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Where did I find this? Oh well. The Forest in Winter (37MB) is.. very, very strange.

Here's a new Doctor Who trailer (7MB), as broadcast on Saturday. It's not quite long enough, at one minute, to offer any spoilers, but it does give a good taste for what's coming - including, finally, other worlds.. and other species. ^_^

Rumor has it that Lumines 2 may be at E3. (Though I think I'd still get Daxter first)

Now that's rather cool.. WhatTheFont allows you to submit an image or an URL, and it'll attempt to identify the specific font used.

arokh noted this rather cool, very geeky, video clip - Beautiful Place. (The URL is correct, though it looks slightly odd)

If you feel an overwhelming desire to import WMV files into a QuickTime-based application, potentially for exporting to anything else, Flip4Mac currently offers a $10 coupon, bringing the cost of the Player Pro version to a palatable $19. Being an officially sanctioned product, it supports all WMV/WMA revisions, rather than having to rely on reverse engineering. (With a touch of irony, Intel support is only noted as "coming soon") The free plug-in will play (but nothing else) them all, too.

I may have to try catching Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story. Steve Coogan's fairly reliable, and it looks like being both witty and intelligent.

Ooh, entry #400. ^_^
I wonder if they'll break the mold and actually have some happy werewufs for a change? ^_^ It's tricky trying to remember any.. though there was Buster Wilde. ^_^

Happy werewolves would be a nice change :-) There are a couple of werewolf novels with happy endings that I can think of right off hand - The Wolf's Hour by Robert McCammon (which is the book discopanda mentioned) and Wolf Moon by Charles deLint.

After looking at the BBC's Doctor Who website last night, it looks like the Doctor might be encountering felinoids as well as werewolves in this new series. That could be interesting :-) Might this be the start of a trend of the Doctor and companion meeting up with anthropomorphic species?

I really should watch Wolf's Rain someday. It's all here somewhere, and I know it's a good series

It's worth watching. I've been re-watching various episodes over the last week or so and the story is definitely a good one. Not one with a happy ending, though.

Only two weeks to go.. can't they decide to bump it up by a week? Maybe if I ask really nicely..

*chuckle* That would be nice, if you can pull it off ;-)
I just got that book; I agree, it's hard to find stories in which they're positive characters. Problem is they're such an obvious source of plot conflict that it's very rare to see them in any other kind of role. One of the few exceptions I can think of was in the "Mighty Max" cartoon episode with the title "Werewolves of Dunneglen".