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Here's a clip (17MB, 5m45) from Experiment, looking at bomb calorimetry. Why? Because it's the 1970s educational show that directly inspired the first season of Look Around You.. ^_^
I've tried watching two shows of the second season, but... well, it just doesn'thave the same magic. It's got humour, but the pacing is far too slow. :)
Oh, I don't know - they both have their charm. ^_^ The second series was based more along the lines of Tomorrow's World (and I have a clip of that, too, but the original compression's a bit wonky - x264 puts the sound out of sync, and QuickTime Player refuses to finish. The segment on ERNIE, a computer dedicated to random number generation, was a hoot, with the proud declaration that it could generate 11,000 random ten-digit numbers in one minute =:), so they could spend more time developing the silliness.

Both series are definitely worth getting, but I'd probably also lean towards the first.

I was first treated to the 2nd season and loved it, even though some of the humor was a bit forced. Then Porsupah sent along the 1st season, so much better! They really need to return to that format. The segment they did on video games from the 2nd season simply cannot be missed, though.

Is that the same narrator?
I'd like to confirm it, but I believe it is, yes. ^_^ (But you can imagine googling a series by the name "Experiment" poses problems =:)
Ya need to google "Look Around You" instead. :) It appears to be someone different.
Oh! Did you manage to locate a name for the original narrator?

Pity - still, they got the style down pat. Ah, I need to watch a module or two now.. ^_^

(I admit, I actually found shows like that fascinating, well ahead of any opportunity to indulge in such experiments myself. I always did enjoy the chemistry lab work, measuring reagents down to milligram accuracy, running gas spectrographic analyses.. didn't get on with trying to use the melting point apparatus, though. I could rarely seem to establish a nice, simple m.p. - it'd more start at some point, then be complete by another. But the dainty glass capillary tubes made for much fun with a bunsen for impromptu glassworking =:)
No, but IMDB listed a narrator for Look Around You, and his credits don't include an earlier TV science series so I assume it's a different voice actor.
I noticed that absence, but wasn't sure if that was definitive, given Experiment's a relatively obscure show, being just one of many schools shows produced then, in the age when a TV would be wheeled into the classroom at the appropriate broadcast hour. ^_^; Given how central the narrator was to the first season, I'd be very surprised if there isn't a mention in some interview as to whether they found the same person, or simply someone able to convey that same dry Home Counties intonation. I must find out!

Oh well. It's good to have a purpose in life, ne? ^_^;