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Pouncing across time zones; you're not safe anywhere

If you're looking for an artist for a commission on the toony side of things, take a look at murries's work onDeviantArt and VCL.


Rates here.

For an icon that's so very, very wrong, look here. *giggle*

From the ~shiny~ audio products department, I see something I must lay my paws on someday: MOTU's UltraLite, with 10 inputs and 14 outputs, 24-bit 96kHz, Firewire bus-powered, top surface measuring 8.5"x7". Absolutely perfect for high quality in-field recording with no external power supply required (though one can be used). And all for around $550.. ! ('Course, high quality microphones to match will swell a project's cost a tiny bit further :)

What do you do when snow falls? What else but make a snowbunny!

Finally, my plans on Animal Crossing have come to fruition! Muahahahaa! Where Bunnyton was once home to orange groves, it is now a thriving hub of Aapple production. ^_^ So every few days, I get to harvest dozens of apples (and a few pears, peaches, cherries, and coconuts at other times too) at 500 Bells a pop. Which made paying off the last loan pretty easy, earning around 120,000 in a day. (Curiously, it seems the sppiffy tiki torch in my new middle floor doesn't actually light the room at night. Then again, this is a world where I can store dozens of items like axes and pinball machines in the fridge, but not fish or turnips)

I may have to get a copy of Daxter for the PSP. The trailer's worth seeing - 20MB. I'll be awaiting slycat's in-depth review. ^_^

Spotted in comments: "As far as Sci-Fi showing series 2, there's a speculative rumour - and take this with the requisite buckets of salt - that they might have tentative plans to show it straight after series 1 if it's a success. Basically, they've announced a delay to the broadcast of the next series of Battlestar Galactica, and now there's a 14 week gap in their schedules between Parting Of The Ways and the start of BSG..."

I'd love to see some performance results from Virtual PC 7 on an Intel Mac. ^_^ True, it'd be absolutely wretched, given it'd be a PPC app translating x86 to PPC, then having Rosetta translate back to x86 - but it's the principle of the thing, dammit. ^_^

And I'm pleased to say Hyzenthlay's newly reformatted drive passed Sunday morning's disk surface scan without an error. ^_^ I'll give it another pass in a couple weeks, to be certain it's not some form of flaking going on, but so far, so good.

This appeal is genuine and current. If you have a Paypal account, or can write a British cheque, consider dropping a few currency units their way.
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