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Just another quick spurt..

Interesting poll: What attribute do you most wish humans possessed? And yes, "fur" and "stylish, furry tail" are options. (So, what did you vote for, out of the options they present?)

"San Francisco's Canvas Gallery will host Combined Weight, a collection of work by artists from Pixar Animation Studios, 'produced in their spare time to show the world through their eyes'. Artists include Daniel Arriaga, Enrico Casarosa, Janet Lucroy, Jennifer Chang, Liz Holmes, Lori Klocek, Mark Holmes, Nate Stanton, Noah Klocek, Paul Topolos, Rich Quade, Robert Kondo, Robin Cooper, Ronnie DelCarmen, Simon Dunsdon, Steve Pilcher, and Steve Purcell. Opening reception is next Thursday April 27th, from 7pm – 12am. The exhibition runs from April 27 through May 22nd at The Canvas Gallery, 1200 9th Ave. at Lincoln, San Francisco."

In other Apple news, a new campus is in the works, though it'll take 3-4 years to complete. It'll be about a mile from the current location.

The top ten and bottom five countries in a worldwide study of sexual satisfaction can be seen here. As percentages of people satisfied with their sex lives:


And at the bottom:

Here's (42MB) an eleven minute look at Amon Tobin, produced by Channel 4, in 2002. Nothing revelatory, but still, interesting to actually see and hear the guy - very unassuming indeed.

What OCD doesn't stand for, but should. ^_^

Armed with several nice pieces of paper this afternoon, I was finally able to give a home to a companion I've been longing for: a coffee press. Probably not too huggable, though. And some good Lavazza espresso grind.. ah, finally - liberation from the House of Maxwell.
Just another quick spurt..

*hands you some tissues*
Surely there's a convenient fox somewhere? =:)
Wings FTW ^_^
Hee! Makes sense. ^_^ (I just put "fur", though I'd obviously want a tail too. Where'd a bunny be without? =:) 'Course, the "not human" choice was very tempting too, but I'm fine with using hom.sap. genes as a starting point, though things like limb regeneration would be damn cool to slip in, aside from changes on the outside.
I was hoping something cool-like would be in there.. Arcane magic powers or something of the sort >3 I've always been wanting a pair of wings my whole life since I was a pup.. Besides, one would perhaps assume a tail of some sort for more control in the air?
Bats manage without an aerodynamic tail, ne? ^_^ Though, yes, it'd be interesting to see if a flying mammal could be given such a tail, and perhaps a broader wingspan. I wonder what the differences are between a skinned wing and a feathered one are, when it comes to the ratio of downthrust vs weight? Seems like it must be at least somewhat feasible, if what we think we know of the pteranodon is correct.

Still, seeing a poll like that on Forbes is a little strange - heartening, though. The people who wrote that must have known about furrydom.. >chuckle
I couldn't decide between "fur" and "smarter brain", so I went with fur in honor of the guy who linked me to it.  Good thing!  29% of all respondents picked brain—my vote would have provided little marginal value there.
What attribute do you most wish humans possessed?

Shame there is no option like "a desire to avoid electing arseholes into political office".
Tail, every time. It would make it so much easier for me to communicate how I'm feeling.
Ah, same reason I'd want the ears, yes.. there's a lot of lapine language involved there, as one might expect. *sigh* Would that I could look forward to such in a few decades.. I'm certain it'll happen though, assuming nothing cataclysmic in the meantime - the head-in-the-sand approach to global warming isn't exactly reassuring, nor the headlong rush to exhaust oil supplies whilst ignoring the development of alternative sources and the necessary infrastructure changes.

Of course, I don't mean to demean the significance of tails; even the lapine tail oughtn't be overlooked. ^_^
Smarter brain. Then I'd have the brainpower to work out how to shamanically transform into an animal *and* be a smarty squirrel. ^_^
I think I need to improve the quality of life in Japan. (:
*grin* I notice Our Eastern Correspondent, vincent_x, has remained diplomatically quiet on the topic. ^_^
I voted for wings but I know it would hard to sleep with them... where to put them at night?

One thing that I would REALLY like to do is be able to close my ears. There are too many instances where I hear stuff that I shouldn't, or need silence to concentrate and get my work done. Either that, or having lungs on the OUTSIDE of the body would be cool so we wouldn't have to breath, we just need to keep whatever-it-is exposed to the air. If that cannot be arranged, then a separate tube for air in our throats so we could talk and eat and breathe at the same time. Right now the esophagus is a little over-used and having two would avoid routing errors when eating too fast.

Why two nostrils, anyway? Nibbler on Futurama gets along just fine with one big nostril.
I've been trying to email you for a couple of weeks now but have not heard anything. Nor has Carl who has also been trying to reach you. Drop me a line sometime. :-)
I chose stylish furry tail, but it was a close run thing between that and fur. Speaking of fur, did you notice this post where I show you how I look dressed up ready for work? I'd also like a pouch, but only if it was combined with soft, warm fur. What can I say? I'm a pouch man.

I actually went along "in the fur" to my first day at tbyte - at their request. ^_^ Think I'll have to reprise that someday, once I've got my new furry form built - but that first requires (a) space, (b) me knowing just what my fur coloration is now. Think it's basically snowshoe hare, but there's probably some additional patterning, as momentrabbit recently observed. (And then working out what kind of construction to run with - foam carving, as with Red, or a vacuuform mask, as patch_bunny ably demonstrates? Or something else, like plastic mesh?)

Being lapine, I'd especially love proper ears - essential for rabbit language. Which is not to overlook the importance of a tail, long or tufty, of course. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Ahh! Indeed, where I "saw" a fox dart across the path in the nearby woods - on the day I had my contacts out..

It appears you're currently in the livelier part of the world. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Ah, definitely not such a bad place to find oneself! I'd take that over the current locale any day. ^_^

Mm, I do miss being able to wander along down to the river, watch the geese and ducks go about their ways, trying to avoid the 747-swans. And the skwrls, of course, bouncing up through the fallen leaves.

Still, I suppose any relocation - as usual - rests upon finding a new client for contracting, or something longer term. I'd go for something in San Francisco in a flash, but I wouldn't be much more hesitant about something in London, both for the cultural (and culinary!) options available, and every bit as important, the chance of actually holding furry conversations without the use of a keyboard. DSL's a wondrous invention, but I'd rather not have all of my social life reliant on it.

Now, whether to enjoy that dunkel weissbier tonight, or save it for later this week.. ah, reminds me, I should check when the Chapter's Oktoberfest is being held. They wind up bringing over a couple dozen polypins direct from the Fatherland, as fresh as can be - quite different to anything bottled, and often of varieties never available outside their home region anyway.