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kyhwana pointed out a newly discovered Coptic scroll that relates that Judas was instructed to turn Jesus in, by Jesus himself. And this cover contender for the front page of the Easter edition of the Portland Mercury. ^_^;

<td>Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us</td>

If you have an HP ScanJet 4c/4c/3p/3c scanner, you can use its Scanner Control Language's unofficial "play tune" command to.. make music with its stepper motor. Don't miss the video of its Für Elise rendition. ^_^

And returning - contain your shock, please; we daren't frighten the horses - to a lapine theme, I was positively tickled by this iPod case, as pointed out by rubberskunk. Maybe they do a PSP version.. although the aspect ratio of the device might dictate the only model candidate being the bunny portion of Sam & Max. Hm. Maybe I should suggest that to him..

Yay! VPC was able to reinstall the missing components without any additional fuss, and Reason Adapted is fine also. And today's installation of Maya 7 went smoothly, only leaving me wondering where the hell do I start with this thing? ^_^;; Any Maya gurus out there?

Yeah, a three-button mouse is pretty essential for Maya. :)
It's even better with one of these.

Interesting, but I'm not sure what that even is. ;)
It's a 3D 'joystick' in that you can rotate/pan/dolly/tilt simply by moving the joystick. The buttons can all be mapped as Maya hotkeys. I don't own one as they are pricey, but I've got a couple of their gamer-oriented SpaceOrbs and a early engineering prototype.
Cool. :)
Even without any Maya skill yet, I feel an attack of geek lust coming on. ^_^;

(Hmm. How about a dataglove input method? Literally carve the shapes in mid-air..)
heheh - I have a dataglove and I recall someone making a PC inteface for it. I don't think it would be of any use for modeling but I think it would be a killer device for animating. You could link each finger sensors to an animation controller and it'd be like a super-affordable motion capture tool.
Mm, the kind of glove I'm envisioning would be able to accurately establish the position of each part of all digits - so you'd be able to deduce the angle of the palm, whether the fingers were all together.. gods, the potential for such a device! After all, there's nothing to say you'd be working on the same scale as RL - your hand could be an incredible versatile carving knife, or a sable brush, or a spatula (you know, I can never think of that word without thinking of Spatula City. I should open that. Absolutely no need for advertising, and I'd get the most interesting clientele), or even a flexible feather.

Pity VR development for mass production seems to've ground to a halt since a flurry in the early/mid 90s. Damn, it'd be neat to be able to just drop by the Apple Store and pick one of those up..
*chuckles* well - as you get into Maya you'll find that something like a VR glove just wouldn't offer too many advantages over the mouse when modeling because it is very keyboard intensive. You also tend to spend most of your time modeling in 2D orthographic views.

Where I do see a dataglove as extremely useful is to link each finger position analog to some animation controller input, so you can create animation a bit like a puppeteer.
Oh, yes.. I skip around a bit sometimes. ^_^ I wasn't really thinking of Maya, but more generally (there is just the program I'm thinking of, but the name eludes me), like a 3D Potatoshop.

link each finger position analog to some animation controller input

I wonder if any of the CG animation houses use any novel input devices like such a glove for the actual animation? Can't say I've seen such, but I've not really kept much of an eye on the scene. Then again, if they need realistic movement, I suppose they've got easy access to high resolution mocap.

'Course, something like that wouldn't be exactly horrible to have in SL, either. ^_^