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kyhwana pointed out a newly discovered Coptic scroll that relates that Judas was instructed to turn Jesus in, by Jesus himself. And this cover contender for the front page of the Easter edition of the Portland Mercury. ^_^;

<td>Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us</td>

If you have an HP ScanJet 4c/4c/3p/3c scanner, you can use its Scanner Control Language's unofficial "play tune" command to.. make music with its stepper motor. Don't miss the video of its Für Elise rendition. ^_^

And returning - contain your shock, please; we daren't frighten the horses - to a lapine theme, I was positively tickled by this iPod case, as pointed out by rubberskunk. Maybe they do a PSP version.. although the aspect ratio of the device might dictate the only model candidate being the bunny portion of Sam & Max. Hm. Maybe I should suggest that to him..

Yay! VPC was able to reinstall the missing components without any additional fuss, and Reason Adapted is fine also. And today's installation of Maya 7 went smoothly, only leaving me wondering where the hell do I start with this thing? ^_^;; Any Maya gurus out there?

You know, I just might have said scanner in storage. Don't know if it works, but I can look and find out. That is so very awesome.
Oh, cool! altivo notes you don't even need to hook it up!

I wonder if I can do something similar with the Umax 1200S I have somewhere.. good scanner, but sadly, Umax dropped out of Mac support with the shift to OS X. Probably sulking over the Mac clone affair. I should look into getting another sometime - one that's actually on the same continent as me. Convenience, dontchaknow. There's hopefully something that's affordable and decent quality, though I'd mostly just be using it for sketch digitising, rather than color fidelity.
(Deleted comment)
Oh, so it wasn't just Macs they were messing around with! Crazy. And you can bet the people who made such brilliant strategic decisions wound up with nice pay raises..

Thankfully, Wacom - like just about every other company around - offers its drivers for download, as the CD that came with my tablet wouldn't read, for some reason. (Wouldn't even be seen as a valid disc, as I recall) So, I just hopped onto the site, and fetched a version that was a few months newer into the bargain. ^_^ (Oh, for a Cintiq.. pity there seem to be so few tablet makers around, especially aiming away from the bargain basement end of the market. Certainly would be nice to have something along those lines, but for a few hundred. Even a relatively low resolution version'd be fun to fiddle with. Maybe a bit higher res than the DS, though =:)

I've seen a universal scanner driver around, but at something like $40-50, hardly worth it, unless you've got a good scanner you're particularly wanting to keep using. Pity, really - if it were cheap, it'd potentially prolong the useful life of many a cheap scanner. Assuming they survived, of course - low-end scanners seem to be built for durability about as much as cellphones now. :-P