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If you're fortunate enough to have a shiny new MacBook Pro, and want to bump up its graphics performance, this MacBidouille article notes that the X1600 within is substantially underclocked, seemingly to keep the unit cool, and to prolong battery life. Using ATi Tools b0.25 R14, they established that whilst the chip is specced to run at 475/470MHz for the chip and VRAM, the MBP currently ticks along at 310/278MHz. So, they set the clock rates there, and "using Counter Strike source benchmarks (all settings to the max and definition at 1440x900) FPS jumped from 61 to 97!" As ever, whether this proves to be stable and safe is a matter of investigation at your own risk. ^_^ ATIcelerator achieves the same on PPC boxen, though I've not tried it - I've no real need for additional GPU performance (SL not being exactly GPU-bound), and a blown GPU in a PowerBook is a little more serious than a blown GPU in a desktop. Not to say I won't experiment, though. =:)

They also note that there's apparently a native (ie no need for X11) version of KOffice on the way.

BTW, if you want to see that SNL/TV Funhouse piece, check the comments in the previous entry. ^_^ Many thanks to hawthorn for the original FLV file.

Princess Princess is aarinfantasy's latest project, and.. it's amusing. ^_^ Definitely one I'll be keeping up with. It's centered around a new transfer student, who suspects there's something a little odd about his new school..

KIBA ep.2 - ah, not bad, but not one I think I'll bother following; it's more the kind of series I'd be happy to watch along with some friends. The format seems to be gearing up to be another combat game-inspired show, with each "shard caster" having control of a "spirit" they cast into battle. There does seem to be a story behind it all, though, and the design's vaguely reminiscent of a more technological El Hazard - worth a look if that kind of story appeals.

Gintama eps.1-2 are/is.. a series with a historical flavor, set in the future. It's a comedy, but often tries a bit too hard for my tastes, winding up being self-consciously Wacky™. If you liked Excel Saga and Cowboy Bebop, this might be worth trying. I'll leave it here.

Speaking of TV, something that you might want to look at: Rob Newman's History of Oil (50MB, 368x208 MPEG-4, zipped). It's adapted from his one-man stage show, augmented with clips here and there; it's satirical, educational, cutting, piled with snark, and very funny. ^_^

Seems Apple had a pretty decent Q1 2006: profit of $410m on $4.36b revenue, equating to 47¢ per diluted share, compared to $290m on $3.24b, 34¢/d.s. in Q1 2005.

Ah, cool beans! PCSX test3 does seem to work pretty well, at least with Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (mmm, shiny..). Now, if only there were a good PS2 emulator.. or PSP, for that matter. ^_^ (Maybe there's a good GameCube one?)

So, the "Sponsored+" level of LJ account comes to pass. And yes, if you're not a paid user, you'll see ads from those journals. I'd say this blows goats, but.. hey.. Frank? [Edit: actually, it's unclear whether ads will show in a free user's friends page. I'll want to look into this for a definitive answer] [Edit again: here appears to be the answer, assuming you're a free user. If you view the journal of a "sponsored" user, you'll see ads - but you won't see them in your own Friends page]

Yay! Passed the first stage in the AC:WW turnip trade. ^_^ Wendell was wandering around, so I managed to receive the turban in exchange for the red turnip. Next step is to wait for Sahara to turn up again, which could take some time.. and hope I receive the massage chair rather than the red vase. (Oh, never realised that.. you can join in conversations two villagers hold between each other)

And picture for the day, without a question, has to be this beautiful piece from Seel Kaiser and Skifi.

Aww. That picture's wonderful. The detail of the scattered clothes is a great touch, too.
It's definitely a desktop background contender. ^_^ But maybe not just yet - I'm still savoring the lapine delights of nek0gami's orange bun, suitably cropped and scaled for a 16:10 display. (Which has the side-effect of rendering him entirely safe for public viewing, even if mundanes might be a little bemused at my artistic selection =:) I love the unspoken tender affection portrayed.. so sweet.

The two artists make quite a combination - and Kaiser's not one I'd noticed before, for that matter. I'll have to look into the VCL Sieve sometime, and see if that can help with easily checking what's new from particular artists, in a similar way to FA's watchlist.
Ooh, that's good too. Very clean lines (though there's still a lot of work visible there). I'm not sure whether I admire the almost photorealistic style like Kaiser's or the cell-shaded cleaner style like nek0gami's.

I do know, however, that I am in awe of both. We all have our talents, though, eh?

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to slip off with that Orange bun pic and some tissues.
And yes, if you're not a paid user, you'll see ads from those journals. I'd say this blows goats, but.. hey.. Frank?

Ah, that confused me at first - no protocol in the link meant it appeared in Mail as an x-msg URL. ^_^; Now that does look handy. 'Course, I've yet to get into Greasemonkey at all, only having recently fetched Firefox - in particular, there's one page of photos I'm wanting to retrieve, but each page of thumbnails has the full size image embedded within that linked page, not directly as a linked image. And the numbering doesn't lend itself to simple curl numeric ranges. Seems like something that should be easy to automate, though.

As the bun below notes, though, it's not clear whether free users will actually be presented with ads - neither the brief nor full comparison charts actually specify that, only their own friends page and journal. Erf. Time to go digging through the comments.. or maybe the lj_ads (or whichever) posting makes it clear. Better not mention it to them, or they're liable to make that the case..

Yeah, that's no clear. Well i'll see if I get any complaints. I can always switch back.
Oh, you've given it a try?

{hops over to Safari} Not bad, actually, with just the google text ads. Though it sounds like they're angling for graphical ones too - still, I shouldn't think they'll be any more difficult to block than any others (wonder if proxomitron's still being updated?).

Time to lobby for some real paid account benefits. 1000 icons, here we come! ^_^
Yep, using it right now. It just ads at the bottom and on the right side of your friends page, but I got rid of em. ;)
(Deleted comment)
Hm.. I thought I'd read ads would show on a free user's friends page. Nope, checking the summary and full charts, it's not mentioned.. I'll have to dig around the comments. I'd have thought, as you said, that ads would mess up other people's styles.. if they're limiting the ads strictly to those who've elected to go "sponsored", then that's pretty much ideal. (I'll remain paid, as I really don't like any more ads than already exist on the web, and I'd prefer paying directly)
Whew! Finally found a thread addressing the issue. ^_^ If you're free, you won't see ads on your Friends page - only if you view a sponsored user's journal directly. So, not so bad. Still rather a cynical migration from LJ's previously established ad-free principles, but I seldom view folks' journals directly, unless I'm peeking in on someone whose reply piqued my interest. ^_^ Or to easily find the entry where someone mentioned a specific topic. I'd imagine that's not wholly atypical.
Mmm, PCSX test3 does work quite nicely, but it also hasn't been updated for a long while. :\ Still, now that there's intel-inside macs, we'll be able to run ePSXe!

Hm, I should post about the new anime series I've seen soon. Princess Princess included. (mrrr, I wish I was pretty, and could be offered a job like that... free food and stuff would be convenient.)
Mm, it's a pity the project seems to've gone stale. I could try nosing through the source, though there'd undoubtedly be a pile to catch up on, given I'm not at all familiar with the PS1's internals, other than it having a MIPS processor and pretty much no OS.

(But where's my copy of Puzzle Fighter II Turbo? :-P)

Oh, definitely post reviews! I'm always interested in getting a better impression of new (or indeed, old) series. PP does look like so much fun.. I'll be intrigued to see how well they can sustain it as an actual series, though - but the characters might be enough. (I've got ep.2 here, but unwatched yet)
Review posted~ ^^;; I'm kinda surprised (and a bit shocked) at how much anime I've watched over the past... err... few weeks, with the new season.
(Deleted comment)
PS2 emulator. http://www.pcsx2.net/ Window only? Windows on mac?