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How odd.. I can't find a single review of Universal's new release, The Adventures of Brer Rabbit. Not IMDb, not Metacritic, not Rotten Tomatoes, not rec.arts.movies.reviews, not Amazon.. googling just turns up stacks of "filler" pages that acknowledge its existence, with some regurgitating the PR, mama bird style.

Hey, kids! Spot the difference!

mythos_amante might like DragonFellow, another short from DAVE School, who also produced that Lego Batman short. This isn't as technically proficient, but it's very sweet. Thanks to sockscatt for pointing it out. ^_^

Oh my. mycroftb noticed this bunny on FA.. not safe for work, but so very adorable. :-9

This posting is a fun discourse on movie motivations for female hero figures - be sure to read the first comment, if no other. "Except for Buffy and River, there are no badass females who kick ass who aren't imbued with the Divine Power of the Uterus."

QOTD: "Instead I'll share with you my sentiments on Blogging. First of all, the word itself. It reminds me of the sound the plunger makes when you finally unclog the toilet. BLOG gurgle gurgle...."

<td>Ooh, shiny: rubberskunk pointed out some LED lighting that looks just like neon, but flexible. It's maybe just as well I don't yet have a place of my own, or I'd probably be putting in a bulk order around now.</td><td></td>

Mini chocolate weetabix, milk, and a dash of Grand Marnier. ^_^
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I've always been puzzled by the concept of fresh cheese, too. Isn't it a bit late in the game to be calling that milk fresh? (Mmm, cheese.. got some lovely Davidstow cheddar in the fridge. Not sure if there's any ham to go with it for a toasted sandwich, though)

The Br'er Necessities

I think this video might have neglected to include that one. ^_^ Ooh, that could be fun! From Yiffstar, maybe?

Oh, I do need to lay my paws on Maya 7 sometime.. ^_^

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

FWIW, here's a trio of sample framegrabs from The Adventures of Brer Rabbit. Definitely not a cinematic production, I think we can safely say.. the opening illos are rather good, but then we enter into a Mary Melody-like household, where she's feeling a bit set upon by her siblings. Her mother exhorts her to go outside and play, whereupon she sees our hero and the (of course) nefarious vulpine. I've only watched a couple minutes of it, but it suggests this production mightn't be a terrible way to illuminate one's monitor, even if not exactly on a par with Mr Disney's production.
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Thanks! No need, though - I have probably the same copy as yourself, from a very nice fur on the Pacific coast. ^_^
Ah! If you meant the Universal version, that's also just been taken care of. ^_^