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As noticed by rabitguy, UCSB's Cylinder Radio page, with selections including cakewalks & rags, classic Vaudeville, early black artists & composers, and German comedy skits from 1904-1909. "Alternate takes were commonly issued in the early years of the phonograph industry for a variety of reasons. Cylinders weren't moulded until the turn of the 20th century, so mass production was impossible, and moulds and stampers had a limited lifespan. Artists went back into the studio to record popular songs if the masters wore out. UCSB retains any alternate takes of a given title. An interesting example is 'Any rags', by Arthur Collins, for which UCSB has three different takes." An example track - purely random - is Rabbit Hash, by Billy Golden, from Edison Records in 1903.

<td></td><td>I do like the look of this Japanese robot (578k, courtesy of roohbear and his amazing WMV-fu); some background can be found over here. Although I'm not quite sure the designer's aim for one that "can also walk just like a real woman would" has been entirely realised. iStat Pro is a neat widget, offering network throughput, complete temperature listings and fan speeds, and more. funos spotted rather a beautiful piece of murine artwork, by Jakana. (All safe) And you may (or may not) have noticed that FurAffinity is finally on new server hardware, resulting in some blissfully lagless responsivity. Much better!</td>

So, I finally managed to pay off my mortgage to Tom Nook, leaving me with the largest home available. No debt! What a curious notion. Now what? I suppose I'll just shower the locals with random gifts. ^_^ After all, a complete harvest day can bring in around 150,000 Bells - and that goes a long way in Bunnyton.

Juice of the Day is..

Environmentally aware folks might want to keep an eye out for the IPTV channel on its way, green.tv. (Nothing there yet but a placeholder, though)

Seems Grover had a bit of an accident, but it seems they were able to save him. Thinking of which, if your life could be saved by a brain transplant into any cinematic or television robot, who would you choose? The classical stylings of Robbie, the menace of Maximilian, or perhaps one of the Bjork All is Full of Love androids?

BEST BET - Bunnies on bikes; need we say more?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Easter Bunny will arrive by bike and with a cast of wannabes -- in bunny attire, of course.

Such is the whimsy of the third annual Bunny on a Bike Ride on Sunday. This year's theme is bunnies on the bridges. Riders will cross the Broadway and Hawthorne bridges and the lower part of the Steel Bridge.

There's more to the event, but organizers are short on details, not wanting to spoil surprises along the route.

They reveal: The ride will be about two hours, rain or shine. The mostly flat route, a loop along and around the Willamette River, is family-friendly. However, solo riding is recommended only for participants who are "street-ready" and no younger than 8. There will be a shorter path for younger or new cyclists.

Most important: All riders are expected to be in bunny attire -- otherwise, what's the point? Even just rabbit ears will do. When: 2:30 p.m. Sunday Where: Union Station, 800 N.W. Sixth Ave. Cost: Free Info: Carye Bye, 503-248-4454; e-mail redbat@redbatpress.com or visit www.redbatpress.com

One student's response to exam time, courtesy of a lot of window blinds..

And, well.. I suppose I had to take this quiz. ^_^

You Are a Creative Cook

Your cooking is unusual, inspired, and definitely one of a kind. People love your unique style, but you've had your share of kitchen flops.
You have the makings of a cult chef. You may not cook at the Four Seasons, but you could have your own little funky cafe in San Francisco!
Are You A Good Cook?
An example track - purely random - is Rabbit Hash, by Billy Golden, from Edison Records in 1903.

Some late Victorian/Edwardian book that I liked as a child mentioned the brothers in the story having an Edison cylinder of "Rabbit Hash". I was thinking "The Peterkins", but that doesn't seem to be it. Could it be "The Phoenix and the Carpet"? I doesn't seem to be that either.

At any rate, the story featured the boys playing their beloved "Rabbit Hash" cylinder repeatedly. As a child, it never occurred to me that someday I could sit at my desk and casually snag a copy of that recording to listen to. The world has become such a fantastical place, in small ways more than large.
Hee! Indeed so. A year or so back, I finally found a short story I recalled from a book from my kitten days - The Caliph and the Stork. Some googling around revealed the title, and the story itself followed shortly thereafter. (So even then, I had the TF bug.. it's about a Caliph who winds up as a stork, and is thereby unable to speak the magic words to change back) Quite wonderful..

Oh, and as rabitguy later discovered, there's a much cleaner copy of Rabbit Hash over in the Internet Archive - comparable to a 78 in quality.
My character is still sitting in bed....I haven't turned on Animal Crossing DS in forever.
Eep! You'll have some weeding ahead of you.. and probably all new residents, too. ^_^ I should probably get online with it a bit more, too, both so the locals have someone new to talk to, and to be able to share all the fruit in the village. Way too many trees for a "perfect" town, I'm sure, but not so bad for funding home improvements. Would be handy if RL were a little more like that - each extension completed overnight, as you sleep. ^_^
Well my husband plays the game a lot and is in the same town so I am sure he has kept up with the gardening :-)
I found a much cleaner recording of Rabbit Hash at the Internet Archives, along with a number of other Billy Golden works. Plenty of silly double entendres but use of the n-word in a few might be offensive to some people.
Oh, most cool! That's a world better than the UCSB library's copy, no question. Wonder if it simply came from a cylinder in better condition, or if someone applied some serious scratch removal technology to it? Either way, that's much more akin to a reasonable 78 recording.

Hm. Wonder if the Archive has a copy of a film stego_s_aurus watched recently, "His Majesty, the Scarecrow of Oz"? Hafta go digging.. looked sorta fun. ^_^

For what it's worth, His Majesty, The Scarecrow of Oz is on that new super-hyper-extra-deluxe 55-disc ultra-collector's edition release of The Wizard of Oz (1939 version), which I will be getting around to buying sooner or later.

Oh! That's handy to know, given it'll be a lot easier finding a copy of that to rent (although a set as voluminous as that might only be available with home delivery) than the aforementioned work by itself. Even the local Lackluster may well have it - or, I could take advantage of some free trial offer for a mail rental service, the likes of which appear to be sprouting with Spring's gusto.
Don't forget -- BunnyJam is this weekend! Whee!

I was over there hanging stuffed bunnies from the balcony for three hours tonight.
(Deleted comment)
*grin* Sure, scientifically, the film had.. one or two mistakes, but who cares? The sheer atmosphere presented, not to mention the design work involved (such a magnificent, desolate craft!) really was remarkable, even moreso for a Disney production.