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Today's "Pearls Before Swine" strip is amusing..
Pearls Before Swine strip for January 27th 2004

It was rather disturbing to read of Dean's notion of "smart cards" potentially being a required component of all computers; The Register has some clarification on the issue, including referencing a link between his campaign manager and a company tightly involved in TCPA-style "trusted computing".
I'm generally pretty clueless on these things, but I must say that this TCPA stuff has screamed "this is a very bad thing" at me ever since I first heard about it. "Trusted" is not the word I'd use!
Howard Dean scares me to start with.
Oh, I don't know.. he's managed to rouse some actual interest in the whole archaic process, and that's no mean feat. At least there seem to be some interesting candidates, which makes for a bit of a change, though how any of them would stand up for their principles is another matter - talk is cheap, after all, and politicians' promises doubly so.

BTW, do you have a copy of the Dean Scream around? I've managed to miss it entirely, and I'd like to hear it in its native context first, then listen to some of the remixes. ^_^

And in the interests of balanced coverage, and respect due, here's a rather fun alternative video for Electric Six's "Gay Bar", starring Bush & Blair. ^_^