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Definitely rather cool: one man, six minutes, and thirty-seven cello parts.

The Disney Vault is an animated SNL TV Funhouse skit that needs to be seen. ^_^ [Edit: it's been taken down. :-P]

Pics for the day: how bunnies lay Easter eggs (not work safe), courtesy of mycroftb; and lots of famous bunnies doing what bunnies do best (extremely not work safe =:) You'll need to be signed into FA and Guppy's board.

I could swear part of this birdsong's inspired by a car alarm - the rapid up/down siren sweep. Quite possible, I suppose.. I know I've read of bird's picking up sounds from human civilisation, including ringtones. Just as well such can't be passed on genetically, or the UK would be in for an eternity of Crazy Frog song, doubtless culminating in a sentient bird world where He is worshipped as their bridge to civilisation.

morganbatness and cybernet3000 might want to print out a few copies of this warning sign..

Now here's a contest I could enjoy: design a threat for a movie. "Your goal: cause terror. Make the American people notice. Inflict lasting damage on the U.S. economy. Change the political landscape, or the culture. The more grandiose the goal, the better. Assume an attacker profile on the order of 9/11: 20 to 30 unskilled people, and about $500,000 with which to buy skills, equipment, etc.

Judging will be by me, swayed by popular acclaim in the blog comments section. The prize will be an autographed copy of Beyond Fear. And if I can swing it, a phone call with a real live movie producer."

Did you know a single hedgehog can eat almost half a pound of insects in a single night?

On the viewing front:

Save the Green Planet.. was a very strange fish indeed. Much of the time's occupied by the lead character and his hostage - the ending I shan't reveal. But it does span the comedy and horror genres quite handily - nothing supernatural in the latter, so much as a good dash of a more leisurely Tarantino. How great is the insanity?

Ray the Animation ep.1 is apparently a new spinoff from the old Blackjack universe, the titular character being a deeply enigmatic, heroic, and exceptionally skilled surgeon. Not bad - enjoyably cheesy, but nothing to make a point of. I may watch more, but it won't be a priority.

Disgaea ep.1 - the trailer looked like a lot of fun, but I wasn't all that struck by the first episode. All quite well done, just rather undistinguished. Good fluff, though - you could do worse than share this with some friends. Ultimately, as above, not one I'll be making a priority.

Utawarerumono - a mysterious opening, with a newcomer to the village apparently having come from a long way off, this is a fairly gently paced opening, and somewhat furry. It remains to be seen if it'll develop, but I'll be waiting for more.

xxxHolic ep.1, from the venerable CLAMP team, responsible for a slew of manga and anime, and not even remotely XXX in nature. =:)

So, I've got about 80,000 Bells tied up in the turnip market, on the off chance the price spikes up to 500 or so each during the week. Not that I need the money for anything, but it's a no risk gamble. ^_^ Worst case, I get my money back, more or less, and at best, Boondox or a visitor gets some help.
The Great Wakkorotti returns!
It wouldn't take 500,000 for me to be a squirrel of mass destruction. How lucky for planet Earth that I am a peaceful squizzer. ^_^
Well, maybe you could ask for it anyway, just so they can be absolutely certain you remain that way?

Might not make quite as good a film, though. Or perhaps a bit more adult-rated than they'd like.. =:)
I would instead enter the $1 million James Randi competition for proving the existence of speshful powerz if I believed for a second it wasn't completely fixed and impossible to win. ^_^;
Save the Green Planet was a thoroughly depressing movie. Well, it didn't know whether it wanted to be a comedy or a horror or apocalyptic and ended up being nothing except for making me feel upset. Which I guess something.

Disgaea is my fav game of all time. With this in mind, I will never ever touch the anime, because if they ruin the goodness that was the game, I will have to personally fly to Japan and slaughter all the producers.

Also, curiosily enough, some old Hotline people found me again on aim and are messaging me. Funny, eh, how everything comes around in cycles.

I'm still working out just what I felt about StGP, frankly. I came into the film thinking the sci-fi element was much more prominent, and instead found a prolonged version of the Reservoir Dogs' chair scene, just less bloody. And yet, I carried on with it, perhaps wanting to find out just who was the crazy one (if not both).

Apparently, they're using the same voice actors for the Disgaea anime.. you might give it a try. Worst case, you get to see Japan again. =:)

Hee! I presume the Den's been down for a long while now? It's a pity Hotline never reached the same kind of popularity that P2P now enjoys, or even IRC - but, I suppose the flaky nature of the official software made it more something to endure than enjoy running. But the community spirit of each individual BBS was a lot of fun, not to mention having simple private and public messaging all in one tidy box. Though, I suppose a slight case for eMule can be made along those lines, with private messaging possible, and comments on files; all feels a bit hacked together, though, compared to a well-run forum.
Alas, the Disney Vault video has been removed from youtube.com. I wish it had been posted on Google Video instead, because you apparently can't d/l and save the files on youtube, and I really really wanted that Disney clip!
Ah, poo! And I didn't bother to save the FLV file, either.. you can use KeepVid to tell you the base URL for the file being streamed, from a variety of sites, YouTube included, but you wind up with FLV (Flash Video) files, which seem to be awkward to deal with. (It's for that reason I prefer Google Video, which explicitly does - usually - permit downloading the file as a plain AVI)

Wonder if someone's going to repost it there.. ^_^ Or maybe the broadcaster will choose to serve it, just as they wound up doing with the Chronicles of Narnia rap, once that gained momentum on YouTube and elsewhere..
Wow, thanks for that keepvid link! That will come in quite handy, I'm sure. ^_^
well, I did save this one ^.^
Should I send it to your email?
Oooh, definitely! Or YouSendIt, or anything like that - whatever you prefer. Better yet, might you have some way of converting the FLV into something more mpeggy? (H.264 or "plain" MPEG-4, aka XviD, DivX, 3ivX, et al)
I dunno how to convert, but I can goggle about it
'super' appears to be recommended here - might be worth a try! (If only YouTube offered a straightforward download option..)
This was on SNL with Lindsay Lohan and Pearl Jam on April 15th, 2006.
544x416, XviD, 18MB. 3:23 I cropped it from the actual show encode.
Post reply if the yousendit link dies.
And just to let you all know, that one is *much* better quality.
Oh, definitely! Thanks a lot for that. ^_^
Courtesy of hawthorn and ffmpegX: here it is (7.6MB). ^_^ (It's a normal H.264/AAC MPEG-4 file, but additionally compatible with the PSP, hence the funky filename)
Hurrah! Thanks so much!
Peek up above, and you'll find a higher resolution version, too. ^_^
*looks at yiffy drawing of Disney rabbits getting it on* Oh dear Lord.... o.0
I'm guessing showing up to Disney HQ with that on a shirt would be a good way to achieve light speed as they expelled you. *giggle*

I just know I'm going to have to try extracting an icon or two from it.. ^_^
I think it's hilarious :-)
(Deleted comment)
D'oh! And you're the first to notice. ^_^

Perfect icon for the occasion, too.

If you could be Brer Rabbit, or Bugs, which do you think you'd go for?
(Deleted comment)

Brer Rabbit is easily my favorite cartoon bunny though being that I'm a third-generation Brer Rabbit fan, there's probably a touch of bias in there. ;)