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Anyone who knows me will know why this track caught me so.. ^_^ The aforementioned Lemon Jelly track, from their excellent Lost Horizons: Ramblin' Man (5MB).

I can think of a couple people who might like this icon I spotted, used by ottermama..

rubberskunk kindly pointed my muzzle in the direction of First Meeting, a particularly enjoyable lapine-themed TF tale. It's on Yiffstar, so, maybe keep the font size down if you're reading it in a meeting.

I believe I have demonstrated that, whatever its merits on humans, electroshock therapy is a poor choice of treatment for a laptop. Back at the office near Mission St, I'd routinely zap poor Hyzenthlay with static from the carpet - and a few weeks later, it wound up not rebooting after an OS update. We established the hardware was fine - but the OS had been mortally wounded. A quick reinstall, and all was well, except for a few damaged files that were now unreadable - not a filesystem fault, but lower down.

After a couple flaky restarts recently, I set DiskWarrior on the task - which, after about twelve hours of scanning, determined there were a couple filename encoding issues, and nothing more. Right. TechTool Pro 4, then.. and within minutes, the disk surface scan was finding bad sectors. In total, 1156 of them. ^_^;; As an ATA controller should normally map out bad blocks transparently, finding even one isn't a good sign. Reading the docs and forum postings confirmed the worst: the only solution was to reformat with a "zero all sectors" option, to enable the bad block table to be rebuilt.

Fun enough, but without a drive large enough to take all of Hyzenthlay's data, that meant copying everything onto DVD-R, 4.4GB at a time - from a 110GB drive. Actually, it wasn't quite as bad as that, as most of the music was already archived, and other bits like the devtools can easily be downloaded again. Still, 14 discs plus some network copying, in all.

And then the moment came, to take the plunge, and wipe poor Hyzenthlay's brain spotless.

With no ill effects whatsoever. *bounce* Plopping ~/Library back in place brought back all the apps' preferences, all the mailboxes and their passwords, bookmarks, and so on. Almost everything's back in place now, and another partial scan showed no bad sectors, so it looks like that problem's done with. (It's a Seagate Momentus 120GB 5400rpm, FWIW. Of course, I can't be certain it was the static zappings, but that's where my suspicion lies)

Whew. Now to catch up on the last day or two of LJ, in more relaxed fashion. ^_^

teko fearlessly watched the trailers on a Disney DVD recently: "The more improbable The Fox and the Hound 2 is what Disney calls a "midquel"; it's set in the middle of the original movie. With Ducktales-quality animation, we see Tod and Copper as kids, playing and having fun until Copper decides to run away and join a country-rock band made up of howling dogs (voiced by Reba McEntire and Patrick Swayze). In a scene straight out of The O.C., Tod snarls, "Ever since you joined that band, you've changed! It's either them... or me." They have to rely on the power of country music to bring them back together."

Huh! Over in Penny Arcade land, it seems Gabe's ordered a MacBook Pro, and Tycho's picked up a new iMac..

orona_red should see this pic..

Apparently, the equivalent of "when pigs fly" in Spanish is "cuando las ranas críen pelo" - "when frogs grow fur". (Although there was that hairy lobster discovery the other day..)

Have you ever wondered just how much is inside a can of shaving cream? No longer! Intrepid Sacramento investigators have the answer. (They also reveal "How much Whiz is there in a can of Cheese Whiz? I say Whiz, because that orange stuff sure as hell isn't cheese", amongst other pressing issues)

Interesting.. LJ's mulling over an additional "middle tier" membership. Free, with some of the paid benefits, but supported by advertising; the existing adless free and paid levels will remain as they are, with no-one, new or current, forced into any category. I'm fairly hopeful. I despise most online advertising, and there's precious little TV or radio advertising that's not worth burying and recycling as firelighters, but I won't see any; someone who feels similarly and doesn't want to/can't afford to pay, also won't be affected. Those who don't mind, will be able to enjoy some of the perks; exactly what those will be, remains to be determined - feel free to cast forth your opinion to the powers that be. ^_^

I do like the idea of sex toy vending machines, as toraneko pointed out, from the delightfully named Tabooboo.
ahem -


African Hairy Frog

Well, they always talk about it making one's palms grow hairy..
Well, it's only slightly hairy.

I snached that Icon right up!
Isn't the 100-icon add-on a wonderful thing? ^_^ (I'm still only up to 70, though I may eventually take some of the red panda ones down. Unless LJ bumps the allowance up to 1000, of course :)
I gots me 94! I made a little less than half of them and I keep seeing ones that I made pop up here and there so I dont feel to bad finching someone elses. :)
10 years ago, when I was a sysadmin, we used to lose one or two disk drives every winter due to static.  I eventually arrived at the policy of ordering a new drive when even *one* bad block failed auto-remap, based on my experience that within a month the entire track would get smeared, and within two or three months the badness would start showing up all over the disk.

Of course, drives are more reliable today, your kilometrage may vary, yadda yadda.
Hm! Any idea what phenomenon was occurring? It was actually brought on by static?

I can't say I've ever noticed bad blocks like this before, which leads me to suspect it was those zappings - surely can't be good for a laptop, after all. Indeed, I'm surprised that's all that's happened as a result. (Makes note to get AppleCare before the warranty expires in October..)

I wonder if some enterprising geek's actually hooked up a 70s-era removable platter drive to some modern system, just for the fun of it? Talking the required protocol might be a bit fiddly, but nothing a small microcontroller couldn't take care of - indeed, could probably manage it purely in the host at this point, given the right electrical interface. Wonder what the access times and transfer rates were on those..
(Deleted comment)
Wouldn't be a bad idea, I'd agree - not necessarily to avoid offense, but just fitting in better with the theme of the page. (Remember the fruity iMacs? By default, the OS chose the appropriately tinted desktop background pattern. Not sure what happened with the "snow" models :)

They could maybe use some new banners, come to think of it.. not that they'd want anything I could turn out, yet. ^_^; Actually, I've never really drawn anything erotic or porn-like at all, I'll admit. Not out of any fear of the subject matter, though. ^_^ Still, the room excavation's proceeding quite well - I might actually try my paw at getting some drawing done this month. Of course, more study material never hurts.
(Deleted comment)
I actually did contact the author, dropping them a quick note of appreciation. I'd certainly be up for seeing more featuring them, and other newcomers perhaps.. and in somewhere a little more casual than the Metreon, like the Haight. ^_^

Of course, if there's one story I'd really love to see a sequel to, it'd have to be Invasion of the BunnyBots. Quite little on the physical TF front - indeed, probably only a few lines. Instead, it delves into the process of the change, conveying exceptionally well how one personality winds up as another, letting the reader imagine it for themselves all that much better.
Hello. by Anonymous :: Expand
someone who feels similarly and doesn't want to/can't afford to pay, also won't be affected

I'm not so sure that's the case. My impression is that if you're on the free level, but are reading an ad-level user's LJ, you will see ads, because they've turned them on.
That's quite possible, yes. Certainly not something I'd want to see, but then, I'm fairly much in the Brad camp, so to speak - I'm much happier without any advertising getting in the way.

Bit odd they're considering this, really, as it was my understanding that LJ's doing fine as is. But, I suppose it's as they said - some people want some of the paid perks, without having to shell out directly for them.
(Deleted comment)
Oh, '64-'95, or somesuch? I was quite tempted by that recently, given there's a DVD release of it - I'm always up for interesting visuals to accompany good music. I was a little surprised to find Nice Weather for Ducks wasn't on there, and as far as I can see, only as a DVD single. Still worth getting, of course - NWfD remains one of my top videos, on both the visual and musical fronts. And who can't love shimmying squirrels?
(Deleted comment)
Sometimes, I wonder if some Onion writers haven't escaped loose into the world..

(And Patrick Swayze too! Egad. The poor feature's jumped the shark before it's even been released)
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww. ^^
Will we get to see you re-enact that photo, as someone did with the cookie-stealing bunny? ^_^
Identify the source of your icon!

It's "Good Morning", by Skifi, from an fchan rabbits thread, I believe - but it's probably long since expired from there, and they block external links, so..

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Curr is, not entirely surprisingly, another character I definitely wouldn't mind waking up as one morning. ^_^
My brother has had the "Hairy Otter" t-shirt for a while. It looks like that's where it's from.

Ahh, it's from a shirt? Aha! Here's one example, indeed. Very cute. ^_^

I suppose I should read the books sometime, but I've been enjoying the films quite a lot - progressively more so, in fact. GoF would probably be quite good on an IMAX screen..
Dreds 'Brother Bear 2' coming out

Still Chicken Little comes out on R1 on the 14th !!

P.S are you on SL then ? [I'm kumachan twang on it]
I'm still a bit surprised I didn't really swoon over Brother Bear - I'm not huge on ursines, but transformations, definitely. It just felt all rather fake, I suppose.. formulaic. Lovely imagery and animation, but.. ah well. It made some people very happy. ^_^

Yep - Porsupah Ree. ^_^ I've started darting back in there on occasion, with a view to actually getting to learn about avatar creation and programming possibilities. Just a free account, but that seems fine for me as things are. The client does take a bit of getting used to (search on a friends - you'd think there might be an "add as friend" button..), but it works nicely on Hyzenthlay, even if it's not a MacBook Pro. (Curiously, I read it wound up being top of the pack at XP benchmarks too.. so very wrong. ^_^ But gods, they do make some gorgeous kit.. sure, go to the top end and it's not cheap, but check out all that's included, in ports as well as bundled software - Garageband, iMovie, and iDVD are actually good)
Someone on SL explained the 'You have to meet a person in game in order to friend' thing to me once [Basically cuts down on people stalking you or whatever, if you see someone + they offer friendship you can always decline it or unfriend them later/once they've logged off etc] Think is to keep an eye on that person in 'Find' IM them to meet up sometime.. there IS rather a lot of running around you have to do when you first join

Oh yeah as far as the shopping goes, use www.slexchange.com

P.S http://www.bbc.co.uk/drama/lifeonmars/series2.shtml

Fox and Hound II? *blows chunder*
And with added Patrick Swayze! ^_^; (I can't help but think of his "appearance" in the animated Clerks, where they were only able to use his likeness, not anything resembling his voice - so they voiced him as Gilbert Gottfried instead)

And to think how moving TFatH was.. oh well. It'll make some beancounters sleep happily..