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I have to share another short.. discopanda might want to see it, in particular. =:) Flatlife (30MB, 10 mins)


rabitguy reveals the truth of Microsoft behavioral conditioning.

Looks like the BBC might be getting into the commercial world - with the emphasis on world - in a big way: "BBC Worldwide, the corporation's money-making arm, is also testing a commercial version of the BBC's proposed Interactive Media Player, which allows viewers to download BBC programmes on to their computer within seven days of their broadcast. The proposed commercial service will allow users to catch up on missed episodes of favourite programmes such as Doctor Who, The Office and Little Britain, or even buy the entire series." As I recall, the current IMP is WMV-based, with plenty of that nice DRM, and Windows-only, though maybe any or all of that's changed.

I feel I must recommend Kyou no Go no Ni to balor in particular. Very fun series, but definitely not for an anime newcomer. ^_^; (I'd go for one other that Kyuu's version: several spelling mistakes, not the best compression, and even the wrong aspect ratio) Think of Azumanga Daioh, by way of Cromartie High and a dash of FLCL..

orona_red needs to see the logo of the International Hedgehog Association. Actually, the rest of Hedgehog Central is pretty damned cute, too.


QotD, on reviewing Katamari Damacy: "Definitely the most fun I've had rolling shit since I discovered marijuana."

My speakers are older than me. Actually, they're the only survivors of what was, in its day, a pretty spiffy hifi, built for us by a family friend (the same one who instilled that desire to gain an amateur radio license.. successfully =:). Only trouble is, they're from an age when speakers weren't universally a nominal eight ohms impedance, but more around three ohms, so the equaliser - which only functions on the left and right channels, out of the five Dolby Surround positions - has to suppress the levels a bit. But they do sound really pleasant, and would be guaranteed to make akira114 melt, with the correct input. Oh yes.

The downside to dating, if you're a rabbit.

LED sex.

As masem noticed a few months ago, the DVD news for Animaniacs and PatB was correct: both initial sets are due on July 25. For the former, 25 eps on 5 discs for $45, and the latter, 22 eps on 4 discs for the same (list) $45. Only English audio, but the subs come in English, Spanish, and French varieties. No sign of TTA, though.. still, it'll be great fun to see A! again, especially Rita & Runt - Bernadette Peters has such a wonderful voice. ^_^
I'm susprised if the BBC is going to be heavily embedding Windows Media DRM into the new player. They've been PN (=:P) fanbois for years. I'd more expect them to stick with using Real's thing for a few years until they can get Dirac off the ground... if that ever does get off the ground. =:P

At the end of the day the BBC dont have to worry quite so much about their stuff as commercial organisations. Their goal is to have it in as many homes as possible via the internet so they can justify extending the licence fee to anyone in the UK with the internet. If they manage that, they'll be getting a lot of money whether people copy their stuff on the internet or not. =:P
I'll have to check what the state of the current IMP app is - I recall it being thus, but I could be mistaken, or the Reg may have been. (Surely not! =:) I wonder if Dirac's still going ahead? Certainly would be fun to see, but developing a new video codec's a pretty hefty undertaking at this point - if bandwidth doesn't really matter, it's not such a huge deal (viz The 7th Guest and The 11th Hour), but if efficiency weren't a concern, MPEG-1's right there. Of course, with any generation of MPEG, there are patent concerns (how feasible it would be to work around those, I don't know. Does Ogg Theora actually avoid such, or just pretend they don't exist?), with attendant licensing fees.

Real, ick. Still, they're at least a fair bit better than they used to be, with some (all?) of their codecs available in one form or another as part of their Helix project, so a RealVideo file isn't necessarily stuck that way. I think even WMV3 (as in WMP 10) might now be exportable - when MS dropped WMP for OS X (oh, how people cried), MS pointed people in the direction of Flip4Mac, a QuickTime plugin, offering different levels of portability and encoding options for different costs, ranging from free for playback only to $179 for the full whiz-bang deal. (Though whether the DRM is included, I'm not sure)

I wish they'd simply abolish the license fee and roll it into, say, income tax. (Not VAT - that'd hurt lower earners more than higher, and besides, if the rate were adjusted, you know every retailer would magically round prices up by more..) Times are just going to continue changing, and attempting to cover all means of viewing and distribution within the license fee seems rather futile.

(Only two more weeks until the Doctor returns! *bounce*)
The downside to dating, if you're a rabbit.

Hah! I really should start following that strip again =:)

(the same one who instilled that desire to gain an amateur radio license.. successfully =:)

Do you still have a radio around? I used to hop on 2m quite frequently with a Yaesu 2500m and 1/4-wave chimney-mount antenna, but I wound up unplugging everything after my local repeater starting using a PL tone (which my model doesn't support, unfortunately).

Maybe I'll get on HF sometime if I ever work up the motivation to learn CW - or if the ARRL drops the code requirement =;)
I need to check in on it regularly, too. ^_^ It was ibneko who pointed it out to me, actually. Maybe I'll look in on Kevin & Kell again, too.. oh, would that Fur-Piled had the same frequency. ^_^ (Gods, to think Bill Holbrook has three strips, all daily, as I recall.. plus color Sundays!)

Sadly, my coal-fired FT-290 was another victim of all the moving around, so I'm currently without. I used to be quite active on a couple of the (then-)local repeaters, and I used to love manually tracking the odd OSCAR - up in the loft, where I used a friend's QDX. Nifty antenna, actually - take two five-element Yagis, and stack them. Then make the driving elements one quad-sided figure-eight, like:


- but with right angles, of course. ^_^ It wound up offering some quite impressive level of gain for its size - perfect for the space available in the attic, where a long yagi just wouldn't have fit.

Ah, to have the space for an EME array someday.. Such a bizarrely esoteric means of communication, if one can really deem it such.. it's irresistible. ^_^

Egh, Morse.. such a pain that's still lingering around, but I suppose it'll take a good while for the licensing authorities to accept Morse really is dead, not just commercially. I might get around to learning it all the same, just for the sake of it, though I'd sooner learn Japanese. =:)
Good speakers are good things. Small ones are okay, but big speakers really pack the teeth-shattering punch. For example, the family has had a pair of stereo speakers from Sears, made in the '60s. They're around 3'h x 2'w x 1'd. And really throw it out. Fantastic with basses. (e.g. on VHS, the Death Star firing - scared my dog.)

Sound like lovely speakers, yours. Custom built always last.
Oooh, I'd love a good subwoofer. ^_^ I do have a cheapy one, but it's definitely a case of getting (part of) what you pay for - adds a bit of depth, but hardly a patch on some I've heard.

But these ones, oh yes.. they just have a very nice listening quality. Back in the first restaurant we owned, I remember Terry Wogan issuing forth - and his tones sounded so wondrous from them. (The tuner was quite cool, too. All tube based, of course, with the tuning indicator being a special indicator tube that gave a sort of "bargraph" stretching from both ends, in a ghostly fluorescent cyan)

BTW, remember you've got two weeks now to get to Parting of the Ways before the new season begins! ^_^
Gads, I hated Rita and Runt.

Looking forward to Pinky & the Brain. Faboo!
Aw! But their version of Les Miserables was a classic! ^_^ (I never took to Mindy & Buttons, though.. I think I couldn't stop feeling sorry for Buttons, so the humor washed over me. Even Furrball had some good times)

(Heh. To think I fell in love as a result of a Furrball plush.. ^_^ Wish it could've lasted, but, so it goes)

It's sounding like these boxes are just the first, too, presumably if they sell reasonably. The pricing's pretty good - even the full $45, let alone what it'll actually go for on pre-order.

I still wonder what became of Destino, the Dali/Disney coproduction that was finished off in 2002. Seems like it got a few cinematic screenings, and then buried. :-P Shame, as I love Dali's sense of humor. Ah well.. all in the fullness of time.

"Bernadette Peters has such a wonderful voice."

I want to have wild, crazy sex with Bernadette Peters.
Yes, I know how old she is.