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[Today's track, a rather skillful cover in Portuguese, can be found here, 3.3MB. Beautiful sounding language..]

rabitguy found this *squee!* clip of a pair of red pandas in someone's room, from Japanese TV. ^_^ (You'll need Flash Player 8) And if you can play or convert FLV files, here's the link, courtesy of KeepVid.

QotD: 'When I showed this to a co-worker, she told me about Pensacola Christian College, which makes Bob Jones look like a party school in comparison. She mentioned in particular the rule that students of the opposite sex cannot look at each other too intently, lest they commit "optical intercourse", colloquially known as "making eye babies."'

Speaking of virtualisation for OSs, I noticed another solution, new to me - Parallels Workstation, currently available as a free beta, with the final version at a palatable $50.

Rather a cool bit of CG animation design: Studio aka's TV spot for the UK National Lottery. (Worth nosing around their other work too)

Bill Of Rights Pared Down To A Manageable Six: '"We're not taking away personal rights; we're increasing personal security," Ashcroft said.'

I wonder if I am a Dalek will feature a TF theme..

Some thoughts from Momus on the nature of music copying. "No doubt some people will feel the same way about my new record, Ocky Milk, and that's fine too. These "unconvinced" listeners will at least listen, even if they don't buy. That may not matter to the RIAA, but it matters to me as an artist. And even if these people don't buy this record, they may buy another one, or they may come to a live show, or they may pay for a track off iTunes or E Music.

Or, you know, one of these downloaders may have sex with me, or give me a column in a magazine, or ask me to come and give a talk at an art school, or collaborate on a project, and that will lead to, you know, marriage, or a surprise twist in the career path, or something equally amazing. "Peer-to-peer" can mean much more than just sharing music. To the RIAA, a "peer" is simply a freeloading customer, a source of monetary loss. But to me a peer is a person, the source of all sorts of possible gains, quantifiable or not. To the RIAA, with a business agenda but no human agenda, that peer engaging in P2P can only mean the loss of dollars. To me it can mean the possibility of barter (the theme of artist Carolina Caycedo's work), but also friendship, communication, and a million other human possibilities."

(I've copied some of his work - indeed, how I first came to know of his work - bought some, and been to see a very San Francisco performance at the Bottom of the Hill, complete with iBook. Which did - this being in the OS 9 days - go boom midway, its happy reboot chime garnering universal applause =:)

David Bowie-related quote for the day.

Snakes on a Plane II

Yay! I'm now waiting for the final house extension to be built. ^_^ (At an even more eye-watering cost, of course. Does Tom Nook have a cocaine habit we don't know about?) And another bunny just moved into town - Bunnyton's living up to its name. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Now that I'd pay to see. ^_^

Actually, that photo reminds me the original Pee-Wee HBO special - wherein his playhouse was rather more aimed at an older audience - is finally coming to DVD this summer. I've seen it on tape, but don't have a copy, unfortunately - fun stuff. *grin*
Have you looked at Xen That seems a very nice virtualisation system. Not sure what the state of Windows support is like at the moment, though.
Interesting! I'd like to find out if there's work being done on an OS X version - quite likely it wouldn't be difficult, given Darwin's primarily FreeBSD, with portions of NetBSD and OpenBSD rolled in, atop Mach. Who knows? Maybe the fruit factory will pick it up themselves, for inclusion in OS X Server. (I like the philosophy behind the client and server versions - the latter's only different in the addition of useful administration-related applications. The OS itself is identical)

Meanwhile, I should try digging up my VPC discs and getting that up again. Although the original reason for obtaining that is no longer valid. (Running VisualDSP++ and the JTAG ICE driver for Blackfin boards)
Didn't Fox News cover the same story as the Onion? ;-)

A little too often of late, I'm wondering that the Onion folks have quite a tough job, when the real news is almost self-satirical to begin with.. ^_^; (Remember "Our Long National Nightmare Of Peace And Prosperity Is Finally Over", published in January 2001?)
Ack! The Onion isn't supposed to be that accurate.
Reading it again, it is rather spookily prescient, ne? *sigh*

That's another thing I miss about the City - copies of The Onion available in the free paper newsstands. ^_^ (Very good events listings, too, nearly on a par with the Bay Guardian's)
That lottery ad scars me. I want the unicorn back. ;__;
Pensacola Christian College, which makes Bob Jones look like a party school in comparison

Having met people who went to Bob Jones University and having been near the campus on multiple occasions (never saw the actual campus, because it was surrounded with high, barbed wire-topped walls with access through guarded checkpoints, presumably to keep the heathens out), any place that makes BJU look like a party school must be a seriously scary place indeed :-P

I only have this to say about the red panda video clip:


Carry on...