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Yay! Finally got the DS online, after setting the router into moron mode - ie, no encryption (not that WEP counts anyway), no firewall. So I now have a friend code for Animal Crossing: Wild World - now to find someone else who does. ^_^;

Lapine fans really ought to take a look at hawthorn in the fur. Aww! ^_^

With all the hoohah over Boot Camp allowing Intel Macs to boot XP, I was left wondering whether pure virtualisation environments like VMware take much of a performance hit, and whether they're still suitable for gaming use. Being able to multiboot's nice enough, but vastly less elegant than being able to have the additional OS(s) running and available simultaneously, both for the multiplied potential, and the inherent ability to "boot" by simply loading an entire memory image off disk, with all the applications' states preserved. (Reminds me, I should get VPC reinstalled sometime - unfortunately, it doesn't store license info in the usual places, like ~/Library/Application Support, so the recent reformatting toasted that. Wonder if OpenStep 4.3 would install? Would be fun to see NextStep again.. or BeOS, for that matter. Never did manage to lay my paws on a devsystem, unlike, say, tilton, though I was registered with Be, in the hopes of being able to afford such)

I think I'd like to get stuck into OpenGL. Any recommendations for tutorials? The old NeHe ones might be as good a place as any to start, even if that won't bring me quite to the point of photorealistic animated lapines..

Oh, so much Kenny Everett goodness coming my way! 5GB of commercially unavailable fun. ~happy bunny~ I'd never even heard the name until a year or two back, when akira114 sprang one volume of Ernie Kovacs' work on me, but I can definitely see parallels between them.

VoIP for voiceposts appears to be in the works.

Today's bit of giggly low humor is brought to you by Peeps.

I should get around to watching The White Room sometime. It does seem to be quite the KLF curiosity..

QotD, from JK Rowling, who has apparently derided models whose "only function in the world appears to be supporting the trade in overpriced handbags and rat-sized dogs".

So, the PS3 will debut at around 499-599€. Eep! For that price, Sony's really going to have to make sure the initial titles are something to behold - certainly, there'll be the usual early rush regardless, but opening day sales don't foretell success or failure.


Chax is a handy add-on that adds tabs to Tiger's version of iChat, as well as other goodness, such as Growl notification. (No, not you, growlcoon =:)

Today's moment of boggle is brought to you by freakylynx, who noticed that Paris Hilton has been approached to play Mother Theresa.

That's an extremely realistic bunny suit. I'd seen Hawthorn's icon many times and thought it was of a real bunny.
Hee! Likewise. ^_^ Actually, I'd thought it was a very realistic plushie.. which I suppose it is. =:)
Hehe, I guess the pose on that icon helps a lot on the illusion too ^.^
Hm... and that reminded me of uploading pics of the new upgrade I've (finally) made for the suit: new/decent hindpaws =;)
I thought the same of the icon the first time I saw it, and I know of a few others who did too. It is a stunning suit, as I'm sure I've said before! =:P
uh stuff. yeah
I think there's a virtualisation app from parallels that uses the CPU's virtualisation stuff, so it's supposed to be fast.

Also, aduimx in OS X is better than ichat. o.o
Heh! I'd actually just noticed a MacRumors posting about their work - looks exactly like what I'd want, if I had an Intel Mac. (Mine are all PPC, with Hyzenthlay the most recent addition, late last year. Sort of unfortunate timing, in a way - I'd love to be able to enjoy 1080p video - but, I'll manage. ^_^ And there isn't a 17" MBP yet, so I'm still ahead in that regard. Beautiful machine, too.. I'd always thought the Wallstreet was Apple's most elegant PowerBook, but this might surpass it, even if it lacks the earlier model's curvaceousness) Hopefully they'll be able to get their name out in the Mac world, and be able to sweep up the custom for now forsaken by Microsoft, with nary a word on VPC's future. Not that I'd expect they'll give up on the market - they do seem to be wanting to make use of their acquisition, with virtualisation looking like a growing market, especially in the mid/large enterprise.

I suppose I otter look into Adium and Fire again. ^_^; I just don't really use IM enough to really mind about feature sets, with tabs being the main problem. Weird that AIM doesn't bother using at least SSL, but then, encryption's still barely used online, other than in the fairly useless regard of online ordering, where a keylogger's more the thing to worry about, not capture in transit. Still, I suppose it's good for use on open WiFi networks. But why not with all email, IM, and VoIP?
(Deleted comment)
But what time is love? And does it vary between summer and winter?
3am Eternal

[Hope you've got/heard the KLF 'Chillout' album]

I was going to get a 1$l Church from the GNUbie store on SL and build the Church of the KLF
Was going to? Aw.. ^_^
Sort of a joke I thought only I'd get + I'd tie it in with SCOOTERs 'KLF' period
I saw Animal Crossing DS in Woolworths yesterday, but thought 'Nah, stick with SL' [Prob get A.Crossing when I see it cheap]
Oh, right! It's now out in the UK, ne? (Gah, why do these staggered releases still exist? Once upon a time, when cinematic prints had to travel between loads of cinemas, yes, there was an inevitable result. Later, companies felt some reason to concentrate on certain locales first - but now? With things like Flash and UMD?)

It's fun stuff. No reason you can't enjoy SL and AC, after all. ^_^ I do hope there's a Revolution sequel - there's plenty I'd like to see improved, certainly, though that doesn't stop me from keeping Bunnyton up on a daily basis. ^_^
I must admit, that i only found out what UMD was yesterday!

I did note the dual boot thing yesterday, make me wonder about getting a mac. Due to a re-organization at work, I may be getting to use a mac on a part-time basis!

Oh and Kuma remember that our Wifi is not DS friendly yet!
Indeed, some PC mag even ranked the MacBook Pro as tied winner for their best XP laptop recently.. oh, what a world. ^_^;

Yes, unfortunately, the DS' implementation of WiFi is fairly primitive - it doesn't like a fair few routers, doesn't support WPA at all (the deal-killer for me, as that is my network, but I can drop in order to play with the DS), and its DHCP is fairly b0rked. The PSP's quite solid in that regard, happily supporting the network here, but it seems, very few PSP games offer remote play, only local. >sigh<

'Course, I'd go with a laptop.. but I've been a PowerBook addict for years. ^_^ The MacBook Pro's underlit keyboard is both practical and nifty to look at (remember, the legend is moulded into the keycap, impervious to being rubbed off), and the overall quality's about as good as it's ever been, with my PB's hinges still as secure as they were when new. If you can make an argument for a laptop, you might be able to land a recent PowerBook - not that you should decline a MBP. ^_^
Yeah thats my problem.

Not sue if i would like the pricetag of the Powerbooks, we shall see :)
It's a bit of a hassle, definitely. Theoretically, it should work setting up a random system as a WiFi node, as I tried with Mouse, but the DS is quite persnickety about what it'll cooperate with - for now, I'm having to settle with that "go tethered, open the router" pseudo-solution. (I even came across something of a Nintendo statement ridiculing the notion of anyone wanting WPA on a wireless network, which didn't give me much hope for such support, at least officially)

Ah, a PB's not cheap. But, for me, it's one of those uncommon expenses that shows its value for years to come. If we manage to meet someday, maybe you'll see why I'm so fond of Hyzenthlay. ^_^

(BTW, is that email address on your user info current?)
I haven't even bothered with my Car Boot GC yet + Don't think I've touched my DS since about Xmas/getting M.Kart... I kind of tend to concentrate on one thing at a time

I *was* interested in A.Crossing back then, but lost interest when I started on SL *And* heard you had to play A.Crossing as a Human

BTW I hope Giro and I will get to meet you on SL soon, so we can 'Friend'
I might actually be tempted by a GameCube, but that'd be once things are a little more settled. (Hm. Is ye looking for a warm body for a spare room?)

True, you have to be a human in AC:WW. :-P Thankfully, after a week or two, I managed to land myself a bunny hood - so, I don't have the flouncy tail, but I do have the ears. ^_^ I really hope they allow you to "go native" in whatever inevitably arrives for the Revolution.. ^_^

And I definitely should be more active on SL. It does seem like a load of fun. But, bunnies can be quite shy, you know. ^_^;
Shy? You don't say... \^.^/
You'd have to see my Giant Open plan Japanese home 1st ^^
I was left wondering whether pure virtualisation environments like VMware take much of a performance hit, and whether they're still suitable for gaming use.

VMware and friends do a lot of cool things, but gaming isn't one of them. In general the virtual machine hardware presented to the guest OS emulates a rather plain VESA framebuffer VGA card. Some of them, like VMware, include special video drivers for certain guest OSes which add a subset of 2D accelleration functions, but nobody supports much in the way of 3D that I know of. In principle I can picture being able to do it, with a combination of exposing video driver hooks in the VM software and a custom video driver for the guest OS, but I can see that developing said support would be a formidable task for a third party.

I remember with fondness the time I copied my home directory from a PIII laptop to my dual celeron desktop machine, and discovered after installing VMware about a month later that I'd left a VM suspended-to-disk on the PIII. Just for fun I hit "resume"... and it worked. Scary, scary voodoo.
Hathorn's fursuit is quite simply one of the best I have ever seen. And in answer to your question; yes, I am a huge lapine fan. As demonstrated by my immediatly fallingin love with your new LJ icon. ;)