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Now to try catching up with everyone's LJ entries from the past five days or so..

When plumbers become gods.

Amongst others, vandringar might enjoy the video for the Finnish president's election rap; lyrics in English can be found here. Most cool. ^_^

dronon stumbled upon a rather cool CG ad starring a lynx, promoting a chocolate drink in Spanish. Unfortunately, the only version available at the moment appears to be a fairly low-res Flash video version, but it's definitely worth seeing. Brief, too, even if others in the office might wonder at your sudden fondness for Hispanic rap.

Remember that iPod packaging parody video? It's been confirmed who made/commissioned that: Microsoft. ^_^

Egad. Finally, an iPod ad with no silhouettes! And quite a good one, too, this time featuring part of a Rinôçérôse track. Not exactly as majestically beautiful as Pleix's Sometimes, but vaguely reminiscent thereof, with more of a Mind's Eye spin. It's just become the first iPod ad I've saved. (The last Mac ad.. probably the one for the ill-fated Cube, I think)

Namco Japan's announced that the core Katamari team has been disbanded, and no further titles are planned. 'The official announcement does mention that 'Professor Katamari' (presumably Keita Takahashi) is currently working on a new game design, though apparently not with the core Katamari Damacy team. "You don't roll things up, or get bigger, but you might find it interesting anyway."'

I noticed this eloquent rant on the movie version of V for Vendetta. I'll admit, it's making me wonder - along with Alan Moore's insistence on having his name removed - whether I should bother with it after all. A terrible pity, but considering the nature of the Hollywood process, and the way the Wachowskis so effectively neutered their own creation after a stellar debut, perhaps not entirely surprising. On the other paw, the general reception does seem quite enthusiastic.

As you've doubtless noticed, paid recently saw their icons allowance doubled from 15 to 30. The add-on remains at a total of 100, with the minor tweak of a "loyalty" bonus of an additional icon per three months of having a paid account, honored retroactively, up to a maximum of 132. (Yay! I have 70 out of 108!)

This musing gave me a grin. Still, at least British pub food's come a long way from $ITEM and chips for every entry - and fair's fair, the Wetherspoon's menu actually is quite reasonable, though the "2 main courses for £5" are worth about that much. Decent enough steak, and rather nummy raspberry & Belgian white chocolate cheesecake. Pasties still seem very rare, but that goes for most of the UK as a whole, with the wretched exception of Ginsters, to pasties what Budweiser is to real ale. The version served at the Pacific Coast Brewing Company in downtown Oakland was quite good, though serving it with mashed potato struck me as a touch redundant. (Though there is hope! Asda appear to be selling actual pasties on the bakery racks - not to be confuzzled with their own "Extra Special" ones, which aren't as good. Only in limited quantities, or very popular, as they're routinely sold out)

Ah, to think of the pub/restaurant I used to get Dad out to routinely when I was living with him.. out in the middle of nowhere, so there was *no* way you'd just stumble upon it, unless you were severely lost. A couple good beers on cask, but the food! Oh, my.. I still fondly remember the blue-nosed bass in cream & Pernod sauce, the scallops in bacon, the Cornish game hens, and the imposing rosemary lamb shanks. Well worth a visit, if you're ever in northerm Cornwall.

Thinking back to that posting, it reminds me of the last time I was in Hamburg (oh, must find out the name of the bierkeller we visited.. such a pity most beers retain so little of their character after bottling. I'm not generally a huge fan of any of the lager-style brews, Belgians notwithstanding - though Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen is something of a favorite - but that was almost akin to vanilla ice cream in such richness of body, yet still delicate. Wonderful!), where the only place I could seem to find offering bratwurst on the menu turned out to be an "American Cafe". Still, they were good, served with plenty of sauerkraut, and sautée potato slices with onion and flecks of ham. Omnomnomnom! (But what was with the utter absence of schnellimbiss stands?)

This has to be one of the funniest customers_suck entries I've read since the saga of the orange-scented rag or Walnut the Robodog. One occasion where you might do well to refrain from requesting an encore, though.

Here's a handy beginner's guide to Cocoa, Objective C, and Xcode. It begins assuming virtually no programming knowledge, so if you're only starting out, this would be a good PDF to peruse.

Apparently, if you'd like a PSP devsystem, it'll now only cost about $4200.

<td></td><td>Through the magic of aMule, I've found a KLF track I never knew existed, let alone heard or seen: It's Grim Up North. Not a classic on the order of their arrangement of Que Sera Sera for the Red Army Chorus, but enjoyable enough; but it's the video for Fuck the Millennium I'm particularly hoping to snag, which I recall being quite silly, and only ever caught part of, once. (And lo! It was to be found, albeit with the censored version of the track)</td>

"Sony is to launch a global content download service for its PlayStation Portable handheld games console, the company said today. It will also ship a PSP version of the hugely popular PS2 accessory EyeToy, and a GPS-module to enable not only navigation but location-specific game functionality." Also due is a firmware upgrade offering Flash support. Yay! Everyone Else, on the move. ^_^

You do get the feeling sometimes that the Animal Crossing: Wild World translators had fun.. I just finished a little "who can catch a horse mackerel first" contest with Tiffany, one of my lapine residents. On presenting her with my catch, she bemoaned "That wasn't a fair match! Sure, you're fast, but you also have opposable thumbs!"

So Cardiff's going to be host to the entire Ring cycle, a nineteen hour production by the former Kirov Opera Company, performed over four consecutive nights. (And the cheapest tickets will be standing? O.o)

Handy - I notice the iFixIt disassembly guides for all G3 and later Apple portables now offer PDF downloads of each - just choose the model in question, and what you're needing to get to. (Decent guides, too. One of them enabled me to mind-meld two fruity iBooks, one with a duff PMU the other being just a disembodied main board and lower case. So now it has a tangerine display case, and blueberry underside :)

Oh dear. ^_^; The ORLY owls are.. not safe for work.

This posting made me wonder - is it biologically possible for a bacterium to harbor and "incubate" a virus? I don't think I've ever known of such, but could it happen, naturally or by design?

I wonder.. there's a chance I might be able to get along to this year's BunnyJam after all; the coming week may augur the future. Obviously, I shan't be hoping for that just yet, but having enjoyed neonbunny's mixes quite a bit (along with rabitguy's photos), it does look like a memorably mellow event with a distinctly appealing theme. =:)
*shrugs* I enjoyed Vendetta. Ah well, to each their own.
I'll probably wind up seeing it for myself this week. I don't mind if they've altered the story, even if to the author's displeasure, as long as at least some of the spirit is retained. The trailers held promise.. even if it's not as powerful a film as it might have been, it's probably a good sight more insightful than most that'll come out of Hollywood this year. (Or last, in VfV's case. I noticed Chris Sawyer point out its eventual release coincided with the Iraq invasion's third anniversary..)
is it biologically possible for a bacterium to harbor and "incubate" a virus?

I think that was the plot of an episode of ReGenesis. o.O
P.S: V for Vendetta - amazing film, best film of the time period. My flatmate worked on it, y'know. I've read the graphic novel that it was based on, and it seems to stick pretty well to the story, shifting a few things round though, but you know how movies work. It's a lot better than Aeon Flux, for example...

Alan Moore seems to be going strange in his old age.
Oh, cool beans! What did he do? Must be pretty cool, getting one's name up on the big screen, even if it's but one in a veritable sea of credits.

That's quite a relief. I've been looking forward to its release since I saw the first trailer (watched that on the way to/from work quite a few times..), but his complaints - and those of the linked journalist - made me fear we'd wound up with something much less.. well, threatening. :)

It's amazing, really, when you consider the amount of actual written dialogue that makes it into most films - check out the plain text subtitle files for such, and you'll rarely see ones much larger than 30K or so. Of course, with a good adaptation and director, a lot of the rest won't be tossed, but rather, serve as the basis for the rest of the world's description, camera angles, editing, and other aspects that have no counterpart in the written word. (Not to say editing doesn't, but YKWIM :)

Now, if some studio wants to pick up Promethea as well.. hee! That'd be a mind-bender of a production. Not really suitable for a film, I think - it'd be much better as a mini-series, allowing the stages of her voyaging to be better documented visually.
Viruses that infect bacteria are called phages. My understanding is that phages infect only bacteria, so they could no nothing to plant or animal cells.

And I don't think I'll ever have to buy any new icons. One new one every 3 months is plenty for me. :-)
Ahh! Yes! I remember seeing a good Horizon docu on the matter, several years ago. It noted that phage study had been all but dormant in the West, apparently, whilst there'd been a fair amount of research in the former USSR, leading to the isolation of viruses that could effectively hunt down a variety of bacteria, in total. I wonder if they've ever followed that up.. hm. Time to go sniffing around. ^_^
(Deleted comment)
Good grief! Really? That's rather spiffy. Probably old hat to those deep in the industry, but still.. genetic engineering on the genuinely genetic scale!

I've definitely got a topic to research this week. ^_^ (If I were to return to University, I'd be quite inclined to go for something in the microbiology line, though whether that'd be an option would be another matter)
i can think of any germs that incubate human viruses (bacterial cell membranes are too different to human ones) but there's a couple of unpleasant bacterial diseases and viruses that CAN be incubated by protozoa. mostly water-borne gastrointestinal problems...
i can't, i mean
Amongst others, [info]vandringar might enjoy the video for the Finnish president's election rap; lyrics in English can be found here. Most cool. ^_^

Way cool. In case you didn't know, I'm Finnish too. ^_^
Aahhh! Hence the first name? RL, you mean, rather than IC?
OK, that Finnish video is a keeper. Thanks! :)
Maybe we can persuade Dick & Bush to make a similar video? If that doesn't push King George's popularity down into the twenties, nothing will. =:)