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Video to live by

Go here now, and choose one of the two streams to watch the Lemon Jelly video therein. (Unfortunately, it only seems to be available as a RealVideo stream, and no form of download, although I dare say mplayer may be able to assist)

Go! Now! Trust the panda. ^_^ (Actually, it's by way of shatterstripes)

As regards the recently announced Oscar nominee list, a few pleasant surprises and gratifyingly worthy choices.

Johnny Depp for that film - not really what I'd call an Oscar performance, but one hell of a lot of fun, even if the rest of the movie was basically a set for him. ^_^

Keisha Castle-Hughes for Whale Rider - I'm overjoyed to see this. I shan't bore anyone with superlatives, but she fully deserves at least this nomination, ideally the award itself. A very good film indeed, and she carried the role to the fullest.

Animated feature: no surprises, I suppose, but still good to see Belleville there, alongside Finding Nemo and Brother Bear. Despite the furriness of the latter, I'd still have to go with Belleville, although I'd quite understand if Nemo caught it. (Not to disparage BB, you understand) And Nemo also has a well-deserved chance with its screenplay.

When was Pixar's newest short, Boundin', released? I'd thought the recently publicised "sneak peek" was a look at a work in progress. (Speaking of which, have a look at one from ILM) Was it given an early nominal release in order to qualify, or is it actually heading up a current feature?
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