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Just a quickie for now, so I can keep this entry somewhat timely. ^_^

It seems ADV Films are having a good little sale, with reductions including complete box sets of Azumanga Daioh for $42, Angelic Layer for $30, Evangelion for $54, and Kino's Journey for $24. Farscape discs and boxes are also there, and cheap, as is Gatchaman, the series which Sandy Frank chopped, shaped, and extruded into Battle of the Planets.

Here's an interesting find that washed up on the shore the other day: a D&B remix of Feel Good Inc. (5.6MB) Well worth a try. The remixer's actually managed to create a track that's true to the original, but also very much its own.

Well, here's another PSP title I may have to get.. Loco Roco. It appears to be sufficiently weird, ne?

Doctor Who - ahh, it's so good to see him again. I'll miss Eccles, but I think we've seen Tennant's going to fit in very well, rather like a combination of Davison and Pertwee. I liked the touch of seeing two previous characters return; and the exit of one was surprisingly touching.. a somewhat beautiful, classically gothic end. As for next week, I'd like to hope the writer'll forego the traditional "salvation" for a werewolf.. we'll see. (Why always wolves, anyway? How about foxes, or badgers? Or bunnies?)

I like this.. no longer does hiking have to mean making do with sandwiches or cold burritos. The Grilliput dismantles into a tube 29cm long, 2.2cm wide.


Shadow Magic could be fun for a furry gathering, too - it's a phosphorescent screen and strobe flash. So you can freeze your shadow on the screen, and use the "light pen" to draw on the shadow.

And for some physicist geek humor, you could do much worse than photon_funnies. ^_^
It's just so dinky! Of course, you'd probably want to bring along a firelighter brick in case the twigs around were on the damp side, but still, certainly beats lugging a camping cooker along! Wonder how easy it is to get set up, though? I was thinking you could have something similar, just with two rods joined by wires that spooled inside the rods - but then, that's making it more complex than it really needs to be.

Ah, to go out camping, wine beneath the stars, and some bizarre movie on the PowerBook. ^_^
I've spent a lot of time camping in the middle of nowhere, Adirondacks NY and that just looks handy and useful....hmmmm worh a try I suppose, however I bet it costs a lot. Camping stuff is always overpriced >-(
Actually, it's not too bad - £25, so about £40 or so. If it's made well, it ought to last pretty much forever.

Damn, now I'm thinking of fresh fish and burgers straight from the fire.. :-9