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So, the voice of Chef quit South Park.

.. Chef returns in the season 10 opener (13.6MB). And I'm not saying any more. Well, okay - the word for the day is "editing". =:)

<td>Yay! Following Mitzi's departure from Bunnyton, the new resident turned out to be Coco. ^_^ So that's three lapines in all, out of the eight, including Tiffany and Pippy.</td><td></td>

Welcome to Irving! "Texas has begun sending undercover agents into bars to arrest drinkers for being drunk, a spokeswoman for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission said on Wednesday." "At one location, for example, agents and police arrested patrons of a hotel bar. Some of the suspects said they were registered at the hotel and had no intention of driving. Arresting authorities said the patrons were a danger to themselves and others." Similarly in Abilene and San Angelo.

When thinking of Texas, I'm reminded of that demotivational poster, "It may be that your only purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others."

marko_the_rat might be interested in this Radio 4 adaptation (40MB, 1h27m) of Terry Pratchett's The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, broadcast in August 2003, yet remaining unavailable commercially. "The Amazing Maurice is a talking cat, who leads his Educated Rodents, a group of talking rats, as they go from town to town being a plague so that their accomplice, a boy piper, can 'lure them all away' from the town, after which they share the money the piper makes."

If you're using GPG or similar, I have a new public key up now, courtesy of the post-compromise v1.4.2.2.
And I'm not saying any more. Well, okay - the word for the day is "editing". =:)

Egads ;-) Keith Olbermann had fun with this on Countdown tonight, but he left out most of the more... interesting parts.
Oh, really? Now that's pretty cool going.. I wish I could catch Countdown, but I'm not even remotely able to get the channel, and it doesn't seem like anybody captures it for the shores of BitTorrent. (Still, there are Messrs Stewart and Colbert, so not all hope is lost :)

I mean - it seemed like an amusing premise, but ye gods.. they really went to town on the theme. ^_^ And an absolutely classic ending, too. If he remains as a regular character, I may actually start watching again..

(I took out the opening titles, as the bitrate did mush them up somewhat - but the rest of the show came out remarkably well, I think, considering the filesize. H.264 is indeed nifty)
Mmm, I need to upgrade my GPG installation... ^^;;
Surprisingly painless, actually - the MacGPG page's little HOWTO gives the necessary steps, assuming you've got the devtools installed. (Curiously, there didn't seem to be a set of binaries available - not a hassle, if Xcode's in place, but there's surely plenty of folks who don't. Come to that, I've never quite understood why GPG isn't part of the OS X distribution, unless Apple's edgy about the GPL. But surely it'd be possible to create a compatible solution, just as GPG works with PGP fine. Privacy shouldn't be an optional extra)

More or less, just fetch the source, decompress, ./configure, make, and sudo make install. Of course, then there's the now outdated keys to dispose of.. I suppose anyone who's actually had theirs out in circulation would probably want to add a revocation certificate.
I wasnt ready for the ending. I'm going to cry.
Of which? (I've watched SP, but not listened to TAMaHER)
Texas?! I might expect that of, oh, Utah, but punishing dangerous drunkards seems to fly in the face of everything Texas stands for. Sure you can drive around with an open beer, but where are you supposed to go when you want to get publicly and outrageously snaughwaughled?
Next thing you know, they'll be arresting people for carrying guns, on the grounds they might shoot someone.. ^_^; (Unless, of course, you're VP, in which case you get a free eighteen hour Get Out Of Jail Free card)

"Snughwaughled". I must use that in the future. It's a word with lots of gnarly brass buckles and zinc filigree.
I found a commercial you furs HAVE to see. Go to http://www.framestore-cfc.com/commercials/dairycrest/index.html and click on "Quicktime and Credits". My Akimbo box downloaded a it with a bunch of others from www.stashmedia.tv. Enjoy!
GPG was not compromised.

There was no need to revoke or regenerate your keys.

The only flaw in GPG was that, when displaying a signed message, it was possible to trick it into displaying extra text alongside the signed message, causing the viewer to believe all of the text had been signed.

So, signed messages, modified in transit, might not have been detected properly.
Ahh! Okies. ^_^ I've only just begun - a few days ago - to actually try using GPG (with GPGMail slipping into Mail, to offer convenient buttons for signing and encryption), so I'm still finding my way around how it all fits together. I wish gpg were a standard part of OS X - and all common OSs - as privacy shouldn't be a geeky luxury, but the norm.
Is Coco a gingerbread bunneh? ^_^;
I'm still trying to work that out. ^_^ I think those are classic "hippie" style shades she's wearing, along with what looks like an Indian-style headband. I'm tickled that of all the possible other newcomers, it turned out to be another lapine. Pity you, the player, can't actually become one of the animals - you're stuck as a human - but I have the bunny hood, so I do sport proper ears. ^_^
I am indeed very interested; thanks so much for that. Of course, I absolutely loved the book. I felt Terry Pratchett really understands rats.
I must listen to it tonight. Terry Pratchett's always a fun read (if occasionally embarrassing, when he causes one to laugh out loud on the train :) - funny, and so often insightful at the same time. (Perhaps that was true to an even greater extent with Douglas Adams, though his style was much more uneven)

Needless to say, if you come across any new news about Pixar's Rataouille, do let me know! They've not produced a bad film yet, and this is finally a thoroughly furry one from them.
Do you get the subtext in the Chef episode?

Isaac Hayes (who plays Chef) is a member of the Scientology cult, known for being insanely litigious. (Writing this paragraph puts me in serious jeopardy... but I don't care.) They're also extremely predatory, and have a belief system that would shame a gorilla.

The "Super Adventure Club"'s beliefs vaguely parallel those of Scientology -- see xenu.net if you really want to get into it. Layering pedophilia on top of it all is about as harsh a slam as they could make on Hayes, releasing all the ridicule they've had to suppress while he was still on the show.
Oh, yes - it was made quite public that Hayes was leaving because they mocked said cult. A nasty "belief system", to be sure, and always out for more - they were passing out "IQ test" invitations quite regularly outside Montgomery station in the mornings. (A friend of a friend took it once - essentially a membership qualification test, to see how your beliefs match El Ron's)

I'm getting the feeling they enjoyed making that episode. ^_^
Is it just me, or is the audio and video on the South Park file out of sync? :/
Hmm.. seems okay under VLC, mplayer, and QuickTime Player here. Curious..
Thank you so much for the South Park ep, Porsupah!

I think they probably got the balance of the story's controversial content right by layering the subject on so heavily and over-the-top that it's difficult to take offence at, even though there most likely *are* molestation gangs like the Super Adventure Club around the world.
It's easily one of the most savage and funny episodes they've made - cloaking Sci*nt*l*gy as a group of paedophiles was quite delightful.

So, I guess they won't be getting many more such followers on the show now.. ^_^

(Still a shame about the end - sort of - of Chef, of course. Such a fun character)
I was going to get Animal Crossing..but what with being Adicted to Second life ¬¬
Now all we need is someone to embed a version of Animal Crossing into SL.. ^_^