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So, it's confirmed: Doctor Who begins this Saturday, BBC 1, 7.15pm, repeated on BBC 3 the next day, at 7.05pm. And there's a kid-sized preview on Thursday at 5pm. ^_^

Fun little quiz: Fake or Foto? is a series of ten images. The challenge is to tell whether they're photographs of real objects, or CG renderings. (I wound up with 8/10. One I didn't "mind" getting wrong, whilst the other really surprised me) Not the best design, though - the "show me the answers" link doesn't note your responses against the answers, at least here, but groups the CG and real images; you may want to note down your responses before proceeding.

I particularly liked Fiat Homo, a demo rabitguy pointed out, available for OS X, Linux, and the Redmond Project.

Wonder if Urmel aus dem Eis will see an English dub? Coming out in August, apparently.

paka hosted what turned into an intelligent mini-debate on alternative fuels over here; well worth a look. [Edit: Ah, maybe not.. it's f-locked]

Okay, the Rat Advertising Trial is amusing. ^_^

Woohoo! akira114 keenly observed the poster and trailer for A Prairie Home Companion are now up. (Even if the "large" size is a rather modest 400x176) It's looking good. Coming on June 9, apparently, or eight days earlier in its natural home country of.. Italy?

Interesting.. ABC's going to be offering a two month trial of streaming complete episodes of "Lost," "Desperate Housewives," "Alias" and "Commander In Chief", streaming using Flash 8. Ad-supported, so they won't permit skipping over the adverts, but free, and available the day after broadcast. "The standard viewing size is 500x282 pixels (streamed at 400kbs), and the larger viewing size is 700x394 pixels (streamed 700 kbps)". No word as to whether they'll limit access to within the US.

Yay! Thanks to mycroftb, I finally have Nookington's. ^_^ (Despite Nintendo's half-assed WiFi! Egad..)
A good point, yes.. I remember some Dreamworks feature's print ads making a big deal of who was providing the voices for each of the lead characters; compare against Pixar's trailers, which seldom make any such reference. (I do hope Cars turns out well. The trailer didn't really engage me, I have to say - then again, the teaser for The Incredibles left me cold, and the movie's perhaps my favorite from them. But it's Ratatouille I'm really looking forward to =:)

Ice Age I was doubly disappointed with - not just the weak storyline, but the fact that Bunny illustrated so well what Blue Sky's capable of. (Add in character designs I just didn't care for, and it wasn't one that could win with me, despite Scrat)
*noddles* I really hated Ice Age myself - so much I actually considered walking out of the cinema in the middle of the movie. I didn't, but in retrospect, I should have.

Oh well. :)
Wow. ^_^ I think I've only been tempted to walk out of a film twice - not including Johnny Mnemonic, as that was hideous enough to be amusing:

- Independence Day (mindless jingoism, mercifully neutralised a little while later by Mars Attacks =:)

- and Fierce Creatures (soon after Rollo's taken over the Zoo, and he's presented with the lemur as the first resident that has to be disposed of. Thankfully, I was just being taken for a ride. ^_^; It's a film that never reached the success I feel it deserved, but so it goes).
Heh. Yeah, "fierce creatures" was pretty crappy, too, wasn't it? I definitely expected more from a movie starring John Cleese...

The only other movie that I've seen so far that really was this bad was "Was nicht paßt, wird passend gemacht"; I'm not sure if that one's ever been dubbed, but if not, thank goodness for it. ^.~ In this one, I *actually* walked out of the cinema, too, because I felt that it wasn't worth wasting another second of my life on this utter trash.
I could never bring myself to watching Ice Age despite purchasing it on DVD. Most respect I had of Chris Wedge from Bunny and Tron (he was a programmer back then) went out the door when I was subjected to Robots.
Okay, how did you wind up buying it but not wanting to watch it? ^_^;

I probably should play Robots here sometime, just to see for myself. As I recall, it was an exceptionally poor script you took issue with, ne? Certainly, visually, it seemed to more than hold its own, even if it did cheat a bit, à la Toy Story, in choosing very CG-friendly characters. (I recall the trailers making no small use of fart/bum jokes, too. Another bad sign, along with naming voice actors prominently, as Schnee noted above)

Oh, he worked on Tron? Ahh. Still one of my top movies of the past 30 years. Should prolly pick up the DVD someday - AIR, it had most/all of the extras as on the laserdisc box. But then, I rewatch films so infrequently it's rarely worthwhile actually buying them. Gods know, back at Terran I picked up somewhere around a hundred DVDs at Tower's prices, and very few have seen play more than once.