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Nermal service will be pickled in dill vinegar. Please stay tuna.

So much to catch up on.. and you don't want to know the size of the forthcoming entry. ^_^;
*fuzzles ya ears* Great to have ya back. Stay bouncy!
>hug!< It's good to be back. ^_^ It's certainly a much, much nicer tail to the week than its start. Quite musical, too. =:)
You're saying I should bring a canteen, a compass, a map, and posibly a sherpa for your next post?
More than that - this might be something for your next of kin to finish. =:)

But it's maybe not that bad. After all, to fit it all on one page the height of my screen - about 1000 pixels - and fairly wide, I only had to reduce the font size a little. See?

(Deleted comment)
As I began the subsequent entry, that's just the tip of the iceberg.. ^_^
What is Garfield doing whilst Nermal is getting pickled?
Probably enjoying a different kind of getting pickled. =:)
Nice to see you back :)

I'm looking forward to your next entry XD *glee*
Got spare vacation time, then? =:)