekdom recognition. Production-wise, they're maybe still testing; political-wise, they've probably been hushed.
(Deleted comment)
Ah, interesting. So there will be another in the series, but could be something else entirely as far as the storyline goes.. sort of makes sense, though, given none of the actors are getting any younger (though Mr Stewart is still as hawt as ever) - going back in time a bit would give them free reign on casting. Might they try a ST:Enterprise movie, or even DS9, I wonder? (I still haven't seen basically the second half of DS9.. I never really got into Voyager that much, and couldn't even get past Enterprise's theme. Though I still kept wishing Scott Bakula would break out into song as a reprise of Danny =:)
(Deleted comment)
Generally, I'd strongly concur - I wasn't keen on Lucas' announcement that his next three films would take place before the original trilogy, precisely because we knew what a bleak outcome it would all have. (Though I've still yet to see III, which sounds like the best of the second batch) I'd still be interested in what happened next, but that seems very unlikely - and at this point, really, I'd rather see money going into new sci-fi stories (with the emphasis on "sci-fi", not merely thrillers coincidentally set in the future. A Scanner Darkly could be promising) than another continuation of an existing setting.

Still, I admit, I'd probably enjoy seeing Kirk & Spock at the Academy, if they managed to find the right people for the roles, and a good writer. Easy. ^_^

Nemesis I didn't mind - not the most coherent plot, but a decent atmosphere, I felt.. more of a cinematic feel than, say, Insurrection, which was basically a double length TV episode. (Yet I bought it on DVD.. oh well. I had money to burn. But I shall not recant my purchase of Spiceworld =:)

As far as the ST movies go, I felt they more or less ended with Undiscovered Country - a superb farewell to the original. Beyond that, it never quite gelled for me, with that uncomfortable handover between Kirk and Picard, let alone the awful notion of a single point of weakness for the Borg. At least McDowell got to chew the scenery, though - but he excelled in Tank Girl in that regard, quite the match for Zorg.
(Deleted comment)
Wow! Indeed, that's not something I've encountered often. About the only other occasion I can recall was at the end of Unforgiven.. similarly, something of a swan song for Eastwood, I suppose, and an excellent note on which to slip away from the view of the camera.

Pity they can't just rejuvenate him for a real Judge Dredd film.. even if the satirical edge of such absolute authority might be lost on some of the audience. =:)

I'm still wondering if I should someday pick up the complete Babylon 5 box set - think that's a Region 2-only thing, with the entire series, the movies, and Crusade as well, for a surprisingly reasonable sum. It's not exactly something I'd be watching every day, but the characters and actors made it an unmissable weekly event for me, and finally getting to enjoy it in proper 16:9, perfect DVD quality.. even as little as I revisit my DVD collection, that would be a very tempting addition, when feasible.
I read that its used to express both pleasure and annoyance.. usually happens when they're bouxing. :3
Heh! Probably so - like the way a rabbit's ears can be straight and flat along its back, meaning either "I'm trying to ignore you. Please go away. Now." or "Ahhh, this is the life". It's a matter of context.

Presumably there will never be a lapine world poker champion.
KisMAC now supports Airport Extreme cards - apparently the Broadcom Airforce BCM4306 chipset - in passive mode, not just active
Oh, alas, why did you have to die on me NOW, oh iBook of mine!?

Hm, OmniWeb...
That's amazingly poor going. Didn't they wind up replacing the machine once already? I recall coyo's iBook (the same 800/900MHz G3 family, I think) suffered that revision's GPU failures a couple times, and they wound up giving him a PBG4 as a replacement. (Not one of the rev.A TiBooks, though! Urf. Not one of Apple's design highlights.. lovely to look at, and very thin, but the display hinges wound up applying a lot of stress to the upper case, causing cracking. Similarly, the little strip of casing above the DVD slot had no real reinforcement, so that was another trouble spot. And if, like me, you were particularly stricken by the former the display cable could get damaged, leading to permanent vertical lines on the display, or even backlight failure. Now that I don't rely on it any longer, it'd be fun to try restoring it to full health, though probably a lot of fiddly work - LCD display cables are astoundingly narrow gauge, and accordingly fragile. Amazing the idea of snaking them around hinges even works, let alone so well, most of the time)

I do like OmniWeb 5, definitely. Much more configurable than Safari, without being bewildering, and magnitudes more elegant than Firefox, even if lacking the latter's unparalleled extensibility. And finally, with the WebKit sync, it's really fast. $30 isn't a bad price for a program I use every day, and which could teach Apple a few UI lessons. ^_^ (They don't need license updates too often, either - I paid for OW4 in early 2001, and then shelled out the $10 upgrade fee for OW5 in.. late 2004, I think) And OmniGroup support genuinely exists - not just for "have you launched the application?" problems, but bug reports, feature suggestions, and the like. Every note is read, and usually, replied to, without the use of any canned text. They're Good People™. ^_^
Don't straddle an old tire as you try to see how much air it can hold - you will be blown 10 feet into the air and left with half as much scrotum as you started with.

I actually did something similar once, although with less dire consequences. I was at least smart enough not to straddle something when I'm trying to make it explode... :)
Any mechanically-minded folks feel like checking out this engine design? The claims are fairly extraordinary, but it looks like it's not merely vaporware.

I dunno. It looks a little hinkey to me - and the fact that they managed to miscalculate (or misstate) the displacement isn't the only reason. What it is, is a 424cid 16-cylinder two-stroke diesel; the only real novelty is the way the cylinders are arranged. I can't put my finger on it, but there's something in that arrangement that bothers me. Unlike conventional piston-type IC engines, each cylinder only rotates the crank a small amount rather than a whole revolution, and I don't know if that means you can draw parallels between the two the way the builders have. The volumetric efficiency should be fairly high, though not as high as some small Japanese designs that are already well-proven.

What I'd really like to see is some dynamometer figures. If this thing actually runs, the lack of such data is... significant.