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Here's a clip (17MB, 5m45) from Experiment, looking at bomb calorimetry. Why? Because it's the 1970s educational show that directly inspired the first season of Look Around You.. ^_^
No, but IMDB listed a narrator for Look Around You, and his credits don't include an earlier TV science series so I assume it's a different voice actor.
I noticed that absence, but wasn't sure if that was definitive, given Experiment's a relatively obscure show, being just one of many schools shows produced then, in the age when a TV would be wheeled into the classroom at the appropriate broadcast hour. ^_^; Given how central the narrator was to the first season, I'd be very surprised if there isn't a mention in some interview as to whether they found the same person, or simply someone able to convey that same dry Home Counties intonation. I must find out!

Oh well. It's good to have a purpose in life, ne? ^_^;